12+ People Who Aren’t Impressed

We don't always know what's going to happen. Try as we might to make sure things are always going perfectly, we can't control everything, especially when it comes to other people.

That's where situations like these come into play. When things don't happen the way we want them to or the way we planned, it can leave us feeling pretty unimpressed. Kind of like aaaaall the people below.


Reddit | TryHardDolphin

Listen, you go into German Shepherd ownership knowing they're a big, strong, energetic dog. You don't need a screen door, you need a steel gate.

"Never tell your horse loving daughter that she was born in the Year of the Monkey."

Reddit | NumberJ5

You know she'll be broken up about this for ages to come, but at least she shares the pain with everyone her age.

You can tell he's had enough of it.

Reddit | HopsRs

He got that one final email in his inbox that just set him off and sent him running to spread his plea with the world.

This guy's wife really didn't like her birthday gift.

Reddit | TrippDouglass

Tell me that thing doesn't look warm and soft as hell. This sweater will keep her warm and thriving through the winter. She should be grateful.

There's a story here.

Reddit | odyne9

This picture has a history. You know this rule has been broken more than a few times, and the owner of these scissors will not stand for it anymore.

Unimpressed by what didn't happen.

Reddit | danox574

This user had a party with over 40 people at their house, and hid this in their medicine cabinet. It was nice no one went snooping, but disappointing at the same time that no one got to experience this.

"We ordered 1 box of steaks...and we received 1 steak in a box."

Reddit | 1000kai

On top of the wrong order, does that even count as a steak? That's like, a sliver of beef.

Looking to start a fight.

Reddit | gmcl86

This fan decided to fuel the fire between the two Marvel actors by wearing a Ryan Reynolds shirt when meeting Hugh Jackman. She's brave, I'll give her that.

What would this list be without a grumpy looking cat?

Reddit | PdoubleO

He looks like your disgruntled boss who had a rough weekend. He hasn't even had his coffee yet!

Differing reactions.

Reddit | rach_ette

He's only not impressed because he knows what this is going to do to his body and stomach.

This user's friend was traveling across the country when she found these postcards.

Reddit | Bathsaltzombie1169

It's a sad day when you can't even trust postcards to show you unique attractions. Postcards!

This person's daughter trying to put makeup on her dolls with markers.

Reddit | stephidabefida5

Yikes. These princesses sure have seen better days. I'm sure a good night's rest and a glass of water will help them feel better.

A meal someone received on their 13 hour flight.

Reddit | mike_oc23

Happy to see airline food is always proving itself as both fulfilling and appetizing, despite what critics might say.

Hey, the sign has a point.

Reddit | B4ldy

This will also help anxious drivers like me. I've been too scared to try and push into this lane for the past 5 minutes. Please leave some space and let me in.

"My mom crocheted my dog a cigar."

Reddit | Panixcx

Yes, he looks unimpressed. But he also looks like an annoyed mafia boss who's about to teach a poor fool a lesson, so really, it's worth it.

The fortune this user received after skipping the gym to go to Panda Express.

Reddit | MEG4NTRON

I hate disappointing someone, but knowing I disappointed some all-seeing being who decided to school me specifically about it? I'd never live it down.

Usually, people get pretty excited when the Google Maps person comes around, but this woman is definitely an exception.

Reddit | Wombatusmaximus

That said, I must admit that I wasn't aware that they actually went places they map out rather than drive by them.

I'd probably wonder what the photographer was up to as well if I were her.

Somehow, the uploader managed to sneak these two massive Wookies behind their grandma before this picture was taken.

Reddit | leeah223

While her reaction probably isn't as extreme as they were expecting, take it from me. If you have to disappoint your family, you should at least do it in a way that leaves them confused.

You get a lot fewer lectures and a lot more baffled sighs that way.

As we can see from this passive-aggressive sign, it's not the fishers that this person is unimpressed with.

Reddit | Funke-munke

After all, people could hardly fish in a pothole if it wasn't big enough. I wonder if this embarrassed anyone enough to do something about that?

Apparently, there was a lot going on that day that this kid considered unacceptable.

Reddit | CrackyJacky3

For one, mornings. Just the idea of being awake for that time of the day. I can definitely relate there.

But the thing that really has him looking up from his literature is the fact that breakfast isn't ready yet.

You know a car has a fantastic reputation on the road when its drivers have to defend themselves through their license plates.

