Rare 'Skeleton Flowers' Appear To Turn Into Crystal When It Rains

If you're a true lover of nature, like me, you'll definitely appreciate what I'm about to share with you. Did you know there is a rare flower that turns transparent when it comes in contact with water? Oh, yes indeed.

This beautiful marvel of nature called the "Skeleton Flower" will definitely amaze you when you take a look at it after it rains. Check out the pictures below to see what I mean.

Diphylleia Grayi or the "Skeleton Flower" may not be as striking as some other flowers, but they come with an impressive feature.

They turn translucent when in contact with water.

This woodland blossom is so rare it only grows in three regions of the world.

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The colder regions of Japan, China, and the Appalachian Mountains in the United States.

This pretty and unique flower can be easily recognized by its large, umbrella-like leaves.

The white petals are completely opaque in dry conditions but change drastically when it rains.

As the rain begins to saturate the blooms they become pretty much crystal clear.

This gives the flower an almost ghost-like look. Pretty spooky if you ask me. Hee, hee.

You may think it's the pigment that gets affected by this change.

But it's actually the loose cell structure present in the white flowers that makes this process happen.

When the rain hits the petals, the water fills in the cells and thus turns them clear.

I think that's pretty fascinating. Isn't it?

Once the blooms dry out, they return to their original opaque form.


Most people that pass these flowers by wouldn't even know about this rare occurrence indeed.

At this point, it isn't really clear if this fascinating occurence gives the flowers any kind of advantage or disadvantage in nature.


But it must be so cool to see.

Isn't it amazing that there are flowers out there that look normal and ordinary but have an amazing hidden feature like this?

If only they grew nearby.