13+ People Who Are Handling Quarantine Pretty Well

Being trapped in most of the day and not being able to talk to other people face to face can be a bit of a drag, can't it? Even those of us who enjoy a little, or quite a lot, of time being left alone, are starting to go a bit stir crazy.

However, there are still a few people out there who are clinging on to any bastion of entertainment value they can in life, albeit from the comfort of their quarantined states. So, without further ado, here are 13+ people who are handling quarantine pretty well!

"Source checks out."

Reddit | beespartan

Who would have thought that these dinosaur outfits would have come in so handy in a crisis?

"My mum, who hates being on camera yet needs to have a web meeting due to isolation."

Reddit | EmeraldLadysparrow

Did they just have that mask lion around, or did they get it for this exact purpose? Halloween costumes are really turning out to be the heroes we never knew we needed at the moment aren't they!

"Wash hand style in covid-19 time!"

Reddit | trangnguyen2

Everyone should be more like this adorable little chameleon in these times! If he can do it, so can you!

"On my way home from work I saw the most 16 building ever."

Reddit | Suxez

I can't help but wonder what it is that makes it particularly 16? Any suggestions, leave them in the comments if so!

"Cinema in Minneapolis."

Reddit | TakeoutKhan4

In fairness, the worst part about going to the cinema always has been the other people, even before the pandemic.

"My 9 year old’s quarantine poem. This is what art is all about."

Reddit | CardinalBowtie

This is the kind of artistic masterpieces that everyone should be striving to produce in these isolated times! You too can be the next Shakespeare!

"Day 5 of quarantine: social distancing with friends."


Jesus, why do they have so many ducks? They must be absolutely qwackers!

...Yeah, I felt that one too, sorry.

"There are true visionaries that walk among us."

Reddit | MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

Even in times of quarantine, there is nothing like a well-thought-out pop-culture reference to get the internet going!

"Because me and my family can't do anything for my 15th birthday, my mom decided to decorate our table like this, I thought she did a good job."

Reddit | ZuCc69420

Those balls hanging from the ceiling are meant to be the virus, and I think she did a pretty decent job all in all.

"Chose and laid out my outfits for the next 2 weeks."

Reddit | atodaso

If you're going to be trapped in your own home for the foreseeable future, then you may as well do it in comfort!

"Day 7- Today I'm giving back to my community."

Reddit | posterstock

I'd rather this than free hugs any day! You don't know where those people have been who are hugging you, pandemic or no pandemic!

"This sign on a furniture store window."

Reddit | puppyluvr321

Well, at least that mannequin in the sun-bed is going to have a killer tan when all of this blows over!

"Looks Like I Wasn't The Only One Happy With The New Fan."

Reddit | Mrkegger93

Sure, they may be stuck inside all day, but at least the cat has a new fan to stare at, try and jump on, and generally cause carnage with!

Where's My Son?!

Reddit | IdeaCafe

Riding around in the trolley was an incredibly fun thing to do when you were a kid, but a bummer when your parents would forget and load up the trolley on top of you.

"Shout-out to my local bakery for having a sense of humor right now."

Reddit | jkbroekhuizen

Again, I'm seeing a lot of people baking these sorts of cakes, but I need to know what flavor they are!

"Going out in style."

Reddit | catheww

At least one family is trying to see the funny side in all of this pandemonium!

"Company health and safety not holding back..."

Reddit | 50ShadesOfPalmBay

There have been a lot of covidiots around our way. We need to look out for each other in these times, not endanger and instil fear in one another!

"Kids put up 'Employee of the Month' sign for mom that's working from home."

Reddit | CapsFanHere

I wonder, if she makes them do too many chores and such, will they take it down and only put it up again when they get treats?

Beware Of The Dog!

Reddit | somenormalwhiteguy

At this point, who knows which is worse? Well, the bite, but still... ewww, licking!

"One of my many quarantine recipes."

Reddit | TheLastRealMan

Well, boredom, much like a necessity, is the mother of all invention! I think I've figured out what I will be having for dinner.

"14th day of quarantine. I am sorry fluffy."

Reddit | Escalus90

"Now, what you're going to want to do is either flash fry the dog, or pot boil it for 4 hours, fortunately I have one here that I prepared earlier..."

"Love in the time of COVID-19. Yearly anniversary picture."

Reddit | CptMoses

At least they'll have something positive to remember this year by! Also, if that is a yearly photo, she got some major tattoo work done over the last year!

"While humans carry out social distancing, a group of 14 elephants broke into a village in Yunan province, looking for corn and other food. They ended up drinking 30kg of corn wine."

Reddit | ADarkcid

After consuming the incredible amount of wine, they slept it off in a nearby tea garden. Truly, these are Gods amongst men.

"Social Distancing Practice Dummy."

Reddit | CSThr0waway123

If a dummy like that can manage it, so can you!

"Montana Farmers having a little fun."

Reddit | nofartknockin

I wouldn't be surprised if they saw some boneheads trying to make off with it in the middle of the night.

"That's one way to get your privacy."

Reddit | unnaturalorder

I like this idea a lot. I mean, it's useful for a quarantine as well I guess, but generally as well.

It Hurts To See Someone Living Your Quarantine Dream Life

Reddit | Mr_Squires

In fairness, eating treats and falling asleep is how I have already been spending quarantine, but I'd like to do it somewhere other than my own home at this point.

"While updating a bathroom, I left a surprise under the floor for the next remodeller..."

Reddit | aarontminded

Previous generations had cool stuff in their time-capsules, like clear Pepsi and Pogs, we only have toilet rolls.

"Celebrities telling everyone to stay home... also celebrities homes."

Reddit | StayOffMyLawn75

If you haven't yet seen the insipid, stomach-churning video of A-list celebrities all singing Imagine by John Lennon while self-isolation then I can only advise you not to, it can cause nausea.

"My grandparents have been married for 67 years...handling this quarantine well."

Reddit | Haggerjp

How have you been passing the time in your quarantined states, let me know in the comments if you have any ingenious ways to stay entertained and keep your minds occupied! Lord knows I need some tips!