20 Things People Wore Down From Extreme Overuse, Like Dad Jokes

As children, many of us had a favorite outfit that we wanted to wear all the time. For me, it was my Bart Simpson t-shirt made from back when his shirt was still blue and he actually said, "Don't have a cow, man!"

Long after this shirt started to break down, I would still do my best to convince my parents that it was still perfectly good. I'm not sure how I managed this, but I was able to protect it from the garbage heap and I've still got it in a drawer to this day. Still, I finally retired it at a costume party celebrating '90s nostalgia, which seemed like a fitting end to its magical journey.

Yet it appears I'm not the only one with a sentimental attachment to something that has long run its course. It seems some others also wear the threadbare state of their things as a badge of honor and were nice enough to share these objects on the internet for our collective fascination.

And so, we celebrate these 10 items who kept on truckin' in the face of all our better judgment.

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1. This keypad asks drivers whether or not they want a car wash.

reddit | Ravenmancer

I don't know, something tells me they can stop offering that service.

2. It's funny how these shoes each have a hole in just the right place.

reddit | FumetsuJAI

Now they look like two alien creatures sharing a tender moment.

3. Well, be careful what you wish for.

reddit | jakerubynyc

It seems like folks are better at following instructions than we thought.

4. It's hard to tell, but this is supposed to be an ID card.

reddit | ColonelDredd

I guess when we leave those out in the sun long enough, we wind up looking like we belong in a Goosebumps book.

5. He had no idea this image was here until his dad's wallet started to wear away.

reddit | Bwuhbwuh

Of course, that just begs the question of how it got there in the first place.

6. No, this store doesn't need a cleanup. Just a new floor.

reddit | whitebicycle9

I guess there isn't a lot of room for people to check out, so it's no surprise it turned out like this.

7. Apparently this strange pattern was caused by years of playing dominoes.

reddit | helloandyay

You mean people do something with them besides knocking them over?

8. This would probably be hard to notice while it was happening.

reddit | didujustcthat

But eventually, you just run out of knife to sharpen.

9. Once upon a time, this button probably indicated that it turned on the radio.

reddit | kelnjam

Now it looks like you press it when you want your car to draw a picture of you.

10. Some people see Lincoln as a skull...

reddit | GarrisonFjord

But all I see his him wearing some super sweet sunglasses.

11. People walked down these stone steps so much they actually made a groove!

reddit | vote100binary

Just think how many years of students trudging to class it took to make the effect.

12. My personal record for items at the grocery store? 147

reddit | Kerbonaut2014

And I went through the express lane. People were not impressed.

13. This leather eye-case has been so worn down, it looks like bacon. 

reddit | herboholic

And isn't that ironic?

14. I sense a routine at the barber shop.

reddit | dnslol

This is why I just trust them to do their thing.

15. If only you could get Cola from a tap.

reddit | glanshruber

One day...

16. I feel like this is a good sign of a very active social life.

reddit | emilyisnotfunny

Anyway, I think this concept has worn out its welcome enough, so let's end it here.

17. Worst. Neighbors. Ever. 

reddit | dubhnoir

18. Does anyone else see a cat? I see a cat. 

reddit | llliilliilll

19. How desperate have you been for a Bic Mac? 

reddit | Konradkc

20. This seems fitting after all the water I drink during a workout. 

reddit | Loozrboy