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You Can Buy A 'Friends'-Themed 'Guess Who?' Game For Serious Fans Of The Show

Have you ever been in a room with a bunch of Friends fans? It's basically a battle of favorite quotes, scenes, and character analyses. If you're not big into the show (please, do not come for me), then it feels like an out-of-body dissociated experience. I can guarantee, if you just up and left, no one would know.

With that said, Friends fans are certainly ready with their ammo of trivia, which makes a Friends-themed Guess Who? game perfect for them!

Etsy seller boredbutcozy created this 'Friends'-themed Guess Who? game.

Etsy | boredbutcozy

Fans will get the opportunity to go head-to-head and see who really knows all the characters.

The game comes with two game units in the classic red and blue colors, as well as 48 different character face cards.

Etsy | boredbutcozy

Characters include the iconic six besties that are Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Pheobe, as well as many classic supporting characters like Janice, Carol, Dr. Richard Burke, and so many more!

There are so many great leading questions to be asked, like did your character eat Ross' sandwich? Or was your character on a break?

Etsy | boredbutcozy

If you know the characters in and out, you'll be a shoe-in!

Purchase the custom-made game here for $67.

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