17+ Things That Should’ve Been Left Alone

Some things just need to be let alone. Much like I do until after I've had my morning coffee, or while I'm reading, or while I'm eating, or while I'm doing nothing, in fact, let's just say that I just like to be left alone all of the time!

However, myself aside, there are also many other things that just need to be left alone in this world, and I'm here to go through these very things with you. From body hair shaved into national flags to a plethora of broken items that needn't have been broken, here are 17+ things that should've been left alone!

"God shave the queen."

Reddit | iBleeedorange

Now that takes commitment. I also cannot imagine how much drain unblocker was required for the drains after this endeavor.

"My 2 year old decided my laptop should be on Hard Mode from now on."

Reddit | lemoyne4

I'm sure that this person spent a good few seconds wondering whether it would be easier to replace the laptop or the child.

"Someone shaved this whole cat except the face."

Reddit | GucciMcChicken

Owner: "Can you make it look like my cat has just been hit in the face with a frying pan in a Tom and Jerry cartoon?"

Barber: "Say no more."

"I broke my GF's fancy shampoo bottle and she returns tonight from her conference... NAILED IT!"

Reddit | chumia40

Ah, yes, she'll never suspect a thing, and I'm sure that she'll be thrilled to smell like sour cream and chive for the foreseeable future!

"The salt factory next to an Acura dealership in Chicago just broke."

Reddit | decorative_vegetable

How well seasoned would you like your Acura sir? Maybe just a dash of salt?

Better Leave The Goose Alone...

Reddit | squirtlepk

This is the goose's door now. All who try to pass through his dominion will tremble with fear of his mighty wrath.

Please Don't Play The Piano

Imgur | Telechair1

How many timed do you reckon that they heard someone try and fumble their way through the start of Heart And Soul before they had to put this up?

"Neighbor just tried to throw his Christmas tree from the balcony. Not sure where it should've landed ideally."

Reddit | goldquest

I mean, their aim was to get rid of the tree, and one this is for sure, it's not in their apartment anymore and so not their problem! Someone down below is going to be in for a shock though when a strong gust of wind knocks it off!

"Grandma knitted a very NSFW shark blanket."

Reddit | tomytronics

No, Grandma, no! What have you done? I mean, the sentiment behind it is right, I guess, but the execution leaves something to be desired!

"It was 60 and sunny yesterday. Forgot to put the top down."

Reddit | JollyFaithlessness3

Well, you shouldn't have been putting the top-down at all. Everyone knows that convertible cars are either for people having a midlife crisis, or 1950s movie stars on the riviera.

"Today my husband discovered it is possible to recline the reclining chair too far."

Reddit | SmileyWhiley

"Dave stop, she won't go back any further!"

"Nonsense, she can handle it!"

"Haven‘t found my fisheyelens for weeks. My mom used it as a clipper."

Reddit | ur1m

One person who had their eyes on the prize wrote, "Lol. I thought it was some new tiny camera that would snitch on who was eating your chips at work..." and I for one, love that idea.

"The Racquet broke off on my tennis trophy..."

Reddit | LogicallySarcastic

Way to go, now you made it the world's most inappropriate trophy! Although, is it just me or does the expression on the guy look like he's smirking at what has happened?

"My little cousin broke a plate and tried to hide it from my aunt..."

Reddit | moistkittens

Ah, seamless work. She'll never suspect a thing! I like how they didn't even bother to try and stick the crack at the bottom back together.

Happy Ew Year!

Reddit | mohamedgashoot

You know what, actually they should just leave it like this; I mean, it accurately sums up how this year is going anyway.

"Chair died but silver linings and all that."

Reddit | ObsidianAsh

Nope, I don't like that one bit. Also, how would you raise the seat?

"Some asshole smashed our front desk bell. Changes were in order."

Reddit | RaboKarabek

Jesus, I mean, how hard do you have to hit a bell to break it? It's a bell, not a test your strength machine!

"This person dropped their phone in a bike chain while riding."

Reddit | basshead541

That's what you get for having your phone out while cycling! Unless it just fell out of their pocket... in which case, that is some seriously bad luck friend!

"Girlfriend broke the mirror. HEHEUHEHAHEAHUEH!"

Reddit | Ecocide

No one likes halls of mirrors! The reflections are very unsettling and you can never find your way out okay! And yes, I am terrified of halls of mirrors what of it!?

"Its not just broke..."

Reddit | jessejamess

"Sir, the Tropicana it's..."

"I know private, it's broken!"

"No, sir, it's not just broken, it's... out of control!"

"I dropped some skittles..."

Reddit | ace_roth

This one is hard to look at. I'd have to at least try and salvage as many off the top as I could. I can't bear to see so much of the rainbow go to waste.

"My apple broke the apple cutter and now I have a weapon."

