17+ Times I Needed To Do A Major Double Take

Double takes are a necessary part of life. Without them, we'd forever be confused by the weird stuff we thought we saw. Never be afraid to give something a second look...otherwise you won't know what's going on.

Her poor leg.

Reddit | I_need_to_learn_more

This tattoo gives the uncanny impression of a heavily carved-up leg made of, like, wood or something. It would be interesting seeing this from different angles to see if the illusion holds.

Perfect quadrants.

Reddit | AppleGamerFish

This would look great on a wall — a contrast between bright and dark, natural and man-made. The wild thing is that this is just one picture.

Avocados in the 8-bit era.

Reddit | maxfrank7

I don't know who had the time to cut this avocado so perfectly, but the end result looks like something straight out of the NES era.

Highway to heaven.

Reddit | AppleGamerFish

This highway in Wyoming goes up, up, and away. I'm sure that it looks less strange under clear conditions, but with a bit of haze the illusion is flawless.

Which way did it go?

Reddit | krisstijannn

This is an excellent photograph by someone who knows what they're doing with a camera. The part that gets me is how the water droplets make it look like the plane is heading in the opposite direction.

I mean, sure.

Reddit | inter2

This fortune isn't wrong, exactly, but it doesn't exactly address real-life issues. If my friend has a fly on their forehead, they can smack it themselves.

Your earbuds are hungry.

Reddit | BlueStarFern

Are you ever putting away old headphones, only to take a look at them and get the feeling that they're really hungry for a cookie?

The Nerds emperor.

Reddit | katrinkabuttlin

C'mon, Wonka Corporation, this isn't supposed to happen. I'd love to try a Nerd that big and majestic, but I'd also be afraid of my teeth breaking on it.


Reddit | lallapalalable

A carpenter made a mark for a cut on this plank of wood. But after stepping away and coming back, it was clear that the wood wasn't too keen on being cut.

On brand.

Reddit | CaptainBritish

This envelope came from a company that manufactures body bags. As you can see, they take their corporate mandate very seriously.

Don't fall through.

Reddit | esuuuu

This car's roof is so flawless and so polished that it gives the impression that the garage floor is, in fact, a gateway to the shadow realm.

Cool new look.

Reddit | arthurdentstowels

Pet owners know that it's necessary for vets to shave their coat if they're undergoing surgery. In this case, the cat's shaved patch grew back in a darker color.

Yoga flexibility.

Reddit | v00d00ley

Yoga is a punishing workout at times, but it's a great way to improve overall fitness and flexibility. Just look at how this woman is apparently able to angle her spine.

When crazy 8's doesn't thrill you anymore.

Reddit | JorWat

I've played card games that incorporate two decks of cards, but I don't think I've ever played a game that includes the four regular suits, plus a fifth star suit.

Long necks for a reason.

Reddit | G-radicus

I know giraffes are tall, but surely they're not tall enough to pose a threat to low-flying planes, right? The timing of this pic couldn't be more perfect.

Every mountain needs a hat.

Reddit | jpba1352

Mount Fuji in Japan is renowned for its perfect shape. On this day, a perfect lenticular cloud appeared over the summit, creating a truly unique scene.

As much as it may seem that way, this street thankfully isn't the site of a toxic sludge spill.

Reddit | AdoringPrism

Instead, we're just witnessing the growth of a particularly large tree root. That green coloration does seem pretty out of the ordinary, doesn't it?

Although this kind of looks like the last remnants of an old building are being reclaimed by nature, that explanation doesn't totally seem right either.

Reddit | Kelly240361

That's because this isn't actually what this area looks like. Instead, we're seeing a reflection of these windows bleed into a reflection of the landscape.

Apparently, this is a very close shot of a window and all of this is visible in that window's reflection.

Even when you understand what you're seeing here, it can be hard to tell elements of this photo apart.

Reddit | Reggie__Ledoux

Sure, it's almost impossible for this to be anything but a picture of a dog standing in a puddle bearing its reflection, but how much of the rest of this photo is water and how much of it is fog?

Is the grass near the top real or another reflection? Mysteries abound.

In case things we'ren't tense enough lately, this person saw an ark pull up near their house.


