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34 Great Ideas That Deserve Some Time In The Spotlight

If I had ever come up with a brilliant idea, I'd want to share it with the world, too. I'd also hope to get just a tiny bit of applause for it as well, naturally. Who doesn't appreciate a little recognition when they deserve it?

Since I've never really come up with anything new and exciting, I'm more than happy to give some spotlight to those who have. Check out these cool ideas!

This door can close off either the whole bathroom, or just the toilet.

Reddit | ccanavar

When space is at a premium, you need some ingenuity, and this accomplishes the goal of allowing some flexibility in the use of the bathroom while still providing the option of privacy.

This McDonald's drive-thru in Australia offers to sell a few grocery items as well as the standard fare.

Reddit | blessmeatballs

It's all stuff they would stock anyway, and hey, how handy would it be to be able to pick up milk with your nuggets without even leaving your car?

Theater-style seating, but for your porch.

Reddit | bikepolar

It's obviously a DIY job, but something tells me this porch swing will inspire a lot of copycats, because it's fantastic.

This person has built themselves some corner storage for their desk area that stows away.

Reddit | AmirCreatorr

Not sure if they actually work for NASA, but there's definitely some solid engineering behind this idea. I would definitely love a work area with that as an option.

These paper towels have been folded into a stack of cones.

Reddit | Jakalak14

When you just want one paper towel, and only have one hand free to grab one, this stack would be wonderful to have in your kitchen. So much easier than having to try to tear one off single-handed.

Just to get started, there are a couple of wafers here that have plastic on them to make them easier to pull out.

Reddit | shaheenmickael

Is there any bigger tease than having a massive container of wafers in front of you but not be able to grasp one of them to eat it because they're jammed in too tightly?

That's commitment to a goal.

When you don't have your teammates around 24/7 to set and bump for you, how do you practice your volleyball spikes?

This guy manufactured his own practice setup using pool noodles to hold the ball in place.

This world map is goals...literally.

Reddit | AustinLA88

That is, if you have a goal of visiting as many countries as possible. This map has a section where you can scratch off countries as you visit them.

Keeping all the taco toppings where they belong.

Reddit | B_Rizzle_Foshizzle

Tacos are one of those transcendent foods that you sometimes just have to have from your favorite place, but they just don't tend to travel well.

This takeout box is as good a solution to that problem as I've ever seen.

This seems like a great, permanent solution.

Reddit | BtotheF

Because the paint on accessible parking spots wears away, right? But using blue bricks to form the symbol will last much longer, and it's pretty eye-catching, too.

This university has a pizza vending machine outside one of the dorms.

Reddit | hufferdo

This was spotted in Oslo, Norway, and I don't know what campus life is like there, but at my college, this would have been a license to print money, basically.

Recycling at its finest.

Reddit | throat_punch_er

Someone decided to plant the lettuce stumps after making a salad, and what do you know, they actually sprouted. Infinite salad!

Canada's passports reveal a spectacular show when held under a blacklight.

Reddit | MrCookieAlex

It's an anti-counterfeiting measure, and honestly, if counterfeiters can cook up something as beautiful as this, they've kind of earned their phony passport.

This box for a bottle of wine is meant to be re-purposed as a birdhouse.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

Apparently, you do have to provide your own twig, but otherwise, it's pretty much ready to go once you've taken the wine out. Don't want to forget that!

There is a device that helps to show blood vessels below the skin.

Reddit | Cursed00Breath

It looks pretty magical in action, but its usefulness is apparently limited as it doesn't make the blood vessels that are difficult to find any easier, and it doesn't work well on those with dark skin tones.

However, as a teaching tool for beginners trying to learn how to draw blood, it's not bad.

"This hairbrush I bought came with a tool to remove hair from the brush."

Reddit | arthurdentxxxxii

I don't really know how folks do it otherwise (maybe a comb or a pair of scissors), but it's good to have a tool that's built just for the purpose.

These headphones come with a sizing guide.

