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16+ People Who Never Cease To Amaze Me With Their Stupidity

There are some people out there who have an occasional lapse in a sense. They're the kind of people who you see driving into Looney Tunes-Esque drawn on tunnels (yes, there's genuinely one of those in here), or the sorts of people who really can't tell their "you're" from their "your".

Odds are you have met someone lacking in the sensitive area, or maybe you've been that person yourself from time to time. Either way, I'm certain you'll enjoy these 16+ people who never cease to amaze me with their stupidity.

"Iceland does not want to deal with your stupidity - and I think that's beautiful."

Reddit | Joe_Vanelli

Icelanders are sick of your wishes clogging up their ecosystem, and why shouldn't they be?!

"If only there was a letter in Paris that resembled the Eiffel Tower."

Reddit | dr3dnought

In the words of the great Audrey Hepburn, "Paras is always a good idea."

"Meep Meep!"

Reddit | Buderus69

Look, it's one thing to be tricked by a painted-on tunnel in the first place, but one that has the Road Runner next to it is the next level!

"Americans don't know where America is."

Reddit | thompson_10

Now, my geography is terrible, but I think that even I might have been able to do a bit better than some of these people!

"I decided it was faster to draw the QR codes — boss."

Reddit | TA-l3gzoojmgo

Just you wait until you take a photograph of these and it works! I mean, it probably won't, but a boss can dream!

"People hating on a Korean movie, Parasite, for not being in English."

Reddit | Pow67

Trump recently had a pop at Parasite — because of course, he did — by saying that he couldn't understand it, however, the distributors of Parasite hit back by explaining, "Understandable, he can’t read."

"Thanks for the advice."

Reddit | clarkieeBoy

The old adage, "Do as I say, not as I do," has never been more aptly put forward.

"A touching tribute to NBA legend Kanye West."

Reddit | RayOfBabas

Oh, Fox News, you bunch of rascals, you've done it again. This is a more classically Fox News cock-up than I ever thought they were capable of.

"They're evolving, but backwards."

Reddit | KrazieCookie

The first way to free yourself is to go back in time and stop yourself from buying this idiotic book.

"If it is stupid but it works, it ain't stupid."

Reddit | cipher0_

Sure, that seems like a good idea, but just wait until they have flies shooting down it a splatting into the driver's face.

"This is so stupid that it is funny."

Reddit | kalumm

This looks like a maths problem in a child's textbook. "How would you get all of the busses out without causing a crash? Show your working."

"I'm sure they'd love to."

Reddit | Darius_Skucas

I really don't think that this person understands the meaning of the word "homeless".

"If you're ever feeling stupid, just be glad you didn't write this twice on your car."

Reddit | CaptainWales69

There is so much to be depressed about in this image, I'll just let it sit with you for a moment.

"I accidentally broke my thermometer and this liquid came out. It's so fun to play with."

Reddit | KarandeepSingh88

"Mercury, the only toy to cause nausea, tremors, kidney poisoning, and even madness! Get yours now!"

The Relationships In This School Textbook...

Reddit | TeoriaDelCaos

I can think of one way to "explain the relationships"! Thoroughly messed up!

"Tell that to the, uh, I dunno, entire US military."

Reddit | Tovarish-Aleksander

Looking at things like this makes me worry that humanity is in fact doomed. I'll need to go outside and find some normal people who can restore my faith in humanity after finishing this list!

How Many Countries Are There Again?

Reddit | Dagmatt1001010

Who is going to be the one to tell her? Making this list has really given me a boost of confidence about my geography knowledge.

Actually Kind Of Impressive


I don't even know how he managed to keep drinking to that point? I'd have wobbled home for a kebab and bed way before hitting that point!

"Mints! or Drugs!? At least we can confirm the mother has never done drugs before."

Reddit | XxBraedynXx

I'm honestly just impressed this mom was willing to put one in her mouth if she was so sure it was drugs. That's real trust right there,

"Very helpful."

Reddit | whyyyyyyie

I'm not sure I want to spend my hard-earned money on a bag that has the audacity to get heavy when I put things inside of it.

"I don’t really know how much more clear I can make it lmao."

Reddit | Usual_Yellow

Okay, but can we all agree we either worked or still work with a co-worker who talked just like this when trying to get rid of their shift?

So annoying.

"Get in the ball."

Reddit | introvertedintooit

I'm not sure PETA super understands just what exactly the concept of collecting Pokemon is. Can someone please explain it's not just about hanging out with animals? Please?

"Instructions unclear..."

Reddit | black_flag_4ever

Okay, to be fair, this is technically what was ordered. But I'm not sure why anyone in their right mind would ever order that. If I were the pizza maker, I'd have at least asked a few questions before tossing that monstrosity together.

"3 humans... trying to unlock a car to get the keys out. Mind you.... there is plastic taped over the back window."

Reddit | beaverkc

Maybe they didn't want to deal with the hassle of re-taping that window up again, did you ever think of that??

"Cooking skills out of this world."

Reddit | GallowBoob

I can definitely see the thought process here but I'm also not sure how anyone could have ever thought you could get that same, delicious oatmeal cookie taste just from a bowl of damn oatmeal.

"Where do adopted kids come from?"

Reddit | SteveIrinRule34

Adopted kids simply materialize, like magic. It's almost beautiful. Almost.

"It’s not a real fire."

Reddit | lol62056

Mark doesn't know the difference between a fire and a screen, and so Mark should maybe hold-off from submitting comments and/or complains for a little while.

"What a f***ing idiot."

Reddit | gquinn

I mean, we could get into the argument here about babies being switched at birth in the hospital but I really don't think that's the situation this person is referencing.

"Found at my highschool."

Reddit | bthurst91

Will the church ever stop trying to connect with teenagers and failing miserably? I hope not, 'cause it is truly hilarious!

"This man really out here wearing a hentai sweatshirt in the Vatican City."

Reddit | CaptainCrypt1018

The combination of hentai sweatshirt, what looks like a shark tooth necklace, and that hideous little bag is enough to make you despair of humanity regardless of where he is.