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32 Surprises That Caught Us With Our Pants Down

Life is full of something that people say. However, in my experience, it is mostly full of monotony with only the occasional surprise taking the form of a flat tire or a bird pooping on me.

Although, despite my generally monotonous life, there are people out there whose life is full of surprises, only some of which are good! So, in honor of those people, here are 11+ surprises that caught us with our pants down!

"Just found out some horses grow mustaches and I'm dying!"

Reddit | Degofreak

Somebody get this horse a smoking jacket, a cravat, and a pipe immediately. And, once it has these things, gather round the campfire and listen to it tell stories of its dashing heroism during the war.

"I laid a concrete foundation for a shed today and left a surprise for any future homeowners who decide to tear it up."

Reddit | DJBeefalo

A lot of construction workers actually took to the comments to described some of the weird things that they have found when doing jobs. One wrote that they had found a lunchbox from the 1950s, while another "found a stash of playboys once while tearing up the concrete slab from a walkout patio."

"My brother offered my mom a sandwich, she said no and then I said 'Well how rude, I want a sandwich!' He did not disappoint."

Reddit | PixieDust91xo

Nothing says, "I love you brother" like writing expletives in your sibling's mustard! This is true brotherly love.

No, Mr. Bond... I Expect You To Die!

Reddit | grimreaper204

The shock twist in the new Bond film is that Ernst Stavro Blofeld is actually the cat! Hot scoop here.

"2 steps into walking down the aisle. He said 'Goddamit Jeri, did my pants just fall down?'."

Reddit | ufjeff

It takes a lot of things to make a wedding day completely perfect. Someone's pants falling down when walking down the aisle is definitely one of these things.

"When the bakers make the mix wrong and don't realize yeast doesn't just stop working because it's in a dumpster."

Reddit | TELME3

Yep, it looks like your only option at this point is to crank the heat way up and hope it just turns into a giant loaf of bread!

"We work at a bar, after closing down (at 4am) we walked out to find this guy; pants down, passed out. We took a picture and then took one on his phone for him."

Reddit | SouthernJeb

Thankfully these people did say that they also did call the man a cab and made sure that he got home after taking the photo!

"Trying to have a plate of ramen."

Reddit | SachiCaesar

It is actually oddly satisfying looking at how perfectly the plate has cracked open! Sure, the food is pretty ruined, but it's still cool!

"My dad keeps turtles. I started the training. Soon i'll have my own personal bodyguards!"

Reddit | Mr_Summerbird

So, what you're saying is, is that you are Master Splinter? If the position of Shredder is open I'll happily volunteer.

"Bananas also share DNA with dogs..."

Reddit | Faolanwolf2003

That dog looks decidedly less than pleased with this comparison, just like when someone said I looked like Eddie from Desperate Housewives... I'll never get over that.

"Michigan pothole claims yet another victim."

Reddit | tomytronics

There is something seriously wrong with this person's spacial awareness if they thought that they could clear this hole without getting stuck.

"I guess my wife figures 25+ allows her to freak me out with a Xena in the shower. Scares me EVERY TIME."

Reddit | cowmix

As a '90s syndicated TV nerd, I approve of this prank 100%.

"My 9 year olds thought this was hilarious. Scared the shit out of me."

Reddit | NakajimaB5N

This one is pure evil. Imagine wandering into the bathroom in the middle of the night, half asleep and navigating by the weak glow of your kids' night light down the hall.

You'd be awake instantly.

"When your three year old tells man at McDonalds that his pants are falling down."

Reddit | imblackgrapes

In fairness, the kid is not wrong! Hitch your damn pants up man, no one wants to see your underpants!

"Little dude knows what he’s about and I’m kind of scared."

Reddit | katilina14

I too would like a million pugs.

I draw the line at more math in school, though.

"Awkward when it looks like your hand is down your mates pants because of his hip bone."

Reddit | Speeedo

I just don't get why guys feel the need to take these kinds of photos. I guess that's because I don't have a body like that, mainly because I have more important things to be doing with my time than working out, like drinking and enjoying life.

"Not sure if this makes me brilliant or an asshole, but I'm entertained by it."

Reddit | TheTonz

"My kids are scared of the 'bad guys' from Home Alone so I added them as a contact in my phone and threaten to have them babysit if they are misbehaving. Works like a charm."

The answer is that you are a brilliant asshole.

"I ain’t scared of no ghost."

Reddit | Vbomb1337

Well played, road safety people!

Also, I now have that song stuck in my head.

"First glance shocked me."

Reddit | ezeric22

I thought that blind people exclusively drove Mercedes, hence why they never indicate and always cut people off.

"Getting their first road in a rural area and this happens."

Reddit | LiQuidCraB

And you thought that the potholes in your neighbourhood were bad! Do you reckon these cows will get to the end of the road before getting stuck?

"Kinda scared, not gonna lie."

Reddit | jdiditok

While karma is technically a neutral party and the results are based on your own actions, I too find this ominous.

Which probably says more about me, really.

"I’m just posting this, because I need as many people as possible to see this absolute gem of a book I noticed at a store."

Reddit | South-Town

Look, when he's not being diabolical, he's got a lot of good life coaching tips. Sure, the main point of the book is about conquering the universe, but there's also a lot of good advice on coping with stress.

"Roomate's golf club cover scares my stoned ass."

Reddit | kmack037

I'm not stoned and that scares me too.

"She either got divorced or married to Groot."

Reddit | -Listening

Something tells me that this relationship did not end well, I don't know how I know, I just know!

"These are all single socks..."

Reddit | Whiskeybaby22

I think it's time for this family to institute a black sock only rule. That way it doesn't matter if you lose one, because they all match.

"My wall charger scares the hell out of me sometimes."

Reddit | datius

The pareidolia is strong with this one.

"The painter who didn't get paid for the work, took revenge on the homeowner."

Reddit | bu_ya_ka

If it's true that the person refused to pay after all that work, this is the least they deserve.

"Invited my friend over to try my new Oculus, Super Hot was a bad choice for her."

Reddit | sye1337

This one of the reasons why VR terrifies me. Flailing blindly with a ton of expensive tech is just asking for disaster.

"Water line busted in kitchen. First week as a homeowner."

Reddit | mistafugit

Houses simply hate new owners. There are so many crazy stories of things breaking right after moving in.

"She puts it in different spots too so it'll always catch you off guard."

Reddit | natomicalofficial

I wonder how many calls the police get about a creepy kid who looks just like Daniel Radcliffe leering at the children?

"This stockpiling toilet paper is getting out of hand."

Reddit | tinyhouseguy73

I dread to think what kind of bowel problems the person has who ordered these two monsters in!

Always Double Check For Photobombs!

Reddit | WeAreWonderfulNow

Guys, who on Earth is still using the toilet with the door open in this day and age? Close the damn door!