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12+ Things That We Wouldn’t Wish On Anyone

Are you having a rough day? This list should help somewhat. I'm not saying these people are necessarily having a worse day than you are, but they've certainly found some unique ways to have a bad time.

With or without you.

Reddit | jamamashouse

Thanks to modern technology, it's virtually impossible to lose certain things. This person's AirPods have been located thanks to an app. I mean, they're three states away, but they're not lost.

Bonus hospital stay.

Reddit | kaaaaath

The Redditor who posted this first-person photo says that the patient in the bed next to them tested positive for coronavirus. This resulted in our photographer getting an extended stay in the hospital.

Throw the fridge out.

Reddit | baby-got-Bach

Some unfortunate person bought an ice cream cake under the assumption it was a normal cake. After a few hours in the fridge, the horrible truth was revealed.


Reddit | MapleSurrup

Apparently a wayward drop of hand sanitizer can absolutely destroy a pair of nice dress shoes. The mark sucks, but at least that spot is nice and sanitized now.

Paddle fingers.

Reddit | HouseBlack91

No word on what gym machine specifically caused this gnarly-looking injury, but it just goes to show us that while we can hit the gym, sometimes the gym hits back.

Symbol of liberty.

Reddit | taterz_precious

Yes, this is a bald eagle that decided to just fly in through someone's bedroom window, breaking glass and spreading chaos. I don't know if I'd feel blessed or cursed if this happened to me.

Gotta find 'em all.

Reddit | BayNights001

It's always a good idea to keep a poorly sealed container of glasses and watch screws on top of high cabinets. That way, you always have an option if you want to make a huge mess.

I believe I can fly.

Reddit | Ein_The_Pup

Imagine owning the house seen in this picture. Yeah, it's unfortunate to have a car crash into your house, but having a car fly into your house is on another level.

Indoor swimming pool.

Reddit | Scrappy_Mongoose

"Was having Valentine’s Day dinner when I went downstairs to check on why the heat wasn’t working," wrote the original poster. "Found four feet of water covering the entire basement."

I'd rather walk.

Reddit | jcepiano

These airline "seats" are just a prototype, but can you imagine if this became the norm? We'd actually start to get nostalgic for the horrible economy seats we currently have.

Nice and easy.

Reddit | Drpenner

This ship raised its anchor to find it had hooked something unexpected — not a fishing net or buried treasure, but a torpedo. A live, unexploded torpedo. Yikes.

Life threw a wrench into their plans.

Reddit | Boobot-the-destroyer

If your tire gets punctured by something small like a nail, it can usually still drive for a while and is often repairable. But if you get a wrench stuck in there, it's time for a new tire.

Thanks, cats.

Reddit | allergies____

Cats love to knock things off tables. Cats love to inconvenience their humans. So when this human put her makeup on a ledge above the litterbox, her cats knew exactly what to do.


Reddit | mister_sleepy

"I broke my leg two days ago," writes the original poster. "My wife had to leave in a hurry for a work emergency. She left my crutches across the room."

The fridge didn't want to live anymore.

Reddit | Sentarius101

This fridge doesn't look nearly old enough to just be losing both of its doors like that. Come to think of it, I didn't know that sudden door loss was a problem with fridges.

Dinner is served.

Reddit | SachiCaesar

Ramen is basically the cheapest, easiest to prepare form of sustenance that exists. That is, unless you make it on plates that hate ramen in particular.

While this call for social distancing has put a lot of people in difficult position, it couldn't have come at a worse time for the uploader.

Reddit | Dex0807

Coronavirus concerns meant this project had to be abandoned partway through, which is particularly unfortunate because this is supposed to be their bathroom.

Yikes, that's kind of important room.

The irony of this situation would be particularly cruel if this person said they now had the time to catch up on their shows.

Reddit | Slothrox

And yes, this apparently happened on the exact day that he was told to start working from home. And he doesn't have any pets or anything, so this literally just happened.

This pipe used to have a water pump because the pressure was too low, but someone decided to steal it.

Reddit | Oath_binder

So not only is the uploader's basement flooded as a result, but they also can't wash their hands in the middle of a pandemic.

Unless whoever did this was actively trying to make this person's life miserable, I'm not sure what they were hoping to accomplish.

This balcony door was obviously slammed too hard, but it's not quite as bad as it looks.

Reddit | DwelveDeeper

How? Well, this person just discovered that their door was double paned and that the actual damage was all done to the outside one.

So it could be worse.

It's hard to tell how things happened to unfold this way, but this unlucky situation seems straight out of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Reddit | NyBryce

Why is it that when we do something awesome, everybody's looking the other way but in rapt attention the second we mess up?

This was posted with the caption "Guys, it has been an honor," and no further explanation was required.

Reddit | RobbertvanderVelden

I can almost hear the unholy curses to every hoarder and panic buyer from here.

Unfortunately, this is the only way this woman can safely see her dog now.


She said she hasn't pet the pub since Thursday, and the longer this goes on, the further away that day is going to seem.

This banana looked perfectly fine from the outside, but looks can be deceiving.

Reddit | alex-is-terrified

And sure, it's true that still perfectly safe to eat this banana. It's hardly going to be a pleasant experience, though.

This was going to be a blanket, but now it's just a blooper.

Reddit | SaeInsanity45

This person noticed an apparently game-breaking mistake early on in their crochet job and now they have to start over.

I may not know much about crochet, but I know that sucks.

I'm not a car guy myself, but the destruction of this classic will probably have some of you in mourning.

Reddit | Aviation44

Here we have what remains of a 1969 GTO Judge after it experienced an electrical fire. Since nobody was driving it at the time, insurance should cover it.

That doesn't make the owner's devastation any less real, of course.

This injury could've been a lot worse, but it's still wild to realize that a cat did this.

Reddit | CactusCartoon47

Apparently, this person tried to pick it up and it immediately made it clear that this was the last thing it wanted.

This person just discovered that their copy of Fahrenheit 451 is missing the last page.

Reddit | Apprehensive-Damage

There's a kind of irony in that considering how many book burnings happen in that book, but the uploader will be OK because the first commenter just transcribed what it says in their copy.

Plane problems.

Reddit | agneev

There's a whole world of opinions when it comes to reclining your seat on a plane. Most have to do with courtesy, but after seeing this pic, I can see another good reason to keep your seat upright.


Reddit | RynningInThe80s

It's hard to see what's going on here, but this image shows an elevator in which someone's dropped and broken a bottle of cologne. Something tells me this elevator will never lose its scent.

Better take the bus.

Reddit | onejay1

From the cut marks, it looks like this tree was professionally cut down. But judging from the fact that it killed a car, it looks like this tree was unprofessionally cut down.

At least it'll get you halfway there.

Reddit | example12334

"Button lift broke and dumped me on my ass half way up the slope," wrote the frustrated skier who posted this photo on Reddit.

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