15+ People Who Desperately Needed To Make Something Clear

Clear and concise communication skills are crucial in today's society. Whether you're trying to ensure that you get the right order at Burger King (spoiler alert, you probably won't), or whether you're trying to make sure that your surgeon knows which leg to operate on, communication skills should never be undervalued.

In light of this, there are people out there who go above and beyond to make sure that people get their point across. So here are 15+ people who desperately needed to make something clear!

"Well excuuuuse me."

Reddit | Kannabiz

Just wait for the day that this dog actually does get lost and the owners have to explain that despite what the tag says, they are indeed lost so please do not just "F**k off."

"Always give 100%"

Reddit | ShadowSlayer35

11% does seem a little high for a Monday, but I guess it is important to above and beyond the call of duty every now and again.

"Spotted in the wild in central OH."

Reddit | SherfChrisMannix

Yep, I know exactly what I'll be ordering when I get in. I hope that they do badges as well!

This Guy Chops

Reddit | TsarGermo

If you could take him one thing to chop that was impossible to break, what would you choose? I'd choose my ex's stone cold heart... anyway, moving on!

"Fake United signs posted at the airport."

Reddit | sadaimawaymessage

Quite frankly, if I read this in an airport I don't think that I'd think that it was fake. After all, United Airlines genuinely make travelling such an unpleasant experience that I don't even think they care about hiding their failings anymore.

"My friend is a high school teacher about to go on maternity leave. This message was written by a student on her farewell card."

Reddit | gooseluck

Yikes, now that is one hell of a brave, or just plain stupid, student. I can imagine one thing that won't "cure her anger" will be this message!

"My sister bought me this ring with our birthstones for my birthday with a super sentimental message engraved inside."

Reddit | Do_the_Scarn77

Look, sometimes you don't want to go too soppy with a message, but you also don't want them to think you don't care. This is the perfect medium.

"I think he made his point very clear."

Reddit | GetInMyJetSki

Why buy the lite syrup anyway? If you're eating pancakes with syrup on, they're never going to be healthy!

"Saw this wedding photo in the dumpster... guess it didn't go so well."

Reddit | Darrenthedog

No matter what the story is behind this, it is never going to be a happy one. But, at least they kept the frame?

"Bought a guy a cake that was leaving for another company. Told them to write 'You're dead to us.' They ran out of room on the cake and just threatened him."

Reddit | Bill_Hickman

Now, I'm not trying to have a pop at the company who made this cake, but I genuinely feel that I could do better.

"This sign in an antique store."

Reddit | mdavis360

I never really got the whole haggling mentality. I mean, if I see a price, I normally just pay that price, as that's the price!

"A message from the local little league team."

Reddit | hartfarm22

I can't stand it when parents are abrasive towards the officials at their kid's sports events. It just makes me feel sorry for the kids.

"Some 'inspirational' Home decor I made."

Reddit | Shancar

Give me one of these over a "Life, love, laugh" sign any day of the week! Although, if you could get rid of the "Welcome! Also," on the "Welcome! Also, go away" one, then that would be better.

"Doc told us to write yes on the knee to replace before surgery. We took it further."

Reddit | notmyrealname3737

In fairness, this is a situation where you want to be as clear as possible! You have a knee on the line after all!

"I hate signing yearbooks for students, so I had a rubber stamp made."

Reddit | Jameseatscheese

I might get one of these made for stamping birthday cards. It could say something like, "Hey, we know each other, that's sound. Best..."

"Oh The Irony!"

Reddit | Cublet823

These undercover cops are getting more and more cunning as the days go by. They're so good now that actual police don't recognise them.

"Long live the King."

Reddit | AddictedReddit

I feel like the message is a little muddled here. The Burger King is trying to suggest that his burgers are better than McDonald's, although Burger King burgers taste like wet flannels in between two wetter flannels.

"Sign at a local park."

Reddit | KuronFury

Littering always baffles me. You live on this planet too! Why desecrate it because you can't be bothered to walk to a nearby trashcan?

"The printer at McDonalds is broken so the staff have to write the orders on the packaging themselves... no unyen please."

Reddit | jinglejanglemantin

Now, I might not be the best at spelling, but I don't think that I'd ever make such a clanging error as "Coocumba". A part of me sincerely hopes that this is a joke on the employee's behalf.

"Hidden message in the hospital."

