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Wrap Yourself In A Cozy Crochet Taco Blanket Complete With All The Fixins

You know what makes any bad day better? Tacos. There's a reason why people have honored the Mexican delicacy with its own dedicated day of the week. Carbs, meat, cheese, veggies, sour cream, and guac—what more could you want in a meal?

If you love tacos so much that you wish you could wrap yourself in one, well, your time has come.

If you or someone you know crochets and loves tacos, then consider your next project covered.

Etsy | CraftyMomAndDad

This taco blanket by Etsy shop CraftyMomAndDad is absolute perfection.

The whole blanket makes about a 7-foot taco, AKA bliss.

Etsy | CraftyMomAndDad

The best part is that its decorated with all the toppings that make the taco of your dreams—lettuce, meat, cheese, and sour cream.

Hopefully there's some guac in there too, for free, of course.

If you're a beginner and looking at this detailed pattern seems difficult, don't worry.

Etsy | CraftyMomAndDad

The shop assures that it's a project manageable for beginners.

Get the pattern for $5.

If you don't know how to crochet but absolutely need this blanket in your life, the Etsy shop is selling some pre-made blankets.

Etsy | CraftyMomAndDad

The smallest size goes for $170, so maybe it's time to take up crocheting!

Enjoy your tacos, and wrap yourself in one too!