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20 Surprises That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

I am notoriously bad for noticing the details when I'm out in public. I get some serious, mission-based tunnel vision.

If I'm going to the grocery store, I'm on a direct route to the items on my list, grabbing them, and getting the heck out of there as fast as I can. No dilly-dallying, no reading labels, no browsing up and down the aisles for me.

Turns out, I could have been missing out on a lot! Just check out what these folks found hiding right out in plain sight.

A staircase that has a very practical secret.

Reddit | darkjj11912

You can swing the railing out to help maneuver furniture up and down the stairs, then lock it back into place.

How much easier would it be to pivot a couch on these stairs?

I never would have noticed this, for sure.

Reddit | url_grc

And that's the whole point — the door is cut to fit seamlessly around the pillar next to it when it closes.

Okay, this is clever.

Reddit | Grand_fat_man

Unless you work at this KFC or happen to be around at cleaning time, you'd probably never know the chairs can hook into the underside of the table to better facilitate mopping.

As a bonus, it's also much easier for workers, not having to lift chairs all the way up to the table tops.

There's something about smiles and cookies that just go together naturally.

Reddit | lucadigennaro

Which is probably why it's so easy to miss that one of these cookies has a frowny face.

You have to look in an unusual spot to find this map to London's Savile Row.

Reddit | ralphsucksatlife

Okay, so a map on the bottom of your shoe isn't exactly practical. But that's what makes it a surprising place to put one.

Now this IS practical.

Reddit | JammyApricots

A sugar cube dish with prongs built right into the lid. Seems like some genuine British ingenuity.

Glancing around this bathroom display in an Ikea, you might miss that the toilet lid has a couple of bolts through it.

Reddit | wolf8668

Unfortunately, the lids are bolted down because too many people either thought they were hooked up to plumbing, or didn't care if they were, and went ahead and did their business right in the showroom. Yikes.

Get stuck beside Biff's portable toilet company truck in traffic, and you'll be rewarded just a bit for looking over.

Reddit | LeftHandedWave

It's not too shy to let you know it's hauling around "18,000 pounds of very gross weight."

Just below these steps are a whole bunch of men.

Reddit | Mr_DrPepper12

Well, it looks like there are little men all around as well, but it's cool that there's a little ledge for them to tuck underneath as well.

Well, this is a more awkward surprise than most.

Reddit | jediisland71

Apparently a manhole cover was hidden a little too well in plain sight and got paved over. Whoops.

These stairs appear to be banged up, but there's more to it than that.

Reddit | Slvmoon

In certain areas around Oahu like this stairwell, you can still see damage from the Pearl Harbor attack. The holes in this staircase are bullet holes.

That's an interesting model for the 9 x 12 photo sizes.

Reddit | fdn_md

Man, Kim Jong Un will show up in the most unexpected places.

"My dog's ear appears to have a face in it."

Reddit | u16173

I definitely see it, too. The dog also has a bit of camouflage against the blanket, making this an extra weird pic.

Both a surprise and kind of a bummer.

Reddit | FinancyMan

When you think the building has skylights but it has...fake skylights. Literally just recesses in the ceiling with fluorescent lights in them.

In plain sight, yes, but also at the top of a mountain.

Reddit | Purple_Hacker

It's the weirdest spot to find a table set up with champagne and fondue, but also quite welcome, I'm sure.

The whale tail mosaic sure sticks out.

Reddit | DooWahDiddyDoo

But, just like a whale going below the surface, the tiles below continue the whale across the floor.

Somebody spotted a Darth Vader gargoyle on the Washington National Cathedral.

Reddit | pdmcmahon

On the northwest tower, to be precise. I'd be interested to find out if it's still there or if it was some kind of a prank.

This truck has some friends on it.

Reddit | Pigas95

Re-creating Buzz and Woody's Toy Story adventure is fully appropriate and a nice thing to spy in traffic.

Follow the Zs on the floor all the way to a sleep disorder clinic.

Reddit | FatFriar

Of course, if I was sufficiently sleep deprived, I'd probably read them as Ns and assume I was headed to the wrong place, and that's a best case scenario.

Sometimes you get rewarded for looking on the bottom of things.

Reddit | jonitfcfan

Like the bottom of this box of toothbrushes. Always nice to be liked!

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