31 Obvious Disney Movie Mistakes Fans Still Missed

Don't let yourself be fooled, producing animated features is seriously hard work. It requires a steady hand as well as a meticulous eye for detail. But even the greats can sometimes still get it wrong.

Take Disney as an example: over the years mistakes somehow managed to evade not only the creators but audiences as well. Take a look for yourselves.

Here are 10+ obvious Disney movie mistakes that fans still missed.

Chip's chip in *Beauty & The Beast*.

Buena Vista

Pay close attention the next time you sit down to watch Beauty & The Beast.

Chip's visible "chip" switches sides quite often throughout the film.

The reappearing door handle in *Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Remember the scene where the dwarves run scared from the cottage? Dopey gets stuck and pulls the handle right off the wooden door.

But in the very next scene, the handle is fully restored and good as new.

Sleeves or no sleeves? *Cinderella*.

Walt Disney Pictures

In this image from Cinderella, you can clearly see that her dress does not have sleeves.

Yet in the previous scene, as she's waving goodbye, the princess is clearly wearing a long-sleeved dress.

Magic earrings in *The Princess And The Frog*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Chalk this one up to carelessness on the part of the animators.

Princess Tiana begins the scene wearing a pair of gold earrings. Then, out of nowhere, they disappear/reappear in the very next scene.

Wrong colors for the caterpillar in *Alice In Wonderland*.

Film Chest

This one requires a careful eye and attention to detail.

When Alice is speaking with the caterpillar, his body colors swap and then swap back.

Was this unintentional or could it have possibly been done on purpose to further accentuate Alice's dystopian dreamworld?

Wendy's nightgown in *Peter Pan*.

Walt Disney

This one is admittedly glaring and once you see it, you really can't unsee it.

Wendy's dress changes colors at various points throughout Peter Pan. It begins as a pale blue, then mauve, and back to blue again.

Self-sheathing swords in *Mulan*.

Buena Vista

In Mulan, when the wagon catches on fire, she unsheathes her sword to cut her horse free.

In the very next scene, as she's riding away, the sword is still in-hand but it's somehow been sheathed.

The sun shines everywhere in *Monsters Inc.*


Who could forget the chase scene through the magic doors in Monsters Inc.? It was hilarious and incredibly fun to watch, even if it made no sense.

How can it be daylight in Paris, the South Pacific, and Japan, all at the same time?

Ariel's blanket in *The Little Mermaid*.

Walt Disney Pictures

As you can see, when Ariel goes to sleep the first night after gaining her legs, there is no blanket on the bed at all.

Yet in the very next shot, somehow she becomes wrapped up in a large purple blanket.

The Colonel's stick in *The Jungle Book*.

Buena Vista Pictures

During an inspection of the troops, Colonel Hathi leans on his stick causing it to break at the end.

In the next scene, it switches between broken and somehow being magically restored.

The escape artist in *Tangled*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Apparently Flynn from Tangled is a regular Harry Houdini.

When he goes to chop off Rapunzel's hair, he can be seen both wearing and not wearing the shackles on his wrists.

Ghost toys in *Toy Story 2*.

Buena Vista Pictures

After Jessie and Stinky Pete show Woody their old TV show, the screen goes blank. But instead of seeing the reflections of Woody and his pals, there's an empty void.

Which leaves only one explanation: ghost toys.

Bianca's coat in *The Rescuers*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Take a good look at Miss Bianca in The Rescuers. As you can see in this picture, she's wearing a thick purple coat.

However, at various other intervals throughout the scene, the coat manages to vanish and then reappear.

Nala's eyes in *The Lion King*.

Buena Vista

If you look very carefully throughout The Lion King, Nala's eyes switch from green to blue multiple times.

The tiger bite in *Aladdin*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Rajah is definitely one of the most underrated Disney companions.

But when he bites the backside of Jasmine's suitor, we can see the Prince's heart boxers remain intact. How is it then that Rajah has the heart print in his mouth?

Georgette's picture on the pillow in *Oliver & Company*.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Georgette is singing her humble ode "Perfect Isn't Easy," she flops down on a bed of bare pillows.

In the very next scene when she rolls over, there's somehow a picture of an "ex-dog friend" that can be visibly seen.

