10+ People Who Are Natural Problem-Solvers

There are some real geniuses out there who create unbelievable things from time to time. Not all of us can call ourselves that, but you shouldn't totally dismiss yourself just yet.

It turns out that even ordinary people can have genius ideas. Judging by looking at these clever problem-solvers, there is hope for all of us. Am I right or what?

1. This White Board Stand Trick

Reddit | deanzamo

"I start teaching all my college courses on Zoom today. My stair climber makes a perfect tripod for my whiteboard," said this Reddit user.

2. This Cat Ladder

Pikabu | AsfAAsfa

Do you want your cat to safely go outside even though you live on the second floor? Somebody solved that life dilemma here. OMG, hilarious.

3. This Sink Solution

Reddit | voy_conlag_mental

How many times have you tried to fit a bucket under your sink with no luck? Well, clearly this happens to people all the time because someone came up with a great solution.

4. This Knife Holder


Apparently, a container filled with rice makes a great, impromptu knife block. I would have never thought of this.

5. This Garlic Trick

Reddit | JeiSu

This person is a total genius in my book. Apparently, they always mince a giant bag of garlic, freeze it, and break off squares for cooking. Wow!

6. This Anti-Wind Prevention System

Imgur | FairWestApparel

Ha, ha, ha. This might look strange, but a bit of tape will keep your outdoor flip flops in place on particularly windy days.

7. These Binder Clips

Reddit | jordotech

We all know that binder clips have tons of awesome uses. Well, the next time you hang your outdoor Christmas lights, they might come in handy to keep your decorations in place.

8. This Toilet Paper Solution

Reddit | RuchoPelucho

If you were able to get your hands on some toilet paper lately, you're lucky. For the rest of us, this might become a solution. Only do this if you're desperate!

9. This Headphones Stand

Reddit | edsown_

Hey, if it works for a banana, why wouldn't it work for your headphones, huh? I actually think this is a much better use for it. Hee, hee!

10. This Work Station

Reddit | Goombaw

If you're stuck at home doing your office work and need a clever solution to make a standing desk, I think this might suffice. Time to dig up your ironing board!

11. This Foggy Mirror Trick

Reddit | Victorino__

If you can't wait for that mirror in your bathroom to get fog-free after a shower, just use the blow dryer trick. It works like a charm.

12. This Screwdriver Idea

Reddit | u/wolfwood1011

Do you need a magnetic screwdriver in a pinch? Attach a magnet to the shaft of a screwdriver to magnetize the tip instantly.

13. This Unorthodox Solution

Pikabu | maxmiller19

Please, for the love of life, don't try this at home. I dunno how it worked out for these guys but I'm scared to find out.

14. This Blending Trick

Reddit | masonmisti

"Don’t have a whisk and need one? Have a wooden spoon and a blender ball. BAM! Whisk," said this Reddit user. Quick, somebody try this now.

15. This Sober Test

Reddit | designmur

I guess this bar was seeing a lot of people wanting to drink and drive so they decided to implement this "sober door" test. Good idea.

16. This Fan Trick

Reddit | Need_no_Reddit_name

Is cooking pasta always a pain in the butt for you? Just use this fan trick to stop the pot from boiling over and you're good to go.

17. This Tripod Solution

Reddit | FoxGoesUwU

Apparently, most lampshade mounts are the same size as camera mounts, so you can use a lamp as a makeshift tripod. How cool is that?

18. This Ball Cap Closet Organization Hack

Reddit | modubly

So we've seen a clever use of binder clips earlier with Christmas lights, but here's another hack someone came up with. Organize your hat collection easily.

19. This Shrink Wrap Prevention Solution

Reddit | modubly

I dunno what it is about cables these days. They don't last as long. Using shrink wrap is a great way to strengthen them.

20. This Sanitary Trick

Reddit | pixiiwo

How do I open doors without needlessly touching them? Don't you struggle with this every day? Avoid germs and reuse all those extra toilet paper rolls with this trick.

21. This Pipe Fix

Pikabu | G0nz0

When an outdoor pipe needed a quick fix, this rainboot and a few zip ties did the trick. If it works, it works.

The next time you think that there isn't a hack for that problem, I bet there's somebody out there who already solved it.

Thank you, internet problem-solvers!