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13+ Stirring And Powerful Pics That Really Captured A Moment

It's amazing how much emotion can be packed into the tiny frame of a photograph. You experience it every time you go through old photo albums and yearbooks, don't you? And when you read the news, there's always a photograph or two that help back up the emotional punch of a piece.

So, here are a few pics that stirred up our hearts and really brought the emotional power.

When higher-than-anticipated turnout is more than welcome.

Reddit | mcmeatballs

"I have two hearing impaired employees that were very nervous to do a volunteer basic sign language training and didn't think anyone would show up," the uploader explained. "This is a photo of about 1/2 of the room. We had to bring in more chairs and print more copies of the ASL alphabet."

Remember, kids are watching us.

Reddit | uglyassdude

"Caught my 3yo boy under his car and he said 'I need tools,'" the uploader wrote. It's cute as heck, and a good reminder that we're always role modeling for our little ones.

Representation is a big deal for kids.

Reddit | ihopebolsonarodies

Just look at the look on her face — that's some kind of special moment, and I can't even begin to fathom how much it means to her and her parents.

The power of love.

Facebook | Scarlett the cat

Back in 1996, Scarlett the cat walked into flames to rescue her five kittens from a fire — one at a time.

Firefighters on the scene noticed her nudging each kitten with her nose after they were safely outside. Four of her five kittens survived, and Scarlett herself went on to live until 2008.

Those are some mighty waves.

Instagram | @ihaig72

And this isn't even the open ocean, but Sydney Harbour's Manly Ferry. To think this might be a common run — or at least not unusual — for the ferry service is just chilling.

Some folks you never forget.

Reddit | saltytoast

This is the turnout in Western Australia to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the passing of Bon Scott, former lead singer of AC/DC, and celebrate his life. He's still beloved on his native soil.

Well, that's a pretty amazing welcome to the job.

Reddit | AsianUrination

"Been a Veterinarian for only 3 weeks and this was my first ever bird surgery!! Removed this Lipoma," explained the uploader. And it looks like a big success so far!

When exhaustion met elation for Molly Seidel.

Instagram | @bygolly.molly

It was an emotional day for the former Notre Dame track star — after overcoming a slew of injuries and an eating disorder that derailed her promising career, Seidel, now working as a barista, entered her very first marathon ever and ended up qualifying for the 2020 U.S. Olympic squad.

Well-earned jubilation.

Facebook | Meanwhile in Australia

Australian firefighters finally got to rejoice in some rain that brought relief from the country's historically awful bushfires. Unfortunately, New South Wales experienced significant flooding from the rains, but the fires did go out.

About six weeks before those rains came, this was a scene from the Australian bushfires.

Allison Marion

A young mother had to take her two elementary school-aged kids on a boat to escape the flames encroaching on their neighborhood in Mallacoota, Victoria. Despite the appearance, this picture was taken in the middle of the day.

Baby steps.

Reddit | 17acNolan1

In many countries, tipping in restaurants is not required, while in North America, it's often seen as a way to reward good service.

This Texas restaurant is going to try the way of the rest of the world to try to take better care of its employees.

Taking a stand.

Reddit | irfankamil

With terrible violence perpetrated by mobs against Muslims well-publicized in India, these Hindus are linking arms to protect Muslims while they pray.


Reddit | BarkDait

Obviously she's not turning 25 — but she kind of is, too.

Born on Leap Day, this lady is turning 100, but it's technically only the 25th time her birthday has even been on the calendar.

"In health and in sickness."

Instagram | @marlene_biwt

Okay, this one got me. It's definitely getting dusty in here. And good news, folks, she beat cancer.

"This is what 50 years of marriage and the last days of hospice care look like."

Reddit | mentalsepsis

Speaking of getting dusty in here...something about love that just doesn't quit has to tug your heartstrings, doesn't it?

"Grandma quilted her whole life, seemed appropriate to celebrate her passing with her work."

Reddit | gingerlov3n

And it looks like she made an amazing difference to a lot of people in her life — and made some wonderfully stunning quilts. This is just all-around beautiful.

This 98-year-old woman just beat coronavirus.

Reddit | abidlone1111

She's the oldest person known to have recovered from the outbreak devastating China, and she was treated at one of the temporary hospitals built in a matter of days to handle the sudden influx of patients.

The rites of spring.

Reddit | A_Crafty_Indian

"Been looking forward to this day for 8 years," wrote the uploader. And as much as it's a joyful time for dads to be able to pass the lawnmowing torch to the next generation, it has to be a bit emotional too, don't you think?

Because history and artifacts are for everyone.

Reddit | heterotard

A park ranger at Independence National Historic Park was pictured helping a blind man experience the Liberty Bell.

Sometimes kids literally look up to their heroes.

Reddit | bambarby

In this case, it's U.S. national soccer star Alex Morgan — and she's clearly a huge inspiration to the next generation of athletes.

"Mom is proud."

Reddit | CambodianDuck

This is one of those pictures that just speaks for itself. So much joy and well earned happiness after what every graduate knows was a long, stressful process.

"The moment your dog comes out of the fire you thought he died in," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | CarolinaGrace

That has to be a moment of massive relief indeed.

And as one person shared on Reddit, this is an opportunity to train your dogs to keep them safe. "LPT for dog owners: part of testing your smoke alarms should include giving your dog a treat once the alarm sounds. This trains them to come and find you once the alarm goes off. My dog salivates when I reach for the test button now."

"'When I die, I want my casket strapped down with mule tape in the back of my Hot Rod.' - Dad."

Reddit | east_off

Well, that's just the absolute perfect send-off, done with love, care, and no small amount of respect.

The raw power of a tornado is seen with remarkably clear detail here.

Reddit | ManicFirestorm

And thankfully, it appears to have touched down over some of America's wide open spaces, and not where it can cause havoc.

This pizza place is showing the love.

Reddit | letmegetinmyzone

Because nobody should have to pick through garbage to get a meal. Totally worth the cost of a slice.

"Five years ago I promised my sister I would bring a llama to her wedding," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | DJ117Xx

Is it silly? Sure. But there's also something to be said for the kind of familial bond that would make this happen in the first place, and make him see that strange, years-old promise through. That's a good brother and sister right there.

Might have been a slight shock.

Reddit | Hueybluebelt

"Today I welcomed my first child into the world," wrote the uploader. "Here's a photo of me waking up after passing out in the OR."