32 Brilliant Ideas That Actually Made It To Real Life

Have you ever designed something so unique and so revolutionary that it needs to be adopted by everyone immediately?

No? That's okay, neither have I. We can't all be Thomas Edison. But these ideas prove that ingenuity isn't dead.

Getting tipsy while you get tippy.

Reddit | eternalrefuge86

I've never thought about Jenga's potential as a drinking game, but now that I've seen this, it makes perfect sense. After a few turns, no one's going to be able to keep that tower balanced.

Nothing wrong with LCD.

Reddit | nikesucks

LCD displays seem awfully dated, with their simple monochrome graphics. But there are tons of potential applications for these cheap display methods, including this USB thumb drive that tells you how much space remains.

The go away knob.

Reddit | ygdflgdflop

When you just want some privacy and lock yourself into a room, there's no worse sound than someone trying the doorknob. This doorknob literally ceases to exist if you don't want people using it.

Relax with Snorlax.

Reddit | CYBERSson

Have you ever looked at Snorlax and thought that you'd rather curl up in its big soft tummy than send it into battle? If so, this beanbag chair is perfect for you.

Locked and loaded.

Reddit | drkmatterinc

Many police officers wear bodycams nowadays, and this device shows us what a police dog bodycam can offer. Aside from providing a unique perspective, it also affords the dog some protection.

Nostalgia overload.

Reddit | xd1936

If you're of a certain age, you remember playing solitaire on Windows 3.1. Those pixelated card graphics look awfully dated nowadays, but they're delightfully nostalgic when printed on actual, physical playing cards.

Put it on plastic.

Reddit | PrezzyPutin

Buskers work hard and deserve their tips, but what are you supposed to do if you don't carry cash around? On the London Underground, buskers have a card payment option.

World's largest bookshelf.

Reddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

This photo of the Kansas City Public Library shows how thinking outside the box can create a one-of-a-kind streetscape. I'm sure it's easy for people to find the library when it looks like this.

Safe and sound.

Reddit | DaddySnax

Bike locks have been a thing since forever, but what about skateboard locks? If you can't take your deck with you, a locking system like this would work pretty well.

No excuse for running these lights.

Reddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

These traffic lights in Ukraine look cool, but are also highly functional as they give drivers a very clear idea of whether the light is red or green.

Knives on knives.

Reddit | ya_boi_d3x

These knives are made by a Japanese company, but I'm going to go ahead and call them Russian nesting knives for their innovative and space-saving design.

Clean, green machine.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

This guy has invented a solar-powered raft, kitted out with a special conveyor belt for sifting through garbage in the water. The raft, known as the Interceptor, can collect 55 tons of garbage every day.

Switch XL edition.

Reddit | Xanerator100

Nintendo's been known to make XL-sized versions of its handhelds before, but this is clearly a custom job. At least the Switch controller's design lends itself well to this, unlike the N64 controller.

I would go.

Reddit | Pale_North

Everyone knows that grandparents are the best cooks. Everyone also knows that a theoretical restaurant, staffed entirely by grandmas, would serve the best food ever. Well, such a restaurant is no longer theoretical.

Small sticker with an important job.

Reddit | Luke-newson

It's surprisingly easy to buy a storage bin and forget to grab its matching lid. This is a simple way for the manufacturer to make your life easier.

Get those Goombas.

Reddit | Capgunkid

If you've ever dabbled with video game emulation, you probably know that you can easily play every game, ever. This phone case, with integrated Game Boy buttons, is the coolest smartphone accessory I've ever seen.

Order refills at the right time.

Reddit | MeatTech

When your medication comes in pill form, it can be easy to know when it's time to get your refill, but it's much harder with an inhaler. This one gives you a rough estimate of how many "puffs" are remaining so that you won't be caught by surprise mid-asthma attack.

Keep those towels clean.

Reddit | SpecialQue_

I once had a friend who ended up "stealing" a hotel towel simply because she felt so embarrassed when her freshly dyed hair ruined it.

This little black towel wouldn't have worked there, but makeup is a more common problem anyway.


Reddit | satchito

Escalators serve a purpose, but they're boring. Slides serve a purpose, and they're exhilirating. This German shopping mall recognizes the inherent awesomeness of slides and has installed a massive one on its top level.

Simple, yet effective.

Reddit | neithercon

Teaching any kind of three dimensional math principles on a flat chalkboard is difficult, so this teacher painted a globe black to use when demonstrating curvature in General Relativity. Which is a pretty genius hack.

The only Keurig I want.

Reddit | Krill_dude

Keurig is dead simple when it comes to making coffee, but honestly, making coffee was never that difficult to begin with. Ice cream, though, is a different beast altogether, which is why this Keurig ice cream machine is so exciting.

Don't forget to wash your hands.

Reddit | htasmith

In a perfect world, door handles would only be touched by clean hands, but we live in the real world, so options like this are great alternatives to wasting paper towel just to open a door.

No straw? No problem.


As the war against the plastic straw continues, the quest for the perfect to-go cup replacement lid continues. I particularly like this version, which doesn't require a straw at all, but still allows those who need one for accessibility to use one.

A noodle straw that doesn't go all noodley?

Reddit | bullej456

Yeah, technically a pasta straw would eventually get soft and noodley, but it lasts longer than a paper straw does and without the need of a wax coating.

That said, any straw made from edible material will run the risk of food allergies in guests.

A simple design change can save a ton of spills.

Reddit | Richey4TheStars

The "tongue" on this coffee pot lid gives the liquid a place to cling to and helps control the pour, leading to fewer spills and countertop dribbles.

It's a good idea, though the state of the pot pictured is questionable.

Safety first.

Reddit | emsumler

Local buy-and-sell sites are great for finding bargains, but you don't always want to meet a stranger in your home or theirs. This spot is located in the parking lot of a police station, providing a safe place to swap.

Waste not.

Reddit | catdust

This coffee shop uses empty cartons to make to-go trays, which is a great way to give it a second life. It actually looks more secure than a lot of the 4-cup trays we always get.

Inventory bot.

Reddit | Azazel_demon

When it comes to retail, the right robot can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction without costing jobs. This little dude wanders the aisles scanning inventory levels, meaning that staff can focus on actually restocking items.

24/7 meat vending machine.

Reddit | metergod

Sometimes, you get a craving for bacon at midnight and your local butcher shop is closed. This is the perfect solution!

Kill some time.

Reddit | drkmatterinc

This crosswalk in Germany allows pedestrians to play a quick game of Pong with people on the other side. It's a cool idea that should also stop jaywalking by keeping people busy.

The hamper we all need.

Reddit | Steeldrumbands

We all have clothes that have been worn, but aren't ready for the hamper just yet. This option seems like a better idea than my solution of just throwing these clothes on my living room couch.

Dual threat.

Reddit | thoughtgun

Do you want to look at land, or do you want to look at the water? This bench allows you to do either, thanks to its unique convertible backrest design.

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