17+ Situations We Never Thought We’d Be In

Everyday life doesn't really throw up too many challenges nowadays... well, aside from the current political situation, worldwide pandemic, and unnecessary panic buying of toilet paper. Actually, scratch that, the world does throw up a lot of challenges nowadays.

However, in this challenging landscape, it is important to prepare yourself for the potential situations that can arise, no matter how obscure... and good God some of them will be obscure! If you don't believe me, then check out these 17+ situations that we never thought we'd be in!

Hostage Situation

Reddit | Unhooked-

Who would have thought that the world would have come to this? People bargaining for the return of their portable flying robots with mass-produced chicken bites, we've come so far as a species.

"Different societies prioritize different things. The tea aisle in a London supermarket."

Reddit | Lard_Baron

Good lord. If you ever see a British supermarket out of tea then you know that the world really is going insane!

"Day 2 of quarantine: this bonsai better chill tf out."

Reddit | kmhc15

I bet you'd never think that you'd be in a situation where your bonsai plant starts coming on to you did you? These are strange times... strange, unsettlingly confusing times.

Socially Responsible Bevving

Reddit | dgroove8

You can't expect people to not meet up for a beer in the apocalypse, so long as you keep at a safe distance from one another!

"Behold, 125 kazoos with our wedding date on them that arrived at our door the day we emailed everyone to tell them the wedding was postponed."

Reddit | rnilbog

Now, I bet that I can safely say, that the people who ended up with these never thought that in their lives they would be thinking, "What are we going to do with these 125 celebratory marriage kazoos in the worldwide pandemic?"

A Prickly Situation

Reddit | Smitty534

I can imagine this man is rapidly flip-flopping between wanting absolutely no one to touch him and be left alone, and desperately wanting to be helped!

"The red threadlocker is permanent, the blue is not. Red threadlocker is in the blue tube, the blue threadlocker is in the red tube... I have A LOT of bolts to check."

Reddit | shade-tree_pilot

What a needlessly confusing situation to find yourself in. I wonder how the conversation went down in the place that manufactures these tubes?

"So we just put them in the color tube that matches the threadlocker yeah?"

"Well, you know what would be hilarious..."

"I regret nothing."

Reddit | beccilouise96

Oh heck, now that is going to take some cleaning up! How would you even go about most effectively dealing with that situation?

"Today my friend tried axe-throwing. It ended quite unexpectedly."

Reddit | Hypognosis

Well, it's good to know that if you had to go hunting with a tomahawk in the apocalypse, you might not kill your prey, but you'll give it a bloody good bonk on the noggin!

"What would you even do in this situation?"

Reddit | resont

I think at that point, you just hand in your notice effective immediately, swim ashore, and start a new life in the Netherlands as a blade of grass.

"TFW you stock up on 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer for the sole purpose of price gouging but Amazon shuts you down."

Reddit | retsamnez

Well, this guy deserves all that karma can throw at him. I hope he's happy with his purchases 'cause lord knows he better use them or give them away to people who need it.

The Face Of Regret

Reddit | jasontaken

"Look, John, I know that this is a hilarious situation but I need you to put down the damn phone and help me out right now, or I'll claw all of the upholstery so help me God!"

"Day 7 in quarantine: don't ask but I somehow vacuum sealed my vacuum sealer..."


I have no idea how you managed this, nor do I know why. However, I'm learning not to question the things that people are resorting to do for entertainment during isolation. I almost watched an episode of Riverdale last night after all...

"The Casino in my area recently closed for COVID-19. This is their sign."

Reddit | Fr3shBread

I never thought I would see the day where a casino turns down business! And I thought the British tea aisles selling out was bad!

"That online session didn't go well then... Not surprised at all, these next few weeks are going to be hell for teachers & parents."

Reddit | twenty20reddit

And people think being a teacher is hard enough as it is, imagine doing it with your own unruly kids in there as well! God bless our teachers at this time.

"Donated plasma and they messed up the needle stick. The return blood went into my arm instead of back into the vein. I'm actually surprised how much it hurts."

Reddit | sperko818

This one made me go a bit weak at the knees I'm not going to lie. I'd like to make a comment on what is happening in this image but quite frankly, I think that if I dwell on it for much longer I am actually going to pass out.

The Dog Ate My Homework

Reddit | beccilouise96

If you thought that this excuse was bad enough in high-school, just wait until you try and use this excuse at work!

"We didn't think management would be breathing down our neck working from home during the Corona pandemic..."

Reddit | ItsTimeForKetchup

Better make sure that you do your work, you don't want to be marked down for paw purrformance after all!

This Socks!

Reddit | FrenchLlamas

How did this person even manage to cause such a perfectly straight tear? This person explained, "Calves too strong. Ripped the elastic right off when I put them on," which is a bit of a weird flex, but alright.

"Social Distancing Done Right."

Reddit | kersleygirl

Unless your coworkers are coughing all over you, I don't know why you would need one of these. And, if they are coughing on you, then you need to find another job!