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20 Wild Pics That Seem To Defy All Logic At First

Whether it's because our eyes are playing tricks on us or because of a strange first impression, some situations will make it seem like the world has completely stopped making sense at first.

Although she didn't exactly see this, I can recall one time where I was pouring a drink from a weird enough angle that it apparently sounded to my mom like I was peeing all over the floor.

I couldn't tell why she had a shocked expression on her face at first, but until she saw what I was actually doing, she thought, "Oh my God, he's lost his mind."

For some of the situations we'll be looking at today, a similar thought may cross our minds until we get the context. However, others won't become any clearer to us no matter how much we look at them.

I could be seriously underestimating this person's twirling strength, but I don't think their spaghetti just happened to end up like this.

Reddit | ep1c_gamer69

I imagine that getting it to look like this would take as much effort as it would make a mess, but I suppose it was well worth creating this illusion.

This looks a lot like an ominous ritual until you actually visit the place where this is going down.

Reddit | TheEntitledKid

Apparently, this is just how the management of a restaurant called Hanny's in Phoenix, Arizona likes to decorate their establishment.

It's apparently a pretty well-liked place, so they're obviously doing something right.

I suppose that if we could dangle from the ceiling like Spider-Man, this would eventually make the list of things we would do with that power.

Reddit | the11devans

Of course, I'm pretty sure it's actually the cat who's on the ceiling and not the guy, so that kind of solves the mystery of what's going on here.

It also explains why the cat looks so confused.

This seems a lot more horrifying than it is for the locals standing and watching this.


Apparently, this is part of a festival in Japan that's a little bit like the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

It also helps to know that these ghostly figures are just people carrying large dolls.

Fortunately, I don't think this person is actually trying to poop from this position.

Reddit | ballsofwisdom

Instead, I think they're just demonstrating via their impressive squatting prowess that they could if they really wanted to.

That doesn't explain why that other toilet is so close and not partitioned, though.

This something that isn't terribly hard to figure out, but is pretty startling at first.

Reddit | hayate_ichirou

There's something about the sight of an upside down practice head staring at us that has a way of tripping all of our "NOPE" sensors until we realize they're using it as a planter.

This definitely looks like a cake made of teeth and that appearance is apparently no accident.

Reddit | awkward_zoo

Each of these teeth is supposed to be made of white chocolate, but I certainly wouldn't blame you if you waited for someone else to bite into their slice and confirm that.

On its own, the puppet would be vaguely creepy, but it takes on a different context as part of what is apparently an appreciative shrine to somebody.

Reddit | TheMarceMars27

Unfortunately, the photo quality makes it pretty hard to tell who this person in the green suit is supposed to be.

It's also kind of unclear how worried we should be about whoever made this.

If there's a story behind why this cafeteria has a faceless sculpture standing in the corner, I'm afraid I don't know it.

Reddit | beemodraws

What I can tell you is that it's not the only one in this place as the uploader said there were at least three more lying around.


Once it becomes clear who these two men are, it suddenly makes much more sense as to why they're so happy to hold these wormy abominations.

Reddit | Wiildman8

On the left, we have Hellraiser writer and director Clive Barker. On the right, a man who has also made his share of movies featuring intense body horror: David Cronenberg.

There isn't anything disturbing about this, but it still seems oddly unreal.

Reddit | Wiildman8

I suppose that if we weren't convinced that cats only take the laws of gravity as a suggestion, this photo definitely confirms that.

I'm guessing that these little rock climbing pegs are also on the inside of this thing?

Reddit | Owl_Fam

Otherwise, I'm not sure how any kid who climbs into this tube is supposed to get back out. That seems like quite the leap of faith.

As soon the initial shock wears off, this "hand" goes from looking disturbing to looking awesome.

Reddit | RhinoVanHorn

I've seen people replace their side mirrors in a lot of ways, but this is definitely the coolest. And the rusty look they went for definitely adds to the aesthetic.

This hardly looks comfortable, but I guess that getting as close to his pet as he possibly could was worth it for this kid.

Reddit | UglyBreath

If I'm right, then that probably makes this the most adorable reason I've ever seen someone put themselves through something so weird.

As bizarre and unsettling as this may seem, this person has the bird's best interests at heart by dressing like this.

Reddit | BoogerCigarette

Dependence on humans is one of the worst things you can foster in an animal that you want to release into the wild.

For that reason, the staff at this sustainable wildlife center put on these apocalyptic-looking suits to feed the creatures with as little human contact as possible.

Unfortunately, I don't think this scene makes much more sense once we realize that penguin is likely a statue.

Reddit | Hyddrox75

After all, does the egg come with or is that real? And regardless, why is this man looking at us like that?

I feel like it's harder to explain what we're looking at here than it is to understand it.

Reddit | sonnydmc

We may not be able to say exactly what Thomas' face is attached to as it crawls out of his tank engine, but we do know that someone is trying to ruin our childhoods.

Considering how smart pigs are reputed to be, I wouldn't think that they'd fall for this person's attempt to blend in.

Reddit | GamerzChannelYT

At least, that's what I assume they're doing. If that's not it, I'm not really sure I want to know what's going on here.

The El Colacho festival in Spain is known as the baby jumping festival for what are probably obvious reasons.


As National Geographic reported, these people are indeed jumping over real babies to honor a tradition dating back to the 1620s.

The jumpers are supposed to represent devils that jump over the babies to absorb sin from them, thus protecting them from disease and misfortune. Considering that the crowd is supposed to shout insults while they do this, it's pretty amazing that none of the babies have ever been injured, but that's reportedly true.

This looks like a scene from a zombie apocalypse, but there's apparently a much more innocent story behind it.

Reddit | XSunflowX

As the uploader's guests left a family reunion they were hosting, each of them left a hand print on their door. As we can see, some decided to go against the grain and leave their foot prints instead.

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