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38 Things That Should Never Have Happened

In the words of one of planet earth's greatest philosophers, "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents." However, as wonderful as the world that Bob Ross strove for was, the sad fact is that there are mistakes in life, and the internet loves to revel in them!

From people's letterboxes being overrun with bees and airbags peeling people's makeup off, to things as simple as people leaving truly hideous things in store jeans, here are 14+ things that should never have happened!

"My dog groomer said there had been an incident, but that she 'styled it out'."

Reddit | pimack

Sure, it was a mistake, but without it this adorable little fella wouldn't look like the rootinest tootinest sheriff in all the land!

"These are all my bank cards, ID cards and gym card, after my cat dragged my wallet on the heater."

Reddit | FirstRangerSkyWalker

Why on Earth would your cat even want to drag your wallet onto a radiator? Oh, wait, that's right, cats are unapologetic fiend machines.

"I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face, I'm not even mad."

Reddit | SpontaneousCupcake

I do not know how this happened, but it should never have been brought into this world for it is the stuff that nightmares are wrapped in.

"Translation for spice levels at my local Korean restaurant."

Reddit | cyborg8

No level of spice should exist that is simply described as "F**k." Although, I struggle with a Korma myself!

"Your friend that always wears a hat."

Reddit | TesLake

Why did they have to go and ruin Pokémon? Ash Ketchum is meant to be 10 years old for goodness' sake!

"My god those eyes..."

Reddit | iwantToPrankpeople

Jesus, there's something about those bulbous eyes that can stare into your very soul. I don't think I'd be able to poop at all with that staring at me!

"My neighbor is challenging the mailman."

Reddit | AkumaXIII

This person actually went on to message a beekeeper with the hope that they would come down and re-home these fuzzy little guys. Gotta love bees!

"My gf leaves me this fun game to play after she leaves for work in the morning."

Reddit | hungbandit007

What is most worrying about this, is that if the flusher is made of metal, then the straighteners could be heating up the metal so that you'll get burnt even if you avoid the Operation-esque trap.

"You can normally tell how bad the crash was by how far the lips are apart."

Reddit | fingerandthumb

The person who was in this accident will clearly have a terribly uneven tan to add to the rest of their injuries!

There's An Instrumental Version...?

Reddit | voagteacher

The person who posted this apparently found this at a yard sale. Hopefully, they destroyed it to prevent the spread of the instrumental version of this terrible, terrible tune.

What The Hell Is Happening In This Picture?

Reddit | rastroboy

I love these confusing perspective pictures, even if they make me feel like I'm having a stroke. I'll leave it to you to figure out what's going on here!

Dear Lord, No!

Reddit | The_Fat_Man_Jams

The state of Vermont should be ashamed of itself for this! I'll never be able to look at maple syrup the same again.

"I am intrigued by this product."

Reddit | DaveDBody-esq

Wow, looks like Thomas' have really gone in a different direction with their breakfast bars! Now paired best with a "nice" can of Carlsberg.

"He did a bunch of catnip, saw himself in the mirror and had a self-realization that he indeed, is a cat."

Reddit | hansbrix

We all experience that one moment in our lives where we discover that we are really just several cats operating a human suit. It's never easy.

Instant Regret

Reddit | jasontaken

Sure, cats may be liquid, but plastic containers are a different kettle of fish than cardboard boxes!

"Even the door thinks this sucks."

Reddit | ReaganAbe

If that door could speak, it would be saying, "Ooooh dear, you might be buggered here!" in a Kenneth Williams-esque tone.

"Might build a building later, idk."

Reddit | ROOTBEER360

Look, sometimes you plan something out meticulously, but when it comes to actually going through with it you just can't be bothered!

"Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake..."

Reddit | SaltyDogBiscuit

I'll be honest, friend: She's definitely trying to tell you something but I don't think you're going to want to hear what she has to say.

"I asked my mom if she could get a picture of me mid-air jumping off a sand dune. She assured me she could. These are the two pics she got."

