42 Things We Weren’t Expecting

The world can find new and inventive ways to surprise you on a daily basis. From the fact that there exists people who can actually listen to the insipid music of the Foo Fighters without slipping into a coma, to the fact that there are those who actually pay to eat at Burger King.

However, the amazing surprises of the world do not end there! From birds nesting in car windows to people sending strangely solicited goods (it's more wholesome than it sounds, trust me), here are 16+ things that we really weren't expecting.

"Gotta get them all confused from an early age."

Reddit | drak0bsidian

Trust me little one, that stuff isn't going to get any easier the older you get! Although, it's still pretty cool that you have Jack White as a dad!

"My friends do a Tenacious D cover band, look who crashed their show."

Reddit | Jordanx_x

They're not the greatest cover band in the world, they're just a tribute!

"Ask and you shall receive."

Reddit | RussleJimJams

Wow, at this point in time it is truly spectacular to see anyone parting with dried goods, especially for a simple joke!

"So I've worked as a barista for the last month or so, been trying to figure out latte art. Thought I'd share my first success."

Reddit | jakethedumbmistake

Latte art is harder than those baristas make it look. I had to stop trying to draw hearts on the flat whites in Costa as they... well, didn't look like hearts.

"Fan wears a Ryan Reynolds shirt to meet Hugh Jackman."

Reddit | gmcl86

This person really took advantage of this situation! Who would you rather meet, Ryan Reynolds, or Hugh Jackman?

"My sister accidentally caught this Pikes Peak proposal on camera."

Reddit | xar42

Sadly, despite this image being shared far and wide across the internet, the couple were never located. Hopefully, they're happily married now wherever they are!

"Two police cars managed to crash into each other in the currently empty streets of Milan."

Reddit | PreviouslyMannara

It's sad that they are so bored that they are now making their own accidents to investigate!

"The cat continues to kick our asses at board games."

Reddit | mrs_j2018

One board game fanatic actually summed up what is happening here by saying:

"For those who may not know, the game they're playing (7 Wonders) is normally a 3+ player game, but the box has rules for how to play with 2 players. It utilizes a 'ghost' player, which the other two players take turns controlling. You can (and we have) lost against the ghost player. It's embarrassing. Plus the cat always seems to rub it in."

So they are in fact losing to the cat!

"Bet you never thought those 2 peg battleships were real huh?"

Reddit | Tommy799

No wonder they're so hard to hit in battleships! I also didn't realize that they had cut the Navy's funding quite so severely.

"Guy at coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand."

Reddit | JakesFriendsBrother

Somewhere, there is an Apple executive looking at this picture and weeping violently into a pile of cash.

"My daughter's one year old picture didn’t go quite as planned..."

Reddit | Dsclarke1989

That one-year-old is already radiating the energy of a worn-down 30-year-old! Things are only going to get worse from here kid!

"Seriously, who goes to a wedding in shorts? Totally disrespectful."

Reddit | McMilto

This photo of Thanos seeing a man turning up at a wedding in cargo shorts is actually the moment that made him decide to destroy half the galaxy.

"Hiked two hours to set up a picnic, returned to this."

Reddit | Jaminator97

Your beef sandwiches are looking a little raw there, be careful!

"With Spring melting the snowdrifts, you can come across some crazy wildlife, like this two-headed snake."

Reddit | zherper

They're not as rare as you may think actually. In fact, you'd be surprised at how many make their way into household drawers.

"Got a letter in the post recently wasn't as exciting as I expected."

Reddit | DarraghOc95

I'd love to do this to someone I knew! Also, when asked what they actually did with it, the person who posted this said that they recycled it.

"Actual pictures from AliExpress. What you expect vs what arrives."

Reddit | Monkeyz

No criminal is safe from Bertmern, Batman's slightly crappier cousin who takes over when Batman goes on holiday.

"Had to make a birthday cake for my Canadian friend."

Reddit | hart1487

Someone accurately pointed out that this is terrible parenting, and that these two should be taped down at least six feet apart.

"We had 40 people over for a party this weekend and apparently no one snooped our medicine cabinet."

Reddit | danox574

Someone pointed out that they must have had 40 incredibly polite people around; or, "Either that or you know 40 very smart people who wouldn't sign their name to an obvious trap."

"I wonder what happened to the sausage..."

Reddit | Salegosse

Come on now, you'd think that someone with a cat would know that if you leave any food unattended, regardless of how dangerous it is to acquire, that the cat will steal it!

"The best purchase I've made in a long time."

Reddit | [Deleted]

Now that is the kind of passive-aggressive, painfully British way of murdering someone that I can think of. Where can I get one of these immediately?

