40 Pictures That Reveal Genius Ideas In Action

Human beings are smart creatures, despite all appearances to the contrary. We've all had those lightbulb-over-the-head moments before. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most genius. Let's dig in.

Ensuite doghouse.

Reddit | Les-Grossman

A doghouse is a nice luxury to have for your pupper if you're able to swing it. This shows a design I've never seen before, one that uses the main house's ambient heat to warm up the doggo.

The clock is ticking.

Reddit | Edtunk

Minimalist dishwashers are all the rage these days. But with their stark appearance and hidden controls, how are you supposed to know when they'll be done? This dishwasher solves the conundrum by projecting a clock onto the floor.

Communicate while you're sleeping.

Reddit | alngrd

This airline's sleeping mask allows the wearer to communicate one of two things: I want food, so wake me up when there's food; or leave me alone forever, I'm sleeping.

Does it fit?

Reddit | nosmokingz0ne

When you're buying luggage, it can be tough to know how well it'll fit on a plane. This store solves that problem by including a mockup of a standard airplane seat.

One black basket for me.

Reddit | saksith

Similar to the sleeping mask seen above, this supermarket has two types of baskets — one for those who want assistance, and one for the antisocial.

Leg up.

Reddit | medmik

This device in Sweden is one of many cyclist-friendly pieces of infrastructure seen throughout Europe. It allows cyclists to stay upright and keep their balance while they wait for the light to change.


Reddit | snarkyfark

No offence to smokers, but cigarette smoke has a nasty way of getting into the clothes of everyone in the area. This office provides separate coat closets for smokers and non-smokers.

The all-American game.

Reddit | Zachrolf

Cornhole is one of the greatest lawn games out there, and this park includes a permanent cornhole set. I would be very afraid of bashing my shins on this thing in the dark.


Reddit | notanaijin

This washroom stall's accessories tray is a nice enough idea on its own. But the true genius shines through when you realize it's also a door lock. This ensures that no one can possibly forget anything on the tray.

Slip slidin' away.

Reddit | wideout3485

Rollerblading hasn't been cool for a long time, but rollerblade wheels are all kinds of useful. This desk chair uses them to glide quickly and quietly around the office.

Tick, tick, tick.

Reddit | LucasBoevink03

This traffic light is unlike anything I've ever seen. It includes a bar that slowly counts down the time until the light turns green again.

All mixed up.

Reddit | celebi1023

This randomly-generated keypad will take a little longer for you to find your code, but it'll also thwart anyone who might be trying to guess your code from your hand patterns.

Just keep it out of the rain.

Reddit | toasteddinosaur99

These cardboard tents are cheap, effective and biodegradable. There are all sorts of potential applications here, ranging from refugee camps to music festivals.

Shredded into a shirt.

Reddit | AutumnBegins

It's cool that we can recycle old plastic into garments, but this store goes the extra mile by showing how it's possible.

A trip back in time.

Reddit | ParzivalsQuest

This exciting scene can be found in a nursing home, believe it or not. Rather than drab hallways, the main thoroughfare here is designed to look like a main street of sorts.

All fridges should be cylindrical.

Reddit | seraphim2703

Lazy Susans are a great way to provide access to out-of-the-way areas, and this fridge takes that concept and goes all-in with it.

Enjoy the view.

Reddit | Nazulle

We've all seen passenger trains with those observation bubbles poking out the top of a carriage, but this Japanese train also includes a unique feature: window-facing seats.

Sorted logically.

Reddit | Doctor_Nutsack

Most of the time, furniture hardware comes in a confusing series of bags. This design goes in the opposite direction, by sorting the hardware by step, rather than type.

Friendly design.

Reddit | reverendrambo

So many human construction projects would rather clear-cut trees than work around them. It's nice to see stuff like this — a wall that respects the fact that the tree was there first.

An extensive menu.

Reddit | That1Girrl

This Uber driver offers riders an almost overwhelming range of conversation options. I would opt for silence, but it is somewhat tempting to get your driver to act as your therapist.

Put this in my kitchen.

Reddit | rishortish

Paper towel dispensers often come in an awkward or fragile format. This kitchen drawer includes a space to mount the towels, along with a slot to feed them through to the outside.

All in one.

Reddit | DadJokeBadJoke

If you're buying a paint roller this small, you probably don't want to bust out a whole paint tray. To that end, the roller's packaging cleverly incorporates a mini tray.

No more scalding.

Reddit | drews42150

This shower head gives a reading of the current water temperature. This would be a dream in one of those washrooms where you never quite trust how hot the water will be.

