30 Modern Problems That Require Modern Solutions

Life can throw a lot at you. Perhaps your pet goat keeps getting its damn horns stuck in your front gate, or maybe you need to find a quick way to turn your car into a Jaguar so your neighbor doesn't look down on your old Hyundai any more!

However, there are solutions to all of life's problems if you think hard enough. There is no limit to the ingenuity of humanity when presented with a menial problem, and to prove that, here are 17+ modern problems that require modern solutions!

"Here's a picture inside of the busiest railway station (Howrah Station) in India!"

Reddit | just_intiaj

Now, I don't know who needs to hear this... but don't poop on the floor in train-stations!

"I Fixed The Goat"

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

I bet you give that goat a day or two and it will find a new way to get its head stuck again. Its face screams mischief.

"Big problems require big solutions."

Reddit | zoxor

In fairness, I think you could go one further and just burn the whole thing down!

"Yes honey I paid 15$ for this guitar."

Reddit | Roach2791

Look, you can't put a price on the feeling of playing a new guitar. Well, you can, but that's not important!

"I always hate it when a piece is missing."

Reddit | molly_struve

Welp, looks like you're heading back to the shop to get some assistance! Either that or getting on a plane to Vietnam.

"My astrophysicists daughter gave me a birthday card."

Reddit | tachoknight

Getting old can make you feel a bit down, so from now on I'll be measuring my age in Uranus years. And yes, I picked Uranus because of immaturity reasons.

Day At The Races

Reddit | Cobax5

I can't wait to see her pop a sick ollie, or a totally rad kick-flip! Yeah, I played too much Tony Hawks Proskater as a kid, leave me alone.

"1st world problem."

Reddit | ShoreSWBF

I might adopt this technique for my door. I mean, I won't hear the bottle of rocks, and that's exactly the point.

"Well that solves our robbery problem."

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

Security guard dusting off hands: "Well, we've done it lads, we've solved crime."

"There is definitely a problem."

Reddit | Terminatorbrk

I mean, you don't buy a tyre casing like that if you're not expecting to be upside down at some point!

"Guy at coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand."

Reddit | JakesFriendsBrother

Sure, it may not be the most glamorous solution, but it's one hell of a saving! Also, you're not bowing down to the capitalist machine, even though you've already bought the Mac...

"Why didn't I think of this sign?"

Reddit | gonebonkerz

There is something odd about writing "HAVE A NICE DAY!" in all caps with an exclamation mark at the end. It feels strangely hostile.

"My window cracked so I fixed it the only way I know how."

Reddit | SmellyShmitzel

This is the single most teenage boy approach to fixing a windshield I have ever seen, and I absolutely love it.

"It's Real I Swear!"

Reddit | unpugar27

"Just stay exactly where you are, they'll never know the difference!"

*Disbelieving bark...

"They'll never know damn it!"


Reddit | Ken_LolGamer

Who really has the time in their life to sit down and do a jigsaw? No one, that's who!

Pranking Your Way To Safer Driving!

Reddit | Ken_LolGamer

Another fun prank is using your indicators! It's truly hilarious, you should definitely try it!

"Fixed it."

Reddit | jwdmsd

It's about time someone fixed that damn tower! How have no health and safety officials kicked up a fuss about that health hazard before?

"Good idea!"


Truly, no one has made a child-murdering space warlord look so cute before!

"Problem Solved..."

Reddit | theantnest

Yes, the coronavirus is still very real and people are still very freaked out.

But if we can't laugh about it, we just might cry about it, and that won't solve anything.

"Neighbours claim the speeding problem on their street has been solved after this grandma started using her hair dryer."

Reddit | namraka

She saw a problem and she found a solution. I'm just impressed his lady is dedicated enough to spend so much time out there pointing her hairdryer at people.

"First world problems in Iceland."

Reddit | burningmidnight

"If you reach the testicle museum, you've gone too far."

"No money for the dentist? No problem."

Reddit | mangomilk

Look, a trip to the dentist can be pretty pricey. We're all just out here doing what we gotta do to get by and keep smiling.

"My daughter asked me for a computer to watch you tube videos of dogs. I told her I have no money to buy it, she came out with her own solution to the problem."

Reddit | yubimarcano

I like this kid's style. When her mom said "no", did she resign herself to a life without a laptop? No she did not. She made her own because you can't keep this little girl down.

"Iceland does not want to deal with your stupidity - and i think that’s beautiful."

Reddit | Joe_Vanelli

Let's all just collectively stop polluting nature with coins so we can make pointless "wishes" please.

"My wife posted this sign (on her office door) during our Holiday Party."

Reddit | chaoslexifer

Personally, I don't think Murphy was looking for food. I think he was feeling left out in his little room and just wanted to join the party.

"My hometown Taco Bell."

Reddit | enraged768

Man, I love chains like this that pay employees minimum wage and are then confused when those workers put in minimum effort.

"I took grad photos with my boyfriend of the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt “fixed” my photos."

Reddit | paatiencew

Okay, her aunt must be incredibly talented because it took me a full minute of staring at this photo to realize that isn't her boyfriend but is, in fact, Channing Tatum.

"I have an ugly tribal tattoo. But I think I fixed it."

Reddit | u/kvd

This only problem I have with this clever solution is that the two asterisks don't match and now my eye is twitching.

"Modern problems require modern solutions."

Reddit | knownothingwiseguy

I might just put one of these on my head when I'm not even listening to music, just pop in my headphones and this sign on and let the world pass me by in peace.

"Attention idiots!"

Reddit | freebirdls

They're really not messing around here! I wonder how many times people got loaded weapons out in the past before they put this sign up?