Unforeseen Circumstances

Reddit | BlueWoof

Is it just me that finds it a bit rich when the church tries making jokes like this?

"Back of a Banksy book."

Reddit | dujango

That's one way around not being able to get a quote I guess!

"My cousin wanted cake and ordered one. Told the bakers to write whatever they wanted because it was for just for her anyways, so..."

Reddit | B1ockh3d

If that is a whole cake just for yourself, then I hope that the answer to that question is a solid both if you want to get through it all!

"Went to the beach to find shark teeth. When my daughter yelled 'I found teeth!' this was the last thing I expected."

Reddit | ProbablyNotDrew

Who on Earth loses their teeth in the ocean? Like, seriously, how did this happen? I need answers!

"A few days ago a car drove through an Arby's. This was their sign today."

Reddit | TotesOfGoats

Look, drive-thrus can be very complicated. Also, is it only me who thinks that that car looks amazingly well considering it just crashed through a restaurant wall?

"Here's a gravity defying trash can."

Reddit | harshBanjare

This is a trash can excellent at practicing proper social distancing! It's not even touching the floor!

"Seems like a pretty safe spot to park."

Reddit | thunde-r

Shortly after this, the car was hit by a falling piano and an anvil, then a cartoon cat and canary went flying by.

Ostrich In The Wood

Reddit | whoopidyscoopidy

How would you not cut that out and paint it? I mean, I don't know what you'd do with a wooden ostrich... put on puppet shows maybe?

"On a 13 hour flight. Fortunately China Eastern Airlines hooked up this amazing Club Sandwich for my meal."

Reddit | mike_oc23

Now, I don't expect a lot from airline food ⏤ I mean, why would you? However, I would expect a little bit more than this!

"Just noticed these guys AFTER I finished my cracker pack."

Reddit | KapitanKapers

Mmmm look at all of those extra nutrients! You're going to be glad of that extra protein in the apocalypse!

"It's cats on sheep."

Reddit | Ultimate_M8

If you can trust cats to do anything, it's to find the warmest, coziest spots in which to curl up and nap like the lazy royalty they are.

"I'll be bark."

Reddit | CatVaIentine

Well, I guess Arnie was always known for his chiseled physique, but this is on another level entirely.

"An actual picture taken of my fiancee and her sister in 2001."

Reddit | dschuurmanator

Had she been eating French fries or possibly garbage? Because man, those things love garbage.

"My local fire department makes a compelling offer."

Reddit | crybabezzz

I have to admit, I've never heard a recruiter's pitch quite like this. And I guess they'll attract, well, someone. Who doesn't love a cool hat?

"Gave our cat the cone, so she jumped into the dryer and it looked like she was commanding a space shuttle."

Reddit | Nathboy18

The most unexpected thing about this is how well it works. Ground control to Meowjor Tom, take your heartworm pill and put your cat cone on.

"Dad (bald) wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather but didn’t want his head to sunburn but also didn’t want to come back inside to grab his hat."

Reddit | senor_kebab

Problem solvers have to think outside the box and do the unexpected sometimes, right? And you have to admit, this does solve an immediate problem. Scalp burn is the worst.

"I was ahead of the game on this one....my Halloween costume 2 years ago!"

Reddit | OlHucklebuck

And to think, Joe Exotic only just became a household name. That's some impressive foresight! We'll have to pay attention to what this person does for Halloween this year.

"Wife said she was pregnant yesterday, I didn't believe her. I do now!"

Reddit | I_collect_rocks

Nothing like good, clear results when the stakes are high, amirite? Just for the future, always grab an odd number of pregnancy tests in case you need a tiebreaker.

"Had to take a mandatory course on harassment in the workplace. Certificate says I am now a 'harassment master.'"

Reddit | Socalwriterguy

Well, I wouldn't want to trust anybody other than a harassment master on matters of harassment. Seriously though, they could have chosen just about any other title to inspire more confidence.

"My sister replaced all the photos with star wars pictures."

Reddit | ACT_Productions

This is exactly the kind of prank that would totally backfire if played on me. I'd just keep them all. Instant upgrade and I didn't have to do any of the work.

"The April Fools Joke I left for my boyfriend."

Reddit | theearthgoddess

No word on how badly this backfired. If it were me, I would have just grabbed the key and left her a giant puddle to mop up.

"The most useful venn that's ever been."

Reddit | IdLOVEYOU2die

Why does this actually make so much sense? My goodness, it's just too perfect. Credit to @struthless69 on Instagram for creating this masterpiece.