16+ Pictures That Show Us All Something We Haven't Seen Before

When you see something you've never seen before, you get a little bit smarter. Actually, scratch that, because it's a hard thing to guarantee. These pics will, at the very least, pique your curiosity.

Another angle.

Reddit | Ordner

It's tough to know what's going on here because this angle is so unique. You're looking at a breaking wave, as seen from underwater. There's a lot going on below the surface.

Honey on demand.

Reddit | Avitard89

Beekeeping is a cool hobby, one that provides a nearly limitless supply of honey. These beekeepers have adapted their home to allow them to tend to their bees from the comfort of their living room.

What we all need.

Reddit | ai_is_ded1212

This toaster utilizes an unconventional glass-walled design to give a peek inside. This is way better than setting a dial and hoping for the best.

In living 3D.

Reddit | PhoenixFlamebird

This unusual looking globe is designed for blind people. Landmasses are raised up and place names are rendered in braille. Interestingly, it still has non-braille place names as well.

Go Vikings.

Reddit | FreeRangeLemon ‚Äč

This face mold is used for radiation treatment. Rather than leaving it plain white or adapting it into an Iron Man mask or something, this patient made it look like the helmet of his favorite NFL team.

Stormy seas.

Reddit | CYBERSson

This frozen lake has somehow frozen with the waves in place. It looks cool but would be a terrible place for a game of pond hockey.

More vein than leaf.

Reddit | escaped_reality

This leaf has its entire vein system intact, even if the leafy bits are gone. It's incredible how intricate the veins are in something as simple as a fallen leaf.

Hilly hideaway.

Reddit | JuhubaGainz

Building homes into the ground offers a few benefits, including great temperature regulation. This hidden cabin in Switzerland looks like a lovely place to spend the weekend.

I'm deeply unnerved.

Reddit | Stormcrow2002

I've gone my whole life without wondering what it looks like when whales sleep. Now that I've seen the reality, I'm more than a little bit creeped out.

Looks welcoming.

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

What looks like a weird art project is actually exactly what it claims to be: a garden consisting entirely of dangerous plants that could straight-up kill you.


Reddit | ComebackKidGorgeous

This vending machine gave up on life and dispensed all of its snacks at once. It would be an awesome find if only the snacks weren't holding the door shut.

Seems unnecessary.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

I know that whole houses are occasionally moved, but I've never seen an apartment building picked up and moved down the street. This happened in Romania in 1987, with the residents still inside.


Reddit | gingerlish

It seems like commercial pilots would probably know where they're going without primitive aids like this on the ground, but I guess it's nice to know, either way.


Reddit | Luciphyr729

The flowers from these wisteria trees look pretty stunning when they're on the trees, but also create a stunning purple carpet on the forest floor after they've fallen.

Somebody's watching me.

Reddit | savage-dragon

This gorgeous orchid is just a flower, but it's hard to see the orchid at all when you're distracted by a screaming monkey face.

Sea ravioli.

Reddit | PhoenixFlamebird

Starfish have to be star-shaped, right? It's in their name after all. Some are apparently born with a birth defect that cause them to be, well, squarefish.

Eking out an existence.

Reddit | minefreak24

I don't know how a marbe countertop can support life, but this hardy little green shoot has found a way to thrive on the side of a sink.


Reddit | Luciphyr729

This green serpentine mask is about 2,000 years old and was found at the base of a Mexican pyramid. It's almost definitely haunted.

In its full glory.

Reddit | Daeebro

This pic shows the majestic Elephant Rock in New Zealand, in the form that lent it its name. Unfortunately, the trunk broke off in 2006.


Reddit | WhiskeyForElephants

After severing a nerve in an index finger, the result can sometimes be that the finger loses its ability to get all pruney and wrinkled when submerged in water.