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Beautiful Rosefinches Are Always Pretty In Pink

While I'm not a fan of pastel, powdery colors in general, I do think that a vibrant pink can be a really happy hue. Maybe it's because it brings to mind spring flowers and Easter chocolate and the end of a long, gray winter.

Aside from flamingos, we tend to think of pink as a floral color, rather than a bird one. There are plenty of red birds, but not many in shades of its lighter, friendlier cousin.

But it turns out that there is an entire genus of birds where shades of pink are its claim to fame: rosefinches.

There are roughly 25-30 individual species within the rosefinch genus, all with variations of pink shades.

Some of the species are more brown and gray, with bright sections of pink.

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Others, like this Sinai rosefinch from Israel, lean towards pure bubblegum.

There are also species where the pink leans a bit more to the dusky and purple side.

Like this Himalayan White-Browed Rosefinch.

It's such a lovely color!

As far as I can tell, rosefinches are found pretty much everywhere except North or South America. On those continents, a separate genus split and evolved.

Though they are still called common rosefinches or scarlet rosefinches, birds in that genus don't get quite so pink.

Seriously though, rosefinches can be so very, very pink.

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They're yet another example of how amazing and varied the bird world can be.

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