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10+ Pictures That Prove Australia Should Just Stay Down Under

There are so many different places across the world that it's normal to expect differences from place to place. Take Canada, for example. Sure, they're right above us, but it can get pretty cold when you go really far north, not to mention the fact that they barely have any deadly spiders and snakes up there.

Here in America, however, we've got all kinds of fun stuff, like rattlesnakes, black widows, and all of those other scary things. We've even got alligators and Florida!

Somewhere that makes America looks like child's play, however, is Australia. Have you ever seen the kind of stuff down there? I've never felt so good about being so far from a place. I mean, there's a reason everyone lives on the coast of that place.

1. Just a giant snake eating a "flying fox" in the middle of the road. You know, the usual.

Imgur | Imgur

By the way, "flying fox" is the name our Aussie friends have given to this giant bat.

2. Yes, that's a giant centipede eating a snake.

Imgur | johnnyhasadhd

Bugs that are big enough to eat snakes! Oh yeah, it's venomous, too.

This is definitely not something you see every day!

3. Remember that flying fox? Yeah, here it is to scale.

Imgur | johnnyhasadhd

They eat crocodiles and eagles, you know, nothing TOO big.

I definitely wouldn't want to get too close to one!

4. Even the signs are frightening.

reddit | SharpChalk

Can I park for 15 minutes or not? Or does it mean that I can't park here, but I can if it's only for 15 minutes?


5. You can't even go golfing without being interrupted by snakes.

Imgur | peezybro

How are you supposed to get your ball back after an awesome putt?

Mental note: if golfing in Australia, bring extra golf balls.

6. Yeah, I think I'm going to have to pass...

reddit | Angelix

We've all heard the bugs are on another level in Australia, but I would never think they could eat anything bigger than themselves!

7. At least their gas pumps are normal, right?

Imgur | Imgur

Nothing seems too unusual here, folks. Just your normal run-of-the-mill lineup of gas pumps.

Except, now that I've had the chance to really study this photo, something is definitely off...

Oh, nevermind. Snakes pretend to be gas pumps in Australia.

Imgur | Imgur

Every time you go to reach for something in Australia, just be a little more cautious.

That's the biggest lesson I've learned from writing this article.

8. This is a cassowary, which kicks with its raptor-like claws that can easily kill people.

Imgur | johnnyhasadhd

Why a bird like this exists, I will never know...

Because, Australia. That's why.

9. Snakes even like to go shopping in Australia.

Imgur | johnnyhasadhd

They need to stay hip and fresh too, right?

I'm just trying to make a better excuse as to why there are so many snakes out in random places in Australia.

10. Spiders aren't just hungry for birds, snakes, and lizards.

Reddit | chicknorris63

They might also be in the mood for microwaved pasta or pizza, or whatever else someone might be microwaving.

But I'd let the spider decide on the microwave setting for this one...

11. Again, this confirms my advice to always check twice before you do ANYTHING in Australia.

Reddit | Mumsbud

Going to the bathroom isn't out of the question for them, either.

12. While not on mainland Australia, the toxic Queen River in Tasmania is close enough.

Reddit | the_outdoorsman717

This river is super toxic due to the pollution it's incurred over the centuries.

You definitely don't want to be taking a dip in here!

13. They really do have it all in Australia!


"And other beasts."

As they say in Straya, "yeah, nah." Big pass on this one, folks.

I wouldn't be walking any further on this farm's property.

14. Think a helicopter can get you out of danger Down Under?

Reddit | [deleted]

Not always, apparently. That's one determined croc! Or maybe it's just a delicious chopper.

15. So Australia gets kinda hot in the summer.

Reddit | 7shades

Is the road melting? Are this person's sandals melting? At this point, I'm not sure it matters which is doing more disintegrating.

16. Nothing like going on a nice nature hike in Australia and walking up on the back of this sign.

Reddit | deHav88

Are tiger snakes venomous? Extremely. In fact, their bites recently killed two people. So, the breeding grounds are really not the best place to be.

17. But the kangaroos are fluffy and cute, right?

Reddit | pleasesavemesuperman

Sure, some of them are. And some of them could go a few rounds with Rocky Balboa and not break a sweat.

18. Snakes aren't the only hazards to watch out for on the golf courses Down Under.

Reddit | saltyferret

Apparently the odd wildfire might crop up and at least throw off your tee time, if not consuming the fairways in a conflagration.

19. But still, watch out for snakes, too.

Reddit | TimmyJ292

They like shoes just as much as they like toilets and golf greens, it would seem.

20. And light fixtures.

Reddit | Khaleeasi24

Above and below, when you're sitting, when you're standing, when you're trying to use the bathroom, it doesn't seem to matter: The snakes will sneak up on you.

21. Also, toads.

Reddit | InternetOfficer

As in, the kind of toads that can bring down snakes. If that doesn't earn your respect and a wide berth, I don't know what will.

22. Now, THAT'S a storm front.

Reddit | LunaFairy

If it can turn day into night in its wake, it's an impressive storm. Beach day is done!

23. This is what passed for a steering wheel in one Australian person's car.

Reddit | sdfghjkaaa

And sure, Australia is far from the only country to have maniacs on its roads, but vice grips instead of a steering wheel? Come on now.

24. Somebody found this cute lil guy in a bottle in the ocean while out for a snorkel.

Reddit | Shmallies

It's a blue-ringed octopus, one of the most venomous in the world.

You can survive if it poisons you — if you happen to have a ventilator on hand and have your heart massaged the whole time you're paralyzed, the poison will dissipate 24 hours. So, yeah.

25. But let's not forget the spiders.


Whether this guy is venomous or not, I'm pretty sure it owns that broom now. It claimed it fair and square.

26. Just because these are on a plate doesn't make them any less unappetizing.

Reddit | amalolcat

No one actually knows what these are, but they are some sort of bug casings.

Not something I would want to stumble upon ever in my life.

27. It kind of looks like it's from the movie Alien, but according to redditors, it's a koala corpse.

reddit | FleeCircus

Who's to say it's not a koala alien corpse? Because it certainly looks like that to me!

28. Spider 1, Snake 0.

Reddit | ironypatrol

I'm honestly surprised and terrified by how often the snakes have come out on the losing end here. It's ridiculous.

29. That'll spoil the romance a bit.

Reddit | no-soy-de-escocia

I guess the good news is that you don't have to worry so much about ants ruining your picnic, but this guy will be a bit tougher to brush off.