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15+ Funny People Who Just Might Be Onto Something

The truth can basically do three things: hurt, set you free, or make you laugh. Heck, even if it's making you laugh, it can still sting a bit. The recognition makes you feel slightly vulnerable, doesn't it? But you have to laugh!

And that's how the real funny folks in life know they're onto something — when you just can't resist a chuckle in spite of yourself. Just check out the lines these folks are throwing out!

It's just math.

Reddit | ShadowSlayer35

I don't know, sounds like kind of an ambitious Monday if you ask me, but I can sure get on board with that Friday.

Was this squirrel storing up guilt for the winter?

Reddit | wer190

Because that's some heavy, almost mother-level guilt it's slinging at the homeowner responsible for the stump it's standing on. Pixar's going to make a movie out of this.

Staying ahead of the game.

I never would have thought to buy a sympathy card for my GF over something I did in a dream, but now I have seen the light.

Thanks, Mom.

Reddit | Taran_McDohl

Now if only I could flip my retirement fund inside out and hand wash it in cold water. One day.

I'll take "Things That Are Perfect" for $200, Alex.

Reddit | mattam24

The only bad thing about this phone case is that now everyone will want it and it'll lose its unique '80s charm.

"My dog groomer said there had been an incident, but that she 'styled it out,'" the uploader wrote.

Reddit | pimack

And you can barely notice, right? All she basically did was let everybody know this pooch is a star, which is true.

"Finally found out what the little pouch is for if you wear a kilt."

Reddit | flamingboard

Fun fact: that little pouch is called a sporran, and if it wasn't for putting a kitten in before, it is now.

There's a reason the Chinese use the same word for both "crisis" and "opportunity."

Reddit | unrelenting1

No word on whether this will actually get you out of a ticket, but hey, it's got to be worth a shot, right?

Speaking of opportunities in crises...

Reddit | assyrian

Apparently, everybody in Australia needed to hoard toilet paper at the same time? So now this jewelry store is sweetening the pot on a diamond ring in the best way possible. Think anyone will get desperate enough?

Manny, are you okay?

Reddit | BwBavar

Some people would make jokes suggesting that there's no difference in acting ability between these CPR mannequins and the actual movie, but not me.

I wouldn't do such a thing.

Now this manny is definitely okay.

Reddit | Nopopo49

Whoever dresses up the manatee-themed mailbox for the season is just the best kind of person, spreading joy in the world. Keep doing you!

BRB, just updating my will.

Reddit | niamijneg

Guess I have a plan now! I really don't know if it will just end up in a lot of popcorn ash, but hey, I'm willing to give it a go.

This is what technology was invented for.

Reddit | DeJMan

Redditor DeJMan uses his photoshop skills to splice animals together, and frankly, it's some delightful work. I hope he keeps it up.

Is it wrong for a grown-up to want a bag meant for kids?

Reddit | Undertheweatherornot

Because if I was going to have just one bag, I think this would have to be it. And nobody would be able to stop me from singing "M-nah M-nah" to my heart's content.

"I love my mailman. He tries," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | whereshegoes

That's an A for effort, and we will just not speak of the grade for execution. Honestly, it's enough that they would actually deliver a box of cat litter to the door.

A hotel decided to take a lost teddy bear on a fun adventure before sending it back to its owner.

Reddit | rebirthandrecover

Little did they realize the teddy bear went home to the 28-year-old woman who owned it.

Thanks, tips.

Reddit | [deleted]

Maybe, just maybe, there wouldn't be so many disease outbreaks if we all just washed our hands more often. It's not like we don't have the soap for it!

Ah, satire.

Reddit | jcepiano

Somebody threw up these signs near a recruiting center. Probably didn't win any friends that day, but maybe it gave someone a good chuckle.

It's not wrong.

Instagram | @snoopdogg

Of course, sometimes the M's are upside down W's, so watch out for those, too.

Some say a robin is the first sign of spring.

Reddit | Your_Kindly_Despot

But it's probably more reliable to see when it's warm enough that potholes can bloom.

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