35 People Who Thought They Got Away With It

It is only natural to want to give yourself a bit of a head start over everyone else in life. Whether it be through simple good fortune, or by bending the odds ever so slightly in your favor... yes, I'm talking about cheating.

Now, I'm not one for lecturing people about cheating, as I was the kid that always used to raid the bank for extra money in Monopoly. However, here are some people who didn't get quite get away with what they had hoped to. So, strap in, and get ready for these 15+ people who thought they got away with it!

"My buddy teaches English in China, his student might be cheating on google translate."

Reddit | Hash_man

This is why you always put the answer you get back through the translator and back into your own language. Not that I ever used to cheat in language classes.

Suspicions Confirmed

Reddit | emzieees

Oh, come on, this is basic stuff, guys. The most important first step to stealing your housemate's food is... don't.

"My uncle's dog caught a bird and failed in his attempt to hide it from the other dog."

Reddit | rhymnocerous

"You going to share that bird or what, bro?"

"Bird, what bird? I don't know what you're talking about, I've never even seen a bird!"

"I don’t like taxis anymore."

Reddit | [deleted]

I feel that this could be an advert for wearing your damn seatbelt! Either that or an advert warning people to wear less makeup.

"This person tried to unlock your phone."

Reddit | chouaib-aissaoui

It was almost the purrr-fect crime, alas they left pawprints all over the crime scene. A rookie mistake.

"Hungarian roads never fail to amaze me..."

Reddit | Zoldseg

"Should we just pour cement over the shovel, no one would notice?"

"Or, we could just leave it and go the pub?"

"We have a winner."

"Dad never fails to rip ass during family photos."

Reddit | extravagangster

You know what, actually, from the look on his face I don't think that he even wanted to get away with this. Looks like the intended effect was meant to be one of shock value.

"This is what happens when the weather computer fails during my local news."

Reddit | TheBeerKnight

"Dave, you call that a sun? Looks more like a plug hole."

"Shut up Allan, we didn't all go to art school okay!"

"My sister and her fiancé had a "90s" themed engagement party.... failed to specify a century."

Reddit | Black_Xero

Look, I know that there is a lot going on, but I was completely baffled by why someone would wear an "escape the fate" t-shirt to a 90s themed party? The person who posted this went on to explain, "That is my younger brother, and yes, he was well aware that Escape the Fate wasn't around in the 90s. He is lazy, so his costume was pieced together at the last minute."

"I may have caught the moment my dog realized we weren't going to the park."

Reddit | NearlyOutOfMilk

"Oh, I can't wait to get to the park, I'm gonna run around and... wait! Godamn you lying hounds."

"The groomer told me not to laugh at him. I've failed."

Reddit | mmmel

That cat knows fully well that you are laughing at it as well. I think you can expect to wake up with a half-eaten dead mouse in your mouth very soon.

"Landscaper was caught sleeping on the job..."

Reddit | GHETTOT3cH

The dry spot actually looks like it's trying to learn some of Michael Jackson's dance moves.

"Photographer at my buddies wedding caught the exact moment his suspender failed and nicked his eyebrow."

Reddit | spockdeezy

You just know that as soon as that happened he was thinking, "Well, that was embarrassing, but thankfully no one else saw it!"

"This is what happens to those that fail in their new year resolution."

Reddit | Too_Legit_To_Outwit

This is certainly the more fun option! Always good to get some exercise lifting that Big Mac up and down to and from your mouth! Mmm, delicious exercise.

"My husband has a glass or two of wine the night before his days off. It never fails, he falls asleep half way in to glass number two."

Reddit | miss-izzle

As much as I love the consistency of this man, it also hurts me to see so much wine go consistently to waste.

This Home DIY Job

Reddit | kife-james

I mean, I applaud the effort, but I'm not sure if it is exactly up to code. I hope to God that they are on their way to a garage!

"Tried to look talented in the background of a family portrait."

Reddit | GaryGronk

Ah, family photographers, capturing people's moments of truest embarrassment since the invention of the camera.

When You Think You've Found $100 On The Floor...

Reddit | [Deleted]

Well, that's gotta sting. I'd have already been thinking of how drunk I was going to get with that $100!

"Friend took a panoramic of me."

Reddit | Tomate1337

This guy really needs to start working out his legs! He looks like a cartoon character... and not a good one!

Is Your Arm Okay?


That dock doesn't look very structurally sound either, I really don't think that wood is meant to wobble like that!

"Just discovered my SO's secret hobby when I looked under the cabinet."


You can tell they really put effort into their stash. Even spacing, full coverage, they're an artist at heart.

You Cannot Escape Your Fate.

Reddit | jhomer033

I can see the passion in the cat's eyes, he's not leaving without taking that squirrel down.

Those Are Some Oddly Shaped Documents.

Reddit | OniNomad

This is a 'hiding in plain sight' kind of scenario. Besides, if no one says anything, did you really do any wrong?

"Tried to prank my mom, she just took a photo and went inside."

Reddit | mosa8

That's what you get for taking her for a fool. She can see a prank coming from a mile away, you'll have to step your game up in order to trick her.

"Girlfriend wants a kitten, but I'd like a puppy. [...] she finally discovered my 'Autocorrect Trojan Horse' on her phone."

Reddit | aleksey2

Now these are some high-level psychological warfare tactics. This man read a strategy guide just to get a puppy.

Hide And Seek, The Early Stages.

Reddit | N8theGr8

Hey has anyone seen a toddler? I've looked everywhere and just can't seem to spot 'em.

"When you know you're gonna fail so you start questioning the exam."

Reddit | AmazinglyMagicToast

Teachers will give out pity points for comedy sometimes. Probably not enough to pass, though.

"I just watched a girl hit a parked car, causing significant damage, then drive across the parking lot and go in the store thinking she just got away with it."

Reddit | Schwits

Now these are the types of heroes we need in this world.

"I thought I was getting a marvelous deal on a baby ball python. Instead, I discovered I've been overcharged for a decorative scrunchie."

Reddit | lolwutties

Not only that, but it keeps moving too? Absolute rip off.

"My husband and I discovered you can get photo shower curtains."

Reddit | Elatedonion

This feels like a perfect storm for someone getting walked in on.

"My buddy got away with having this license plate for 2 years."

Reddit | hafelnuts

This one actually took me a while to get, but when I did it was incredible. Hats off.

"Pirate thought they got away with a cracked version of an anti-virus software until they were presented with a nice surprise message."

Reddit | MarsNeedsFreedomToo

Of all software to get away with illegally downloading, you thought an anti-virus wasn't going to be prepared?

Error, Or Clever Marketing?

Reddit | Mintacia

It's like a strange, small scale version of Jeopardy.

"My mom tried to prank the cat. He is way too smart to fall for that."

Reddit | Oiqlele

Does this mean your cat can read? I really think you should find out if this means your cat can read.

"My local thrift store is trying to fool me. Nice try suckers."

Reddit | user_name55

You're telling me they're not the same? So that's why my friend was so weirded out last time they came over.