Where'd that phone come from in *Lilo & Stitch*.

Buena Vista Distribution Company

Take a look at the wall, right beside the fire extinguisher. What do you see? A whole lotta nothing, right?

Well, keep watching the next time you cue up Lilo & Stitch.

As soon as the camera pans away from the counter, somehow a black telephone mounts itself on the wall.

Colorblind in *Big Hero 6*.

Walt Disney Pictures

While at college, Callaghan asks if he can see Hiro's bot. In this scene, he is very clearly wearing a blue shirt.

But when he extends his arm to take the robot from Hiro, the shirt has changed colors. It remains red for the rest of the film.

Mrs. Otterton's invisible purse in *Zootopia*.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

In this particular scene from Zootopia, you can see that Mrs. Otterton has both her purse and a picture of her family in her hands.

But when the camera zooms in on the photo, the purse somehow vanishes.

Perspective is everything in *Wreck-It Ralph*.

Walt Disney Pictures

In Wreck-It Ralph, just when Felix is about to get his very first medal, there's a wide shot of the building that shows all the characters crammed in, without any space to move.

Upon zooming in for the closeup, somehow the roof seems to have expanded.

Amy's mop dance in *Honey, I Shrunk The Kids*.


In one of the opening scenes in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Amy Szalinski is dancing with an upturned mop.

She was mopping the floor first, so it began wet. Yet, somehow for the dance, it's bone dry.

Stu's hairy chest in *Mrs. Doubtfire*.

20th Century Fox

One very noticeable feature of actor Pierce Brosnan is his abundance of chest hair.

Unfortunately, this fact appears to have been overlooked when they were choosing diving stunt doubles for Brosnan's pool scene.

Wrong gaming system in *Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief*.

Walt Disney Pictures

There's one scene that shows Luke playing video games. In his hands, he is very clearly holding a Playstation controller.

Yet for some reason, he exclaims "Hit the 'B' button!" Playstation controllers don't have a "B" button. That's Xbox.

Larry's magic handkerchief in *Night At The Museum*.

Walt Disney Pictures

To spot this glaring continuity mistake, pay close attention when Larry does the magic trick with the handkerchief.

The amount of visible scarf changes dramatically between shots.

Clean as a whistle in *Diary Of A Wimpy Kid*.

Walt Disney Pictures

On Halloween, Greg and Rowley have an unfortunate run-in with three bullies. They end up covered from head-to-toe in a strange milk-like substance.

When it shows the boys after they've run off, their costumes show no trace of the assault.

The sunglasses that were and weren't there in *Cheaper By The Dozen*.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Mark is finally found, he runs into Kate's arms and as you can see, she has her sunglasses on the top of her head.

He hugs her and the glasses fall off, yet in the next shot they wind up right back where they began.

Aladdin's clothes are bone dry in *Aladdin*.

Walt Disney Pictures

During a very familiar scene from Aladdin, the genie plucks him from the ocean, rescuing him from drowning.

However, if you look closely you can see that, while Aladdin's hair and face are wet, his clothes don't have a drop on them.

Where's Charlie's helmet in *The Mighty Ducks*?

Walt Disney Pictures

Charlie Conway's triple deke is the stuff of legend.

However, he was still only a 13-year-old kid playing PeeWee hockey when he did it.

Under no circumstances would any youth player ever be allowed on the ice without a helmet.

Clothes on a line in *Bedknobs And Broomsticks*.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Eglantine Price uses her magic in order to make her clothes "come alive," you can visibly see the strings that are holding her nightgown up,

Time traveling towers in *Cool Runnings*.

Walt Disney Pictures

At the beginning of Cool Runnings, Irv Blitzer (Candy) is having lunch at Calgary Tower and in the background, you can see a slightly taller building called Bankers Hall.

The problem with this is that in 1988 (the year the film takes place), Bankers Hall wasn't built yet.

Where'd you get that coffee? *Dr. Dolittle*.

Walt Disney Pictures

While driving around town, you can see that Dr. Dolittle (Murphy) is drinking from a Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup.

At the time the film was made, however, there were no Dunkin' Donuts in the entire city of San Francisco.