Reddit | rmbrmeforcenturies

An apple cutter is one of those unnecessarily specific kitchen appliances that I never got why anyone would buy. Just use a knife and cut an apple like a damn adult!

"I broke the toilet seat. This is how I broke it to my wife..."

Reddit | boogerknows

Sure, this seems like a great idea; however, in my experience, trying to make broken things look cute leads to far more anger than just going to tell someone with your hat in hand.

"Made a pie today. Dropped a pie today."

Reddit | beely_yumyum2x2

You could leave me in a kitchen until the end of days and I would never e able to make a pie that looked as beautiful as that. Such a shame!

"I ruined the bar record. I'm so sorry."

Reddit | Killhouse

Oh, come on man, they were on a hot streak! In fairness, I'm in no position to be having a go at people for being sick in bars. It would be incredibly hypocritical.

"I think my in-law's cat broke..."

Reddit | meowmeowbeanz2000

Jesus man, what did you do to that cat? A lot of people actually started expressing concern for the cat, so the person who posted this had to write an update, saying, "Thank you guys for all of your concern! He was not 'cat head pressing' or whatever. Dude literally spent a couple seconds just staring at the wall. Honestly, I think he believes the painting is a window."

"Dropped a pot of powder-coating powder all over my boss' desk."

Reddit | CrucifiedTitan

But... what on Earth could you possibly have been doing with powder-coating on your boss' desk? On the plus side, you won't have to worry about it happening again, 'cause you'll be fired!

Why Is There Braille On The Keypad When They Can't See The Food Numbers?

Reddit | [Deleted]

Look, at least whoever did this is trying to be helpful! And, I guess they could always just go for a lucky dip?

Wait... What?

Reddit | ZombieBisque

Is it so hard to just put Philip K. on there as well? They knew exactly what they were doing with this sticker!

"Threw Lucy's ball into the tree by accident, turned around and seen her like this."

Reddit | WutUtalkingBoutWill

With determination and drive like this, Lucy is going places.

"Someone at my stepdad's work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake."

Reddit | Samaraiii

I struggle to imagine the scenario in which this mistake can happen but at least it looks cool.

"Had an accident as a kid. Mom cut a hole in my head cast for a ponytail that i wore to school - with a bow in it - so people would know I was a girl."

Reddit | mckhansen

Yeah, don't fret over our daughter's massive head injury, fret over the fact that she might be seen as a boy instead! Good priorities.

"That's an accident waiting to happen..."

Reddit | conehead88

An accident made by me, probably. I have a rich history of not reading labels properly.

"My friend's GF's dad sent them an xxxxl cutting board for their housewarming by mistake."

Reddit | gwackr

The uses this has. Cutting board, shield, impractical umbrella. This is a multipurpose gift, I hope they were grateful.

"Seconds before the accident."

Reddit | instalurk

He looks so proud. So excited to hype up this bottle. This is a look of innocence before disaster.

"Went through the taco bell drive-thru with a friend. When asked if we wanted sauce, I said: 'As much as you're allowed to give me'."

Reddit | ThreadedPommel

PSA: Taco Bell is allowed to give you two full bags of sauce, apparently. Use that info as you will.

"So my friend spent 3 days in hospital after a BMX accident I got him this shirt to welcome him home."

Reddit | whisky16

I'm not sure if the timing was right for that shirt, he still looks a little shaken up.

"I was looking up references of broken glass, and I accidentally scared my boss."

Reddit | idothingssometimes

This is a lesson in perspective and context. You knew you were looking up references, your boss didn't.

"My roommate fell down the stairs when he was drunk. He was not amused by how I reacted to his accident."

Reddit | itsninjatime

He might not be amused, but I sure am. If you can't fix it, make it funny, right?

Telling it like it is.

Reddit | mattman451

I mean, the math isn't wrong. Maybe they're onto something, but not sure that something should translate into a bare metal back bench.

"Mechanics at work were concerned for my safety after hearing about my motorcycle accident and tweaked it a little."

Reddit | Kodoku989

What nice people, being so kind as to add extra safety measures for you! This is the peak of human compassion.

"Friend broke his leg in a dirt bike accident this weekend. Pharmacist has no chill."

Reddit | popsludge

They do say laughter is the best medicine, right?

"I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face, I'm not even mad."

Reddit | SpontaneousCupcake

Now there's never any need for a tag, they'll always know who the gift came from!

"A red wine accident at our local bottle shop."

Reddit | stonecoldsarge

Sure, this is all fun and games until you're the one who has to clean it up. Wine is even harder to get out than if it were actually blood!

"The printer exploded..."

Reddit | joshdyson

Ah, printers. One of mankind's main rivals, and one that we created ourselves!

Let me know int he comments which blunder was your personal favorite!