26 People Who Knew Funny When They Saw It

It's been awhile since I had a really good laugh — you know, the kind where your sides genuinely hurt afterwards and you feel like you've just run a marathon because you're so damn winded?

Yeah, that kind.

When I find myself in need of a hearty chuckle, I turn to the internet because honestly, it hasn't disappointed me yet. So here are some of the funniest pics that have made me snort-laugh today so you, too, can join me in a wildly unattractive chorus of snort laughter.

"Oh the irony..."

Reddit | Cublet823

Wow, those undercover cop cars are getting less and less inconspicuous.

"I saw this at the doctor’s office today."

Reddit | DoodlingDaughter

You've heard of dad jokes. Now get ready for doctor jokes.

Oh, you don't think doctors can make jokes? Think again.

"First sign of Spring- The NJ state flower is popping up."

Reddit | Your_Kindly_Despot

For those of us who perhaps have never ventured to New Jersey, this reddit user helpfully pointed out that these flowers are known as "traffodils".

They're stunning. So vibrant, so orange. I wonder what they smell like?

"This is funnier than it should be."

Reddit | ThePseudoPiper

I'm sure how funny you find this joke depends on which side of this fence you're standing on.

Wait, this is Jurassic Park, right?

"Co-worker sent me this... We work at NASA."

Reddit | jftims

And now we know that not even NASA employees can resist a really good, really silly joke.

Side note: I wonder what's in that super suspicious-looking silver briefcase back there? Space things, perhaps??

"My dad’s Halloween costume of ‘78."

Reddit | Emerducks

Okay, this is bad, but it seems like the costume theme of 1978 was "homemade realness" because Winnie the Pooh back there has a brown paper bag on his head so I think it's say to say everyone was just doing their best that year.

"The training has begun."

Reddit | lanesplit

I'll be honest, I didn't get this at first and it wasn't until I looked in the comments and saw one saying "pizza" that I realized we were talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It's not hard to see why this guy considers this his favorite picture of his daughter.

Reddit | txslam

I'm not sure how much she enjoyed this liftoff, but it couldn't be clearer that it was the last thing she was expecting.

Although it may be a crisis for a lot of people, one person obviously sees coronavirus as an opportunity.

Reddit | unrelenting1

How badly do you really want to write that ticket, officer?

This level of pointless and inconvenient destruction could only have a kid masterminding it.

Reddit | Bryan31285

I'm sure those toilet paper rolls perfectly complete whatever aquatic scene that imaginative little mind had envisioned, but I'm not sure it's worth it to take out the house's entire supply.

Who knew how good my grandpa had it when my mom used a whole roll to make herself into a mummy as a kid? At least that just involved wasting one of them.

As serene as it can be to have a dog curled up on your lap, the fact is that at some point, we'll have to get up to pee.

Reddit | harambefor2022

And so, one enterprising person created this substitute using only her pants and a pillow.

Apparently, the pup has since refused to leave it, so I'd call that a success.

It may be a little hard to tell what we're looking at, but rest assured that it's as curious as it is hungry.

Reddit | sspecZ

It's hard to tell what makes a phone seem like a fish to pelicans, but both this person and Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse can confirm that those wacky birds love trying to eat them for some reason.

It may be a little lumpy and weird, but this throne of games is undoubtedly more comfortable to sit on than the iron one.

Reddit | King-Of-Embers

A brief moment of silence for all the consoles that gave their lives to make this throne.

That is, except for the Xbox 360. That probably caught a fatal error long before this was even an idea.

Obviously, this guy couldn't bear to see the road fall short of his tracksuit's lofty stripe standards.

Reddit | Uzumati666

And to be honest, I'm not even sure the chances of anybody noticing are really that good.

I mean, can you really confirm that you've never driven on a road that had a superfluous third line? There's usually enough to worry about when we're driving.

This was probably a joke just to confirm that we're paying attention, but it's actually not a bad idea.

Reddit | DoctorWH0877

I guess we can only know it works for sure if we head to this aisle and discover a bunch of adults sheepishly standing around.

This really wouldn't have the same effect if "sophisticated" and "elegance" were actually spelled correctly.

Reddit | MetalWing

I guess when someone passes out at a party that has these fine collectibles on display, the etiquette is to write on their faces in only the finest calligraphy.

My favorite part of this desk isn't the fact that it's a pot and a ladle.

Reddit | vernaltalon

Instead, my favorite part is how much the novelty of sitting here has clearly worn off for this man. If he didn't think this was stupid at first, he seems to have changed his mind.

There are all sorts of gimmicky chess sets out there, but this one is subtly brilliant if it wasn't made this way by accident.

Reddit | Soap3

It adds a pretty hilarious level of surprise when someone makes almost all of the pieces completely normally only to make the knights look super derpy in the eyes.

No wonder you're supposed to move them in such a weird way.

It really doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened here.

Reddit | zoalcoalt

Not even Clark Griswold himself could have left such perfect hand-prints as he slid down off his snowy roof.

I laugh now, but it was lowkey traumatizing when the same thing almost happened to my dad when I was a kid.

Based on this water bottle, I wouldn't count on this history teacher to give an extension on your assignments.

Reddit | cornmeale

When they've got a bottle of student tears on their desk, it's probably a safe bet that there's a pop quiz today and it'll ask you how tall Abraham Lincoln's hat was or something.

Apparently, this poster was painted by someone who only got a verbal description of what happens in Space Jam.

Reddit | yugennoodles

And considering that Michael Jordan suddenly has a gun and Lola looks more like some kind of mutant chipmunk than a rabbit, I'm not sure that whoever described it was watching the right movie.

When this area in Brazil flooded, this dude decided he wasn't going to let it ruin his day.

Reddit | babydrawer

As I always say, nothing makes a bad day a little brighter like seeing someone happily float by on a colorful unicorn.

"My 17 year old student has this on his desk today."

Reddit | malak_oz

That's the spirit?

"Saw a bunch of Instagram mom's do letterboards. Thought I'd give it a go."

Reddit | itchyspiderbutthole

Motherhood be like that sometimes. Well, most times.

That's just motherhood, to be honest.

"Some 'inspirational' home decor I made. Just for fun."

Reddit | Shancar

If you're interested in picking up one of these super honest and super amazing home decor pieces, I strongly encourage you to checkout this Reddit user's Etsy page.

Go forth and hail Satan.

"I went grocery shopping and my husband put everything away... it's a blue box so it must be pasta."

Reddit | HarleenQuinzel0330

I mean, I'd just be happy he took it upon himself to put things away. Can't say this particular placement is very practical but I guess I can sort of see what the thought process there was.

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