Reddit | hehlol123

So after you store them away, you can just open them up to the span you already know rather than having to fiddle around trying to adjust them when they're already on your noggin.

Tesla's Model 3 comes with a Dog Mode.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

Basically, it's a temperature control to ensure that pooches left in cars don't dangerously overheat, while informing well-intentioned passers-by that the dog is safe.

Sounds good to me as a last resort, but I'd much rather just not leave dogs in cars, personally.

This car's instrument panel features a countdown timer for certain stoplights.

Reddit | RaccHudson

Some traffic lights must contain a transmitter that the car can tap into and display the time left until it turns green.

I don't really grasp how it works, but I want this for my car.

With this label design, the "48h" reads the same upside down as it does right-side up.

Reddit | iforgetmtuser7

I can see something like this being more necessary with a shampoo bottle than a deodorant stick, but hey, it's still neat.

This toaster has a window so you can see how your toast is doing.

Reddit | ai_is_dead1212

You never have to fear burnt toast again. It's also great for people like me who will only eat lightly toasted toast.

Along these bike routes, you'll find stops with tools in case something breaks.

Reddit | bighdaddie

From pumps to screwdrivers, these kiosks has you covered. One less thing you need to worry about bringing with you everywhere!

Easily accessible hand sanitizer built right into the door handle.

Reddit | Brianshurst

Not only does it promote cleanliness and ease of access, but you can feel better knowing that handle is probably way less gross than most.

How about this Julius Caesar pencil holder for the history lover in all of us?

Reddit | ChucklesMcGangsta

Apparently this one was 3D printed, so the design is likely out there for anyone who wants to give it a go.

A milk carton with clear plastic on the side so you can see how much is left.

Reddit | D3rF3lx

For someone like me who has more milk in their coffee than actual coffee, this would be perfect. No need to guess if my morning brew will be light enough for my tastes.

This shower pane has a hole in it so you can adjust the water temperature without being splashed.

Reddit | donkeydougie

And thank god for that, I've been betrayed by showers I thought were hot before, only to be hit with an icy cold spray. Never again.

A fry holder with a separate pocket for ketchup.

Reddit | LaBobcat

While this is cool, I need to know if it can fit in a car cupholder. That's the only way it'll matter to me.

USB charging ports built right into this patio umbrella.

Reddit | Luke_Trinocular

Due to how common USB charging is, ports are starting to pop up in more and more convenient locations, but I still think this one takes the cake.

A laundry detergent brand makes their containers almost entirely out of cardboard so they can be recycled.

Reddit | Odious-Unicorn

Yes there's still some plastic involved, but waaay less than usual, so it's still a super green choice.

This beef jerky company includes floss with their food.

Reddit | OpenShade

This is amazing! I'm waiting for all jerky companies to follow suit. Then popcorn companies. And bags of apples. Oh and with corncobs too.

A 'smart bin' in Australia that not only has a foot handle, but also uses solar power to compact waste.

Reddit | Operatic_Ranch

I'm a big advocate for foot handles, buttons, and other mechanics for when your arms are full. There are two perfectly good limbs down there not being used to their full potential!

This bathroom where the toilets have foot pedals for flushing.

Reddit | WarningCurvesAhead

See! Foot. Pedals. I don't want to have to raise my arm if I don't have to ever again.

A safety-conscious design for a plug.

Reddit | SnowboardingEgg

This plug is designed to be pulled out by putting your fingers in that ring. Not only is it easier, but it's also safer as your fingers are more protected and further away from the prongs.

This paper grocery bag with instructions on how to pack a paper grocery bag.

Reddit | Sugalips2000

We all know that paper bags are rarely used anymore, thus there's a lot of people who don't know how to pack one (including yours truly). These instructions are easy to understand and makes sure that no one is left with a messy packing job.

A deck of cards that comes with these replacement cards.

Reddit | wirenickel

Yes, card, I am absent-minded, so thank you very much for thinking of me and representing all air-heads of the world.