22 Times People Turned To The Internet After Finding Something Strange

You know when you stumble upon something in your attic and you have absolutely no idea what it is? Well, apparently there is a subreddit for that, and people routinely post pictures of stuff they've found for others to identify.

You'd be surprised what some of these objects turn out to be. Isn't it exciting to find out what this stuff really is?

1. This Weird Apparatus

Reddit | oodlesofschmoodles

My vote goes to some sort of wooden meat tenderizer but what's the metal part for? Apparently, this is a Ugandan beer bottle opener. Hmm, interesting.

2. This Wooden Rope Thing

Reddit | Supamandatho69

I thought it was some sort of toy for a kid, but I wasn't even close. It's actually a safety device for ice fishing.

3. This Strange Game


Somebody was sent this game in the mail with no instructions. What is it you ask? It's called Master Logic and is similar to the popular game, Mastermind.

4. This Metal Object

Reddit | RealCrashie

My guess would be it was some sort of hammer but Reddit users said it was a T-lock key of some sort. Nice going, guys.

5. This Curious Thing Found In The Yard

Reddit | tomhanksoneredshoe

I would never have guessed what this thing was. Thankfully, Reddit peeps knew it was an air raid siren. How interesting.

6. This Weird Object

Reddit | Starheaven07

To me, it looks like some sort of an instrument but I couldn't be more wrong. Supposedly it's a bean spoon. What? LOL! Why?

7. This Thing Found In The Kitchen

Reddit | randomxadam

Aren't kitchen gadgets weird? Like what is this thing? Reddit folks explained that this is a corer for corn-on-the-cob. Wowza!

8. This Musical Instrument

Reddit | spicymcsale

I'm no music historian, so I can't guess this. It's actually a Rawap folk instrument used by people of the Uyghur region of Xinjiang in Western China.

9. This Long Thingy

Reddit | whatwhatgoat

What is this long, metal pole-rod thing? Apparently, truckers use that as a lever/tool for their load tie-downs. Never would have guessed that.

10. This Funky Object

Reddit | IdealTruths

When I first saw this, I thought it was some sort of peeler or razor blade. It turns out it's a chainsaw sharpener. Wow!

11. This Medieval-Looking Thing

Reddit | Its_only_anna

I totally know what this is for a change. Ha, ha! Can you guess? It's a meat grinder. My folks still have one of those.

12. This Hidden Door

Reddit | Melvillage_Idiot

This person found a little door in their apartment's kitchen wall that connects inside and outside. It turns out it's an old milk delivery box. How neat.

13. This Egg-Shaped Object

Reddit | safety_pin_era

At first glance, I thought it was some kind of mold for Easter eggs. Ha, ha! But I was way off. It's a stuffing cage for turkey.

14. This Spider-Like Thing

Reddit | RDoellman

Oh my, what could this thing be? It looks like a spider, lol. Well, it turns out it's a critter guard from a power line. Interesting.

15. This Vial

Reddit | deaki682

Someone found this tiny vial on the ground with these little, metallic, free-floating pieces inside. Apparently, these tiny things inside are watch hands. Wow, so cool!

16. This Kitchen Mystery

Reddit | MaFS11

Did you guess what this looks like? My first thought was it looks like an egg poacher. To my surprise, I was actually right. Nice!

17. This Weird Door Button

Reddit | sewell5984

Apparently this button is for switching between the storm window and the screen. You slide it and lift the door handle up to release the screen/window panel.

18. This Odd Machinery

Reddit | HeartlessGrinch

This is something we wouldn't see very often today but back in the day, it was very popular. It's a mangle for wringing out wet clothes.

19. This Interesting Find

Reddit | GRE3NY

Somebody found this clip in an old shed and wasn't sure what it was used for. It turns out it's a leather hide clamp for tannery equipment.

20. This Kitchen Tool

Reddit | Pumpkinlun

Who knew there were so many weird kitchen tools? What do you think this does? Reddit users said it was a rotary herb/spice mill. Wowza.

21. This Silverware

Reddit | H0use_0f_Leaves

What in the heck could this be used for? Give me your best guess here. Ha, ha! Well, it turns out this is a silver-plated salt or sugar scuttle.

22. This Unusual Find


"Anyone know what could have made these brown, black striped balls? They all have a little hole in the front of them as well," said the person who shared this photo.

If you found this hanging on your ceiling what would you think it was? If you guessed bird-dropping spider eggs, you'd be right. Ewww...

It's interesting how many unusual objects there are that we're just not familiar with.

But thankfully, places like Reddit are where you can solve those little life mysteries. Ha, ha!

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