30 Secret Hiding Places To Add To Your Home

If paranoia is taking you over recently, that's totally understandable. We all get that way sometimes. Well, maybe not all of us, but some of us at least. So, if you're suddenly thinking of stashing away all your valuables but don't know where, I've got a few solutions for you.

There are plenty of clever ways you can camouflage or hide your important stuff right in your own home. Take a look.

1. Secret Shelf

YouTube | Crafted Workshop

You know what? I can't believe I've never thought of doing something like this secret shelf idea. This is quite brilliant. I gotta implement this at home ASAP.

2. Vent Compartment

YouTube | Specific Love Creation

These vents get so dusty and dirty, I really wouldn't have thought to look behind them for any secret hidden stashes. Would you? Ha, ha. Use a small container and some string to make a secret compartment that can dangle inside your vent.

3. Hollowed-Out Book Storage

Pinterest | Blitsey

If you're a book worm with lots of books in your house, you can make it difficult for thieves to find your stuff. Just use a hollowed-out book (or two).

4. Vacuum Cleaner Hiding Spot

Hidden Door Store

Honestly, who would even think of looking inside of that dirty vacuum cleaner? Just make sure you don't vacuum while the documents are inside. Ha, ha!

5. Toilet Paper Holder Trick


What a clever way to easily hide some cash around the house and literally nobody will be the wiser. I like this idea a lot!

6. Secret Crawl Space

Instructables | Ilovelamp

If you have space and the means, why not just create a secret crawl space under your floor like this one? This is so cool!

7. Hidden Chair Compartment


Oh my gosh, this is absolutely brilliant. Who would have thought they were sitting on your fortune. Ha, ha! This is the most clever idea I've ever seen.

8. False Drawer Bottom

Instructables | M3G

It's super easy to add a false bottom to any of your drawers. Then you can just put all your regular stuff on top and voilà! No one will ever know.

9. Secret Birdhouse Storage


Technically, this would be outside of your house but what a brilliant way to hide those extra keys to your house or your car, right?

10. Clock Hidden Safe


This isn't just an ordinary wall clock — it's actually a clever, hidden safe where you can put away a lot of your valuables. So smart!

11. Buried Treasure

Instructables | M3G

Creating a false bottom can definitely work for something mundane like a vase. I mean, who's going to dig up all your plants? LOL!

12. Stairs Hiding Place


Did you know you can actually turn your stairs into extra storage or a secret hiding spot? Why not? Just make sure they don't squeak.

13. Fake Hornet's Nest Hiding Spot


Looking for a clever place where you can stash spare keys to your house? Just make a fake hornet's nest like this and voilà! Thieves will be too afraid of getting stung to investigate it closely.

14. Murphy Door

I gotta say, I didn't really know what a Murphy door was but now that I see it I really, really like it. I want one!

15. Hair Brush Stash


Well, I didn't expect this, did you? Ha, ha! It looks like you can literally hide stuff anywhere if you're clever enough. This is so cool.

16. Secret Cabinet Compartment

Linley Fitted Cabinetry

I'm always paranoid about leaving my computer behind when I go on vacation. Now I've found the perfect way to hide it away from burglars. Yay!

17. Kitchen Cabinet Hiding Spot


Oh wow, who knew you could set this up in your kitchen? I certainly didn't. I'm totally digging this smart and sneaky idea.

18. Under The Stairs

Facebook | Kreativita Inspiracia

If you have enough space under your stairs, consider turning it into a secret room like this. Imagine how much stuff you could hide here!

19. Behind An Outlet


This idea is totally genius. Don't you think so? I really need to get this going in my house because it's better to be safe than sorry.

20. Picture Frame


There are a number of ways you can deconstruct a picture frame so you can stash a bunch of stuff behind it. This is just one trick.

21. Keyboard

Instructables | rickyeatough

If you don't need the number pad on your keyboard, there's a way to remove it and turn the area into a secret compartment instead. This would be pretty handy for storing a bit of extra cash.

22. Classic Secret Compartment

Instructables | fortneja

Sometimes simplicity is the best secret around. If you are looking for a secret area to store some valuables, you can't go wrong with the classic drawer in the bottom of a cupboard. It's actually fairly simple to DIY one if you follow the instructions.

23. This Hidden Shelf Compartment

Instructables | Moy perez woodshop

Again we have the secret shelf compartment! But this one looks very decorative, right? Well, there's actually a way to open the bottom and use it to store a few of your treasures inside. This is so cool!

24. The Classic Key Rock


These have been around for a while, but it never hurts to have a spare key in a safe spot in case you get locked out. No one will ever think to check under a rock.

25. This End Table


Apparently, you can buy an actual end table from Amazon that comes with a hidden compartment. Just slide the top of the table forward to reveal the extra storage space inside.

26. This Fold-Out Drawer


You know that area under your kitchen sink between your counter and the cabinets? It's kind of useless, right? Well, you can actually convert that area into a drawer to hold kitchen knick-knacks and accessories.

27. The Ultimate Deception

Reddit | Standard_Candle

If you want to hide treats from your spouse or kids, this is the perfect idea for you. Simply use a bag of frozen veggies to hold all your goodies. Knowing your family, they'll never look there.

28. This Modified Xbox

Etsy | FiredUpMods

If you're looking for a more high-tech hiding spot, someone on Etsy sells these modified Xbox units to hold valuables. Sitting on your shelf, no one would ever guess that it's not actually a working Xbox.

29. Jar Storage


Nobody would look in any of your glass pantry jars that have beans, pasta, or other food items. It's a perfect hiding place!

30. Window Sill Secret Storage

G.L. Callow

Just like the hidden shelves, this idea can totally apply to your window sill as well. Just imagine how much stuff you could hide here.

I told you it doesn't take a genius to figure out ways to hide your important stuff.

I just hope thieves aren't reading this article so we can fool them.