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Someone Invented A Roomba For Dog Poop And Boy Do I Ever Need It

I am a proud and avowed dog lover. I recently adopted my second four-legged fur baby and she is everything a puppy is meant to be. That is: adorable, hilarious, destructive, and a little poop machine.

Being a responsible dog owner means a lot of things.

It means always being there for your pup, recognizing that they're a long-term commitment, and structuring your life around their needs. All things that are amazing and totally fulfilling, by the way.

Unfortunately, however, it isn't always snuggles and slobbery kisses.

Much like little humans, they need help in the potty department, too.

First you have to teach them to go outside.

Then you need to go outside yourself and pick it up.

Thankfully, someone has invented a robotic pooper scooper.

Beetl Robotics

It works just like a Roomba and scoots across your lawn picking up dog droppings. Created by Beetl Robotics and dubbed Beetl, it's a computer vision-enabled robot that uses a camera and image analysis to locate poop and pick it up using a mechanical claw.

The team behind the Beetl is also working on another version that cuts your lawn while picking up poop.

Unfortunately, neither version has been put into production yet, but with any luck, we'll all be living with effortlessly manicured and poop-free lawns in the near future.

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