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15+ People Who Caught Us By Surprise

The world that we live in is full of surprises. From the fact that people still give a rats ass about who sings the Bond theme, to the idea that there were a staggering 17 seasons of NCIS! I mean, who on Earth has seen all 17 of those?!

However, there are are also people out there who like to keep everyday life more entertaining, and aim to keep their friends, family, or random strangers on their toes in their day to day life. And, with those people in mind, here are 15+ people who caught us by surprise!

"Towel animal left by the hotel staff."

Reddit | OyeSimpson

Now that is some impressive cotton origami skills! But, what kind of animal do you actually think this is meant to be?

"On God!"

Reddit | Shaneisaboss

Would you pull them over? Or would you let them off? I mean it definitely looks like a fake plate to me!

"We sent this cake photo (left) to a cake shop, and this is what we got (right)."

Reddit | Mohamadil

Now, this is a tricky one, because they technically hit the brief! Would you have sent it back?

"My wife looked out of our living room window and saw this... TV screen reflection lined up perfectly with her car."

Reddit | Reflex81

Not often that you get your car stolen by one of the main characters from the Big Bang Theory. Although, having your car stolen certainly seems like a funnier experience than actually watching the Big Bang Theory.

"Humorous, but all I can think about is what kind of monster stores their dry cereal in the fridge..."

Reddit | rlprice74

Checking for laxatives would just be a case of checking the seal. However, the real game would be finding new flatmates before they start putting laxatives in other things!

"Changing my own tires today."

Reddit | masternoob96p

Good God! There must be Mercedes owners wincing all over the place at the very existence of this image... which is actually a good thing I guess.

"What is love?!"

Reddit | DeadshotMF1

Does anyone know who sung this song? I'll be impressed if people do. Let me know in the comments here if you know, and I'll pop the answer at the end! There might be a prize!

"Years ago my brother lost his phone on a rollercoaster. Figured there was no way to know when. Then he saw the ride photo..."

Reddit | moonshine12

I'm not sure which one the brother is, but I'm assuming it is the guy in the Star Trek t-shirt, as he looks like he is trying so hard not to wet himself that he wouldn't feel his phone whizzing out of his pocket.

"He'll never let you down."

Reddit | aaronmechanx

No one saw this candidate coming and yet there he is, making the kind of problems that people truly care about!

"Took a photo of the Millennium Falcon just as the lady in the scooter jumped to hyper speed!"

Reddit | mikeysweet

I've heard that she managed to do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

"We went to the beach to find shark teeth, when my daughter yelled 'I found teeth!' this was the last thing I expected."

Reddit | ProbablyNotDrew

Yep, I don't think that there would be enough disinfectant in the world for me to feel comfortable in my skin if this happened to me.

"Surprised this guy had no escort cars."

Reddit | id_do_hannamontana

I've heard that there is a superstition around driving without a load, so perhaps this was a way to get around the bad luck.

Still a funny surprise to see on the highway, though.

"Surprisingly foamy bath soap!"

Reddit | Danger_Barrel

That looks like something that would be incredibly fun during the moment, but an absolute nuisance the second after the fun stops.

"So much for the 'surprise' party."

Reddit | snolx

Maybe it isn't meant to be a surprise. Maybe they're expecting a YPPAH YADHTRIB party.

"I was rewatching slow-mo guys and I noticed something…"

Reddit | BloxPizza

No matter how much you dress people up in lab coats, you can't take the juveniles schoolboy sense of humor out of some people!

"When the delivery driver makes the mistake of asking you to make him a pizza and says, 'I don’t care what kind, surprise me.'"

Reddit | toxinogen

I mean... I'd try it.

"Karen wants tickets for life. Not surprising."

Reddit | johnny-hopscotch

Karen refers to herself in the third person and blames a random employee for a basic runny nose.

Karen must be a nightmare.

"My grandpa passed a few years back and I was missing him, asked my grandma to send some photos.. this is what she sent. Cheered me up!"

Reddit | mrbakerfield

This person also went on to share an interesting fact about their grandfather. Apparently, he used to drink a beer, and halfway down it fill it back up with tomato juice. Does anyone else know someone who does this, because I've never heard of this before!

"I was expecting to be burgled over Christmas, figure I'd not waste the criminal's time."

Reddit | many_mishaps_melly

I can think of much worse security measures to take. I don't really know what there is in my house to steal, except for a fairly new coffee machine, and half a cake I haven't gotten round to eating yet.

"I left a surprise for whoever replaces the flooring next."

Reddit | TemperateHoosier

Centuries from now, future archaeologists are going to be very confused about this common hieroglyph.

"My toddler picked out a 'super cool hot dog card' for his favorite uncle."