Reddit | lzcostademoraes

I don't really think that that is the kind of message that a hospital should be sending! How did no one stand back and read this and think, "You know what, I can see a problem with this"?

"Saw the Texas Coronavirus Prevention sign. So here is one I saw in my work bathroom in Louisiana yesterday!"

Reddit | Painium

Now I don't wear contacts, but the very idea of rubbing crawfish into my eyeballs is making me feel a bit nauseous, so mission accomplished.

"Not Bernie in Los Angeles."

Reddit | westondeboer

Hmmmm, that seems like just the sort of thing that Bernie and/or Larry David would say! I think he's lying and he's really both of them together inside of there like two kids on each other's shoulders wearing an overcoat.

"A cry for help from a desperate Target employee..."

Reddit | ImNotGayImAnActor

It was either a desperate employee, or an equally desperate husband who has been in that store looking at useless stuff since the dawn of time.

"What’s wrong with this picture?"

Reddit | dank2918

I'm sure there is a clear message that they are trying to get across in here somewhere... if only they were screaming it louder.

"No more plastic waste."

Reddit | steeemo

If the thing that this store is trying to make clear here is that it is run by idiots, then mission accomplished!

"Desperate times call for desperate measures..."

Reddit | corydorning

I wonder what they did to deserve being put in the "get along shirt". They look like they regret whatever it was!

"Hate having to write up my employees right before the holiday. I compromised and she has to wear this for the rest of the afternoon..."

Reddit | thejohnblog

Hopefully this served as a warning to any other coworkers who were thinking of committing this carnal sin! That smell will still be there when you get back from the holiday!

"My boss bought giant blocks to build a separation wall in our big office. Now I feel like I’m working at White Castle."

Reddit | rynnmango

I think the real point here is, "Leave me the hell alone!"

"They are just getting desperate now."

Reddit | left_nut

Look, you need to do anything that you can to sell houses nowadays! Also, never underestimate what some people will do for a free pizza.

"This driver came well prepared."

Reddit | Das5heep

Do you think that this guy is a little bit concerned about the coronavirus? That hand sanitizer is a rare commodity nowadays!

Meal prepping obviously means something very different depending on who you ask.

Reddit | monishfj

And this person has made it abundantly clear that's more about budgeting than healthy eating for them.

At least they don't have self-delusions, I guess?

While this is definitely an important time to stay hygienic, this person went above and beyond to show us how long we should be washing our hands.

Reddit | Cursed_0ne

While people might have different speeds for other techniques like this, we've definitely been Rickrolled enough to know Mr. Astley's exact tempo on this song.

It's foolproof.

I'm not sure where this photo took place, but it's as clear as day that we shouldn't mess with this grandma.

Reddit | Tankspanker

Those Werther's Originals are staying in her purse, thank you very much.

Still, it's good to remember that these aren't legal in a lot of places if you find her a little too inspiring.

These people wanted to get their point across so hard that they hijacked a completely unrelated sign to do it.

Reddit | substream00

And yes, I suppose that this means they made a rule just so they could break it. That's a whole new level of rebel.

Apparently, the fire department hates getting caught up in speed traps as much as the rest of us.

Reddit | jngdavid

Not only are they usually first on the scene when something goes down, but it turns out they've got our backs in other ways too.


I'm not sure why this was necessary, but somebody obviously wanted to make sure there absolutely no confusion as to what a banana is.

Reddit | fiv3isaliv3

Granted, one would think this would only make things more confusing when they bananas aren't ripe yet, but whatever.

Call me crazy, but I get the feeling that these folks aren't exactly open to complaints.

Reddit | coolidiot2000

I'll give them this, though. Based on the fact that this pin is still in place, it seems like a pretty effective strategy to get people to rethink their problems.

While I'm sure this was disappointing for whoever organized it, I can't say it's a big mystery as to why this meeting wasn't well-attended.

Reddit | abaganoush

I guess there's still a lot of groundwork that needs to be done before this group can actually seem like one.

Good luck, folks.

Well, I guess there's no ambiguity about how the Photoshop troll feels about this person.

Reddit | joeyh783

I'm not sure who is responsible for this savagery, but I can bet it isn't James Fridman.

Not only is he usually not this aggressive, but he takes more pleasure in corrupting specific wishes made to him than just unloading on people like this.

I think we can definitely give this guy credit and assume he read this sign carefully.

Reddit | toll-troll

After all, he really isn't breaking any rules here. It's not like we can look at this picture and say the dog is on any grass.

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