Reddit | Chyvalri

I guess, "I know, I know, but my wife really wanted it for some reason and I have to live with her, not you" didn't fit.

Haha, it took years of practice to stop making this face when I got something I didn't want.

Reddit | dbzaffa

I'm not sure what this kid was hoping to get for Christmas, but it's now pretty clear that it wasn't sidewalk chalk.

Better luck next time.

Most bumper stickers have something that makes us roll our eyes, but this one's pretty good.

Reddit | CountShaftula

So yes, I guess that means I'm kind of impressed by someone who isn't at all impressed with me. It's the dating scene all over again.

The woman in the tie-dye shirt is really trying, but you can only sell something so hard when people just aren't into it.

Reddit | Knicholas28

"And look, the reaction is causing the bottle to overflow! Isn't that crazy?"

"Not really."

What I like about this is that the guy in the Oscar the Grouch suit is the one who reposted this caption.

Reddit | RS-HR

And I have to admit, I'd also find it pretty funny if my costumed travels bothered somebody this much.

I mean, I'm sure the bin wasn't actually full of garbage, buddy. We're not method acting here.

Sometimes, the one that we're the most unimpressed with is ourselves.

Reddit | cmitchrun

While some might be inclined to remove the aggressive tattoos of their youth, this guy instead decided to make his a little more polite.

It's clear that he's learned there's a nicer way to say that.

The safari experience always sounds fun, but some animals don't quite make the best first impression.

Reddit | jdberry01

Let's be real, a lot of us would probably react exactly like this kid if a zebra crept up on us and made this face.

Mary Poppins may have returned, but whoever painted this bus was obviously happy to see her go again.

Reddit | Droid501

It's hard to tell what happened after that, though, as I've never seen a bus' paint job fall away like this.

Maybe Mary's saying that they can't get rid of her that easily.

"My friends do a Tencious D cover band, look who crashed their show."

Reddit | Jordanx_x

Knowing Jack Black and how nice he is, I'm sure he was actually very impressed. But in this moment he looks offended that anyone dare try to imitate him.

We've got a mystery on our hands.

Reddit | Salegosse

Man, I can't even begin to imagine what happened here. Case closed fellas, we'll never catch the culprit.

"My dad said he found some cute baby pictures of me and handed me these."

Reddit | dannydevito_promgirl

Ouch. That's a pretty harsh roast. But also, what were your parents doing with a baby raccoon?

The rightful punishment.

Reddit | GEGPilot

Apparently this photo was taken at an auto shop, but these jars should be everywhere where clients are dealt with in any capacity. People need to know there are consequences for their actions.

A most prestigious award.

Reddit | H0tttttt

On one hand, this is funny, but on the other, I would feel so guilty if I was ever given this. Like, so guilty I'd never take a vacation again.

Are you sure that's how it'll work?

Reddit | kersedimijstealer

Like, yeah, the picture of the waffle maker doesn't match the waffle, but also, that isn't a waffle. That's a pancake. This whole thing is a disaster.

"I am a mother to 3 boys and saw this on a translated to English sign once. I decided I needed these words in our bathroom as well."

Reddit | Momruigez

I appreciate the move, but if you think three young boys can do anything with precision and elegance, you have another thing coming.

Something went a little wrong.

Reddit | Stijnie

Listen, that's workable. All that matters is if they put it forwards or backwards. Where am I reaching for this roll?

A little caution in the future.

Reddit | swartzrnner

I can't even fathom not covering any window in your home, let alone your bathroom window. Do you not have any fear? Any worry? What is it like to be you?

High standards at a young age.

Reddit | Jack213

Man, when I was a kid I was impressed by a lemur on TV when I watched Zaboomafoo, but this girl just isn't having it. Better step that animal game up. Maybe try a snake next time.

The stealthiest craft around.

Reddit | Tankgunner0330

Dang, I didn't know cloaking technology was actually, like, good. I can't see this thing at all.

Two brothers graduate from the same college, same degree, and this is how their mom frames their diplomas.

Reddit | diegoportillo

Ouch. Even if you ignore the difference in frames, putting one on top of the other is a cruel move.

"Balanced an egg on its end. Daughter was really impressed."

Reddit | Thatsnotcovered

Maybe...that's just what she looks like when she's impressed? Surely she's not distracted already.

This parent found their son cleaning his potty with their toothbrush.

Reddit | Ka3ed

Do you think he did this on purpose? As revenge? "This will show them. They'll never deny me a second dessert ever again!"