Reddit | MostFlavorfulBond

Well, I'm sure that there is one uncle out there who got a bit of a shock for this year's birthday!

"He is going to get surprised."

Reddit | Roy_69

Since most people know what this said originally, this sort of vandalism is pretty funny. Would suck to be that guy in an emergency, though.

"My friend constantly surprises his mom with the bird and captures her reactions."

Reddit | gemini8200

If my mom always reacted like this, I'd probably do the same thing.

"Mum left a little surprise for me in the ice cream."

Reddit | wowloneal

Mum isn't messing around.

My parents once left me a note in the tub of Neapolitan complaining about how I never ate the strawberry. In my defense, I have always been very clear about not liking strawberry ice cream and yet they kept buying Neapolitan.

"Moving out and leaving a surprise. Finally found a purpose for those Spider-Man heads I cut out from some pizza boxes like 3 years ago."

Reddit | Haussage

Well played, sir! This is the sort of prank I can get behind.

"Volunteered at my 9-year-old's camp. I asked him to pack us a lunch. Really regret not checking what he had packed before we left."

Reddit | JephriB

That's one hell of a sugary lunch! Although, I can think of worse things to have for lunch!

"A surprise welcome."

Reddit | calvinwashere2

Office pranks are a fine tradition as long as no one is getting singled out too often.

"My sister and I call each other the world's biggest dork, bought the domain as a Christmas surprise."

Reddit | glastonbury13

As far as surprise Christmas presents go, this one is pretty cool! Also, this website is actually still live!

"Passive Aggressive Food Preferences."

Reddit | Golf3putt

I wonder if this passive aggressive war of stickers and notes is still raging on today?

"Well, well, well, how the turntables..."

Reddit | TexB22

Seems like someone can't take a taste of their own medicine. Really, that dog looks entirely unimpressed, like he's gunning to be chief and will not stand any funny business.

"A 17-year-old student brought this to school and kept it on his desk."

Reddit | malak_oz

At least he's planning ahead. I'm sure he's already got some Jimmy Buffet queued up for when he can officially clock onto island time.

"This person's cousin ordered a cake and told the bakers to write whatever they wanted on it."

Reddit | B1ockh3d

They're not far off base with this being the nation's favorite game, I play it nearly every day. I don't usually win.

"Someone brought this to the office potluck."

Reddit | pasciiii

This is genius. Not only is it funny, it's a great excuse if you're a bad cook!

"This mom saw lots of Instagram posts by other moms using letterboards and wanted to give it a try."


I can't speak for the Instagram moms or how they'd take this, but I consider it a huge success. Her son looks kind of mad about it though.

"A hairstylist is doing her boyfriend's hair almost every day, and doing photo shoots for each one!"


I can't tell who's luckier: the girlfriend for having a boyfriend with perfect hair to practice on, the boyfriend who's getting a free makeover every day, or us, the audience who gets to see these stellar results!

"A man received a heartwarming letter from his daughter."

Reddit | Str8upbored

I've always known that kids are the most brutal truth-tellers, but this is almost cruel. At least she also called him funny.

"This store offers a well sought out service."

Reddit | Roach2791

The amount of heartache and strife this store has saved couples has landed them in the universe's good books, for sure.

"One boy refuses to be mistaken on Halloween."

Reddit | Emerducks

He's not just any monkey, no way, he's Curious George specifically. He didn't spend this long on this pantyhose construction project to be seen as anyone else.

"This man took his son's phone away for the day and decided to mess with him on top of that."

Reddit | aworsh

Ouch, talk about adding insult to injury. The son took it in stride though and responded in a funnier way than expected.

"Danger, danger, low voltage!"

Reddit | ThePseudoPiper

If they're trying to ward off trespassers with cleverness, I think it would work. A quick chuckle and they're on their way.

"This couple has been together for 67 years!"

Reddit | Haggerjp

Clearly they're handling it super well. A match made in heaven if I've ever seen it, simply meant to be.

"This man's astrophysicist daughter gave them a birthday card."

Reddit | tachoknight

I can't tell if this was supposed to make him feel younger or older.

"Someone had to cut down a tree in their yard and was visited by a sad guest."

Reddit | wer190

Don't worry squirrel, there are plenty of other trees in the world, I'm sure you'll find one that won't be cut down by some mean human any time soon.

"She's getting awfully creative during playtime."

Reddit | case2000

At least whatever she's summoning is at least bound to be cute, right?

"Mom went couch shopping. She sent my sister a pic when we noticed something..."

Reddit | Jchka3

At first I thought that this was just this person's parents playing a joke on them. However, the person who posted this said that they have no idea who these people are!

Oh, also, Haddaway sung "What Is Love". If you got it right, then the prize is the feeling you get from being correct! Sure it's cheap, but it's still a prize!