We're all in this together.

Reddit | hfxgfx

Nepal is a tiny country, but due to its proximity to the Himalayas, it's a popular tourist spot. This cafe is extending a generous offer to any travellers who've been stranded.

Extra traction.

Reddit | TheRealJasonium

Slipping and falling is one of the hazards of living in a cold climate. These boots have pretty good traction as-is, but also include a fold-down ice cleat for those slippy, slidy days.

But how do you pack those savings?

Reddit | Sugalips2000

If you've never worked in a grocery store, you probably aren't sure how to properly pack a grocery bag. Fortunately, this bag makes it almost idiot-proof.

As far as anyone can tell, this is a ration station where the Indian government sets aside portions of rice, flour and wheat.

Reddit | amitsunkool24

That in and of itself is hardly a new idea, but the way this one is doling it out serves a handy method to limit contact as much as possible.

That's kind of an important step nowadays.

This isn't likely to save any lives or anything, but it's kind of neat that somebody figured this out.

Reddit | inflake_

Apparently, somebody discovered that if you cover certain ballpoint pens in tape, you can see inside of them.

It turns out that the reason we usually can't see inside is a side effect of the glue used to hold the pen together. For some reason, this tape counteracts that effect.

If you're wondering why some of these Coke bottles have yellow caps, it's because they have have considered kosher during Passover.

Reddit | astar88

Coca-Cola normally doesn't conflict with Jewish dietary restrictions, but some sects of Judaism restrict the use of corn and certain grains specifically during Passover.

Your mileage may vary on how kosher Coke is in your location, but most of the drinks found in America are made with corn syrup. The ones with yellow caps, by contrast, are made with cane sugar. If you're not Jewish, you can at least identify which version tastes better now.

While these little free libraries are a great and important idea, some have since been converted to meet a more immediate need.

Reddit | galupa

After all, it's hard to enjoy a good book when you're starving, so a lot of little libraries are now filled with non-perishable foods.

These pencils were made with a pretty cool idea in mind, but they have some limitations.

Reddit | AdityaMishra117

By the time these pencils get worn down, they leave you with a seed to plant just to ensure that there are no parts of it that aren't biodegradable.

However, it's unclear what you're supposed to use as an eraser and the bubble holding the seeds in are known to dissolve in water. Apparently, it doesn't taste good if you put that end in your mouth as some people do.

We've all been encouraged to practice social distancing, but sometimes, it can be a little tricky to judge the right distance.

Reddit | YashSKhandelwal

Fortunately, these vegetable vendors in India made it easier by drawing these little boxes for people to stand in.

If you find yourself in need of a tripod, there's a chance that you had one on you all along.

YouTube | Peter McKinnon

Apparently, a lot of mounts that secure a lampshade to a lamp are the same size as a camera mount, so they'll work just as well in a pinch.

This isn't exactly pleasant to look at, but it served its purpose very well someone needed money,

Reddit | civman96, Alex Tew

A student named Alex Tew was having trouble paying for his education back in 2005, so he built a website around a simple idea: Any interested parties could put whatever they wanted on it at a rate of a dollar per pixel taken up.

In six months, the website raised $1,000,000 for Tew.

A company called Australian Sustainable Hardwoods put this timber through some grueling tests and found out how tough it really is.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

It turns out that the glue-laminated timber you see here is known to be fire resistant and in this case, it was able to withstand two hours of fire that reached temperatures above 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only that, but it was still able to bear the load required by commercial buildings over the course of that test.

Despite how weird it may look, there's apparently some method to the madness here.

Reddit | denialdaniel

According to postal workers who commented on this photo, it's actually easier to get mail into this microwave than it is with most standard mailboxes.

I'll admit that this doesn't really explain why it's plugged in, though.


Reddit | airnlight_timenspace

Beef jerky is delicious and all, but after enjoying some you'll probably be reaching for the floss. This jerky company's got your back, even if they used a lot of plastic in the process.

Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Reddit | walkie_stalkie

This press conference by Slovakia's leadership includes an interpreter who needs to have his mouth visible in order to be understood. He can't wear a conventional facemask, but this option works pretty well.

Avoid those awkward interactions.

Reddit | CliffbytheSea

These restroom doors tell you whether they're vacant or not. They should hopefully cut down on those awkward, "Ope! Sorry" interactions where you try every stall door.

Everything you need.

Reddit | jpj77

This takeout place includes in its bags a bevy of delicious food, along with a roll of toilet paper. That's basically all that you need during this pandemic.

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