12+ People Who Got Away With Breaking The Rules

People don't choose the thug life, it chooses them. It's sort of like a cooler version of the sorting hat from Harry Potter. And, for the very reason that I just made that reference, you can probably tell that the thug life certainly never chose me.

However, this list is for people who it did choose. Those who simply don't care about breaking the rules, and more often than not, get away with said rule-breaking! So, prepare yourself for a healthy dose of badassery, as I present you with 12+ people who got away with breaking the rules!

"Lil rebel."

Reddit | Hopelessromanticass

If this person didn't take that little rebel home, then I need to know exactly where it is and how long it will take me to be there!

The Ultimate Bird Repeller

Reddit | MrMeaner50

Just look at the way that this little guy is glaring back at the camera. They really don't give a toss about your QB-4 Ultrasonic Bird Repeller!

"This Man is a Rebel."

Reddit | justikke

Ah, how turning chairs on top of tables has turned into turning tables onto chairs!

Is That Regulation?

Reddit | iredragonsrule

Somewhere there is a health and safety inspector frothing at the mouth after just glancing at this picture.

Thug Life

Reddit | AdamMcC1572

That's actually quite an impressive feat to have accomplished. With my God-awful sense of balance, I'd have toppled off those shoulders as soon as I was up there.

"This Is How My Boyfriend Took Care Of Me When I Blacked Out!"

Reddit | mina_sadek1

That girl must have been dead to the world for her boyfriend to get a whole bike into the bed without waking her up!

My friends just used to put sour cream on people who had passed out. This is a much more wholesome option.

The Claw!

Reddit | trob

The people who work here are deathly afraid of crabs, that's why this hand motion is forbidden. It is punishable by four years in jail.

The Dog Is Already Dead, Please Don't Break My Window

Reddit | quarry

I mean, I cannot stand seeing dogs in cars with the windows up, but I suppose there is no choice but to make an exception here.

Also, the smiley face seems a little off message.

"School is very good at enforcing this rule."

Reddit | cadenthecool

Rogue game websites were all the rage in our school.

You'd have about three days to get the most out of them before the IT department would catch on and install a filter. Then you'd start the desperate search to find another one that wasn't blocked.

"'Hey what should we name this truck?' 'I don't care. Just pick two random words.'"

Reddit | RyanTheCanadian

Whoever was the creative lead on this product really got away with something special here.

For those two words to be next to each other on a real product is genuinely special.

"Frick The System!"

Reddit | jerrysmith87

The best art is art that pushes society's boundaries. Give it a few years and this will be featured at an exhibit in the Guggenheim for its daring message.

"Madlad doesn't abide by feet placement rules."

Reddit | Owen_h_a

That's how you end up getting sucked into the mechanism and shredded like a pigeon through a jet engine! Be very careful!

Get Off Scot Free!

Reddit | mikeg1985

I wonder how many absolute boneheads actually turned up for this? A worrying amount, I'd guess.

"I f**ked up leaving my windows open while shampooing my carpet."

Reddit | krippy99

Just look at that face! How on Earth is anyone supposed to stay angry with that adorable expression?

They just want to see what you're doing to the carpet, and curiosity killed the cat, not the dog.

"Jeep owner in Philly asks neighborhood junkies to please be more careful when they break in."

Reddit | mattjh

I think that this person might have used their exclamation mark quota for the year right here.

"A Real Badass."

Reddit | TooDryy

For a kick off, who on Earth decided on the font that they used for this worksheet?

There are just alternating CaPs anD lOwer caSE LetTers RandomLY ThrOugHoUt!

Being A Caring Boyfriend

Reddit | acefeather

This was one hell of a bold move, but one which seems to have paid off!

Not often you can call your partner an alien and get away with it. That's just the power of Starbucks I guess.

"It's Been Four Days, And No One Has Noticed."

Reddit | ThunderPheonix21

It took me a considerable amount of time to actually realize what they had done to this setup! I guess putting in a figurine that is dressed like the real wise men was a stroke of genius.

"At least they tried."

Reddit | MissEllaineous

This kid is radiating some insanely chaotic energy! But, at the end of the day, they did try, I guess, didn't they?

Police's Very Own Coloring Book!

Reddit | ElVirgoxd

I always managed to stay inside the lines! Nah, who am I kidding, mine were all over the place.

Maybe I need to get one of those adult coloring books to see if I'm any better now.