20 Hilarious Times People Were Caught Red Handed

Look, I'm sure we've all been caught red handed before, and while it's not a particularly proud moment, I feel like it's definitely a humbling one.

Plus, it teaches you that all important lesson: you gotta be sneaky if you wanna get away with things.

These people weren't being sneaky enough and they got caught, and hilariously so. I encourage you to not only laugh at their mistakes, because they're pretty funny, but also learn from them, too. Who knows, maybe next time you won't get caught.

Caught red handed or red mouthed?

Reddit | itsyaboy_spidey

I'm no detective, but I deduce that little miss denim jacket here was recently involved with mister blue shirt back there.

The evidence is pretty damning.

Someone please send me this pattern ASAP.

Reddit | crazg0od33

Everyone has different ways of relaxing and letting off steam. Clearly this is her way of doing that. No one gets hurt, and she gets some beautiful decor out of it. Win-win.

"I've made a terrible mistake."

Reddit | checkandmated

I'm sure the thought of eating an entire pack of Velveeta cheese seemed like a really good idea in theory.

But in practice? Whole different story. Someone rub his poor belly please.

Not a great time for a catnap.

Reddit | mistermahn

Look, we don't know the context behind this picture. All we have is what we see... and what I see is a guard sleeping on the job while an inmate seizes the perfect photo opportunity.

I just hope her boss didn't see this, too.


Reddit | 2planks

This gentleman was have a grand old time breaking into cars one night, but all his fun came to crashing end when one of them just happened to have a dashboard camera.

That right there? That's the face of a man who's just realized he's been caught.

Don't be suspicious.

Reddit | goatsacesally

This kid hasn't learned how to sneak treats off the counter yet. You gotta wait til mom leaves the kitchen before you go grabbing for a muffin.


Caught white pawed.

Reddit | DrChilton

He could have so easily gotten away with this... if he had been a bit more careful and watched where he was stepping.

That's how you end up outside with no treats.

Subway after dark.

Reddit | [user deleted]

You know what? I don't think I want to know why this Subway employee is naked behind the counter, or why he's kept the door wide open even through this restaurant is clearly closed.

I'm good.

"What spaghetti?"

Reddit | seyn121

That look on his adorable, guilty face says it all: "I got caught."

And also, "I probably should have taken a smaller bite."

And he would have gotten away with it too...

Reddit | hollo_r

...if it weren't for that God-awful toupee.

Seriously, did he really think life is like a cartoon, and that his plan was foolproof?

One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | elatedonion

As this Reddit user explained,

"A local farm where I live had trouble with their flock all wanting to sleep in the same house, so each night they have to go break them up. The other night they found their dog had joined in."


Reddit | emzieees

That's definitely one way to catch your roommate stealing your food, and a pretty smart way at that. I would have never thought to check their MyFitnessPal account, but I just might start now.

Time to find out who ate my burrito.


Reddit | jayant2104

You think you're so slick, huh? No no no, don't even try giving me those brown puppy-dog eyes. You're going downtown, mister.

Aw. Okay, you can stay.

Picking up dog poop isn't fun, but you still have to do it, lady.

Reddit | Y_Ampersand

My only suggestion here is that this person take their tiny sign of shame and make it into a giant billboard so this woman can really see it.

And everyone else can, too.

Always read the fine print.

Reddit | AvshalomCosme

Maybe it just wasn't in the budget to make a new sign when their prices went up.

But I think they could have come up with something a little better than just adding the teeniest, tiniest little "25 cents" beside the word "dollar", don't you?

"It wasn't me."

Maybe this husky got a little too excited when he found this big box of cold air during a hot summer day, and maybe that excitement translated to knocking it right out the window.

We'll never know for sure.

Wonder who's the boss of this house?

Reddit | Erpverts

When I first brought home my cat to meet my dog, I was convinced the two wouldn't get along because my dog is so used to being the only animal, and would therefor boss the poor little kitty around.

Instead, the cat established her dominance right away and now my dog sleeps on the floor while she lays in his giant dog bed.

Heart breaker.

Reddit | Nora_Rose86

As this Reddit user explained,

"My 6 year old son had his first school dance tonight. Got caught giving roses to different girls."

I'm pretty sure that little girl in the red was the first to get a rose, and has just decided she will never trust another man again.

A hard day's work.

Missouri Political News Service

Okay, this must be why my packages are always late. My mailman is too busy catching some Z's in the mailbox to deliver me my new zucchini spiralizer from Amazon.

Sneaky, but not sneaky enough.

Reddit | loseseal2

These construction workers came up with a pretty creative way of sneaking some beer onto the job site, but maybe next time they'll figure out a way to make sure the soda label wraps all the way around the can.

Rookie mistake.

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