28 People Who Just Aren't Helping Themselves

It's easy to judge people who've done something dumb. It feels like the shoe will never be on the other foot. But eventually, everything comes full circle, because human beings are good at grabbing failure from the jaws of success.


Reddit | chickenalfredy

Spilling the salt is bad luck, supposedly. I don't know if pepper is similarly cursed, but ruining your breakfast like this should be punishment enough.

Oh, come on.

Reddit | Eric264

This person somehow brought the scoopings from their cat's litter box with them to work instead of their lunch bag. Even as a fellow cat owner, this is not a relatable problem.

Better late than never?

Reddit | TheRealCorbonzo

Years ago, some guy bought tickets to see the legendary Led Zeppelin and promptly lost them. Now, 45 years later, he's finally found his lost tickets.

How do you leave this uninsured?

Reddit | xXJamesScarXx

This Lamborghini Huracan, which I understand is worth a little more than my Honda Civic, got totally ruined in a flood. And no, it wasn't insured.


Reddit | kttyfrncs

This girl was bleaching her hair at home and involved a plastic bag at some point in the process. Apparently plastic bags have graphics that are easily transferable when exposed to bleach.

Well done.

Reddit | daddysnakeboi

Properly baking these oven pizzas can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but there's no excuse for this. This isn't delivery or DiGiorno, it's freakin' devastated.

Smurfi boi.

Reddit | AbanaClara

I almost have trouble believing that a dog owner would mistake blue hair dye for dog shampoo, but alas, we live in a world full of ineptitude.

Date night.

Twitter | @prayag_sonar

This sounds like a terrible scenario for all parties involved, but who breaks up at a restaurant? You're just ensuring that the rest of the meal will be incredibly awkward.

The trifecta.

Reddit | Kyscool

This person found one weird trick to break their apartment door, cut themselves open, and lock themselves inside all in one fell swoop.

The more you know.

Reddit | GeraldinePacheco712

This is the kind of message people would probably rather know than be kept in the dark over, but it's hard to imagine it surfacing at a worse time.

Time to get a new van.

Reddit | sn00perz

It doesn't seem complicated, but one should always close doors when they exit the car. Otherwise, the interior may turn into a winter wonderland.

At least they got a funny pic out of it.

Reddit | highjackin

When someone tells you to avoid something, and you don't know what that something is, it's probably best to clarify. It could save your life, or prevent your husband from using you for internet points.

C'mon, Terry.

Reddit | GallowBoob

I guess Terry wanted his house painted, but didn't want to pay. Now his very house serves as a giant billboard to shame him to his neighbors.

Just turn the sign off.

Reddit | MegaOcelot

Big electric signs are prone to outages, but this one is particularly unfortunate. Maybe a more low-key sign that can't have individual letters burn out is in order.

To boldly go...

Reddit | DukeMaximum

This guy got told by one of the workers at his new job that everyone dresses up. Turns out nobody dresses up, so this guy has no choice but to be Captain Kirk for the day.


Reddit | vbivanov

These are the toes on a statue of Jesus in India. When the toes began dripping water, people came to drink it. As it turns out, the water wasn't holy. It was from a clogged toilet.

It's cordless now.

Reddit | Dalo600

This guy bought one of those long orange extension cords to do some trimming, then proceeded to trim the extension cord. Maybe it's time for a battery-powered model.

Amtrak can't do anything right.

Reddit | burdizthewurd

I took Amtrak once and arrived 16 hours late to my destination. That's it. It's not a funny story and I have nothing more to add. Never again, Amtrak.

Mmmm, birthday goo.

Reddit | baby-got-Bach

One sure be certain when one is buying birthday cake that one is, in fact, buying cake and not ice cream cake before storing it in the fridge.

"Changing my own tires today."

Reddit | masternoob96p

Not sure where they got the advice to break out an angle grinder, but it's definitely not the right tool for this job.

When the slow cooker is extra slow.

Reddit | notpreposterous

Nothing like messing up in a way that will cost you time and money. It is a good way to ensure you get to eat pizza, however.

Maybe too romantic.

Reddit | JackHoffmanTheWise

He sure did pick a nice, romantic spot to tie his shoelaces, just not the best pose.

A different kind of mood lighting.

Reddit | KorillaKrodd

"Tried to be thrifty and make new candles with collected wax from old candles," explained the uploader. "Now we have butthole candles."

Cool new look.

Reddit | MyBeautifulMess

If I saw this, I would probably assume that, yes, static had stuck the thong to his shorts. If he was full-on wearing the thong over the shorts, it would be a good bit weirder.

Tragedy strikes.

Reddit | molmello

"Wanted to chill some beers for me and the boys, but forgot about them," the uploader wrote. Tough, tough lesson to learn.

Caught in the act.

Reddit | esberat

Sure, theoretically they should use one of the many Roombas nearby. But maybe there's a risk of them becoming self-aware when too many are activated at once.

Not handled as well as planned.

Reddit | AgentA113

"I'm a genius. Was amazed how quickly I repaired my entry door from the garage," the uploader explained. Crazy how that works! Sadly, the job is not quite done yet.

Cute crop top.

Reddit | St0nedB0l0gn

Unfortunately, it also used to be one of his favorite sweaters. Sigh. Laundry can be unforgiving at times.

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