Reddit | emzieeees

Look, she did her best and that's all you can really ask for. At least she didn't have the camera facing herself instead of you.

"I had to cut down a tree in my yard and now I feel bad."

Reddit | wer190

Okay, this one broke my heart. Look at how sad he is, how confused. Someone get him a full-sized tree ASAP.

"Have a nice day, sir."

Reddit | unrelneting1

That's one way to use the whole coronavirus fear to your advantage.

"My wife sent me this picture while I was at work to tell me my jacket was depressed."

Reddit | maxbrickem

It actually took me a second to realize I wasn't looking at an actual person but was, in fact, looking at an empty winter jacket. Very convincing indeed.


Reddit | niamijneg

That was an interesting choice for a side-of-the-popcorn-bag slogan. I think something else, anything else, would have been a better choice, but what do I know? I'm not in the popcorn biz.

"Have kids they will be fun they said."

Reddit | Bryan31285

At the time of posting, toilet paper has become a pretty rare commodity (thanks coronavirus), so that makes this an even more devastating sight to see.

"Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese."

Reddit | lionellrichie

Could that've been making nachos with soap all week??

Well, I guess that explains why they were so bad...

General Hygiene Is Important Too

Reddit | troublyconfuzed

It's not just your hands that you need to keep clean, guys, it's your whole bodies too!

"I know I’m in big girl sizes but finding chicken bones in the back pocket while trying on clothes is a little extreme."

Reddit | hellomrscloe

Yup, someone actually tried on jeans while eating chicken wings, and left the remnants in the pockets. Nothing more to say here except, whoever you are, you ought to be ashamed!

"After years of pictures from our dad posing with 'trophy' deer, my brother one-upped him with this beauty."

Reddit | Dr_Delectable

I hope he plans on hanging that bad boy on the wall! It's a big one!

Spaghetti à la shoe...

Reddit | Symmetry888

A loss of not only dinner, but a pair of shoes too? And it's on carpet? This one hurts.

"My local bar isn't messing around anymore."

Reddit | Chicken_Wing

With a name like that, I can't say I'm shocked it collapsed into violence. We can't have anything fun anymore.

"Sent my son to school with his newly bought ugly Christmas sweater. Didn't realize what Santa was doing until his kindergarten teacher pointed it out when I picked him up after school."

Reddit | AngryHamzter

What do you mean? Santa's just, uh...hanging string lights.

"Even after telling him that's not where the gas goes, he put five gallons in."

Reddit | icansnapmyfingers

Someone asked if he managed to drive away, to which the uploader told the rest of the story: "Yes, he drove off came back later saying his gas gauge didn't move and it sounded like he was out of gas...then said our pumps were broken and we stole his money."

"I believed I was strong enough to open the bottle without cutting the seal first..."

Reddit | merix1110

This is a sign, you need to start eating your veggies without ranch. You're an adult now. Ranch isn't good for you.

"I had a problem with birds at my house. Not anymore!"

Reddit | JesterJayJoker

Seeing pigeon spikes always makes me sad, but you know what wouldn't make me sad? Replacing those spikes with guard dinos.

"Stepped on a scale today after conscientious diet and exercise, and this is what I get."


Someone in the comments said that tempered glass is very weak on the edges, so the scale probably broke from scratching against the wall, but it still doesn't take the sting away...

"This river recently flooded and rerouted to the left. Those houses aren't riverfront property anymore."

Reddit | Snakesssalad

I bet that was one hell of a worrying awakening when they realised their property's value had considerably dropped overnight!

"They're not even trying."

Reddit | TheReaperr

"Honey, the robbers called and said they'll be here any time between 10 am and 5 pm."

"Ugh, that means they're going to be here at, like, 4:30. Guess I'll stay home and wait for them."

"I think my friend doesn't want to work at CVS anymore."


Wow, 5 million ounces for only $2.37? Even if it does taste bad, that's a great deal.