Based on the design, it's likely that this was built by a man from The Netherlands named Johan Huibers who was inspired to construct it after a nightmare he had in 1992 showed the nation's lowlands flooding.

He built it in 2012, but it seems that it's right on cue for another round of apocalyptic speculation.

One day, the uploader woke up to find a peanut suddenly growing in their flower bed.

Reddit | wednesdayaddams24

Since they didn't plant any peanuts, the best explanation is that a squirrel happened to leave that in the right place as it passed through.

I wish the ones in my area were this considerate. All they did was wreck my dad's attempts at a vegetable garden.

Until it eneded up on this paper towel, the mess in this room wasn't so easy to spot.

Reddit | czcc

That's because it was actually wiped from the TV screen in an apartment whose occupants make a habit of smoking indoors.

So it's likely that pretty much everything in here is coated in a thin, gross tobacco film.

Trees can turn out in a lot of unexpected ways, but this one grew like this on purpose.

Reddit | KoolaidManLolz

Using a technique called grafting, it's possible to guide and edit the growth of trees into even improbable shapes like this.

In this case, I'm not sure why exactly someone went to the trouble, but there you go.

Apparently, it's not completely unheard of to clear debris off power lines by using a drone equipped with a flamethrower.

Reddit | rrx

It seems impractical and dangerous, not to mention insane, but Popular Mehanics reported that a power company in Xiangyang, China has been able to make this technique work effectively without putting any worker's lives at risk.

That's right, this kind of work can be so risky that a fire-breathing drone is the safer alternative.

Anyone who tries to search for the staircase indicated by this shadow will be looking for a really long time.

Reddit | Faethon-

That's because there isn't any staircase here at all. Instead, this is just the shadow of the fence at the top of this wall displaying at a weird angle.

Sadly, appearances can be deceiving and this garbage bin isn't actually floating.

Reddit | seyfaro

Granted, I'm sure you figured that it was just placed closer to the lockup than the curb here, but that puddle near it definitely looks a lot like its shadow.

Despite how it looks, this person isn't eating a block of cheese placed on a block of butter.

Reddit | irockies5232

Instead, it appears that at least a few ice cream vendors actually serve their products with square scoops.

So I guess the initial appearance isn't completely removed from the truth, as it does look like dairy product. Just not the right one.

Well, it's nice to see that this girl's tiny sister is so helpful.

Reddit | ataraxia36

And no, this probably isn't Photoshop. Instead, one of them is just standing on the other end of what is apparently a pretty large chalk drawing of a hand sanitizer bottle.

It's some pretty impressive work, honestly.

If you see this kind of tree in somebody's yard, it's not fair to blame them for the state of their lawn.

Reddit | deadblow57

That's because black walnut trees are one of the varieties that produce a chemical called "juglone," which is poisonous to a lot of other plant species, including this grass.

Also, they're known to cause some adverse foot conditions in horses, so lining stables with black walnut tree shavings is a bad idea.

No trickery is going on here. Zeus the great dane is just legitimately the tallest dog to ever live.

Reddit | DizzyDrunkDude

According to ABC News, he was known as a gentle giant and was a certified therapy dog.

Unfortunately, as is often the case for creatures of such unusual size, Zeus didn't get the chance to live for very long and passed away shortly before his sixth birthday.

Despite how it may look, this isn't a before and after shot.

Reddit | Oeftiger

Instead, this room was actually painted in the two different styles we see here with a clean break down the middle.

It's certainly a fascinating idea, but the contrast has been described as "headache-inducing" for some.

Shouldn't you be driving away from an explosion?

Reddit | MrCheapCheap

It's remarkable how much the sun lights up this mountain range. From a static image, you'd swear this car was driving into a massive fireball.

You do you, kiwi.

Reddit | AnnaTrier

We're so used to things looking a certain way that it's almost hard to identify a familiar, but distinct object. In this case, it's a kiwi with one solitary seed.

Aren't shadows supposed to exist?

Reddit | ScavengerPaleo

The closer you are to the Equator, the weirder shadows will get. These posts look like they don't belong in this pic because there are no shadows — but that's only because the sun is directly overhead.

He's everywhere.

Reddit | AmatureMD

Jason from the Friday the 13th series lurks at dilapidated campgrounds, underwater, and even occasionally in space. But this is the first time I've seen him on a coffee drip tray.

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