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11+ People Who Hid Humor In Plain Sight

There is so much going on in the world that it can be easy to miss the little details which surround us. From unexpected photographs in frames they shouldn't be in, to surprising little signs that can make the world a slightly funnier place, there is a lot out there that needs to be taken in and appreciated.

So, in order to shed a bit of light on a few of these things, here are 11+ people who hid humor in plain sight!

"My hometown Taco Bell."

Reddit | enraged768

Wow, that's a bit of a big ask for a job at Taco Bell. You'd be better asking for, "anyone who actually makes it look like they're working," at the very least.

The Bottom...

Reddit | tweak1t

I wonder what it was that Mike did to deserve such an accolade? Do you reckon he skimped on the tip?

"Saw this bumper sticker during my drive around town the other day."

Reddit | prfrmnceart

Ah, the only certain outcome of the pressures of the education system.

"Saw this at a bar I went to today (look at the serial number)."

Reddit | London_Atlas

This urinal really does what it says on the tin! I can't work out whether that is a joke serial number or someone was actually lucky enough to have stumbled across the urinal with this genuine serial number?

"Saw this at uni today."

Reddit | UnRePlayz

This smoking dogs are just the rudest dogs of all. They're always bumming cigarettes off you and never getting you back.

"Hidden in plain sight."

Reddit | UncleanedLemur

This is such a good hiding spot that the person who lives here was lucky that they didn't accidentally tread on their package.

"Saw this in my kid's doctor's office."

Reddit | thatbirdwithloudfeet

This doctor is either an incredibly big Star Wars fan, or they have some relatives who are truly strong in the force.

"Meanwhile, in Seattle..."

Reddit | tacolamp

Can you Spock what's been changed in this picture? (See what I did there? I impress myself sometimes!)

"My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO."

Reddit | 10fletcher

Someone rightly pointed out how amazing it was that this person had taken the time to frame this masterpiece.

"Came to work today and saw this note on the bathroom door."

Reddit | Vital_Granade

You've always got to make sure that the door you're trying is definitely locked. If in doubt rattle the handle as fast and hard as you can!

"Obviously not a big deal."

Reddit | eripmaV_livE

You'd need a few MarioKart mushrooms at the very least to make that leap! I've always said that there should be more done to make our roads like MarioKart.

Quick Strip.

Reddit | bassist_comments

I wonder how long that money was there for before someone stooped so low as to steal money from a stripper?

"My grandad had this glass for as long as I can remember, and it has been in plain sight. It has taken me 23 years to get this joke."

Reddit | AuraXmaster

This is a dad joke which can be passed down through the generations and cherished. Few other dad jokes have such an honor.

"Saw this at work and thought you guys might appreciate."

Reddit | Snubber_

It's disgraceful the way that this company is treating it's old batteries, they're lucky they don't have a re-volt on their hands!

"Moved into a new apartment and saw this."

Reddit | DJODSP

I can never be bothered to give my wifi a funny name. If you have any suggestions for funny wifi names then let me know in the comments, I need some ideas!

"Saw something in the corner of my eye while hurrying off to class."

Reddit | MoldyMondays

Cotton-polyester blends are often known to be strong and wrinkle-resistant, which bodes well for her!

"Someone drove through a brick wall in my town, saw this on there the next day."

Reddit | Brentknows

That's one hell of a portion of brick wall that they've taken down there! I'm sure whoever's wall this is was less than pleased!

"My bag of coffee made me chuckle, but was also very accurate."

Reddit | midgetmayhem20

Everyone needs a helping hand first thing in the morning. However, if you're trying to open the bottom of the bag of coffee, you probably need two or more helping hands!

"Vietnamese cafe password."

Reddit | escahpee

Public WiFi password signs are an excellent opportunity for humor, and this cafe definitely seized that opportunity.

"So I asked the Dominos guy to write a funny joke in the pizza box on the special description and got this."

Reddit | rogue_planets

Honestly, that's fair considering part of his job is apparently blindly following the requests of someone ordering a $10 pizza.

"My wife posted this sign (on her office door) during our Holiday Party."

Reddit | ChaosLexifer

Maybe Murphy just wants to be part of the party. Maybe we should give Murphy a chance, guys.

"Towel animal left by the hotel staff."

Reddit | OyeSimpson

Towel animals on the bed? Tired. Towel animals sitting on the toilet? Wired.

"I dig Green Top Grocery's style."

Reddit | Intalleyvision

Not only do you get a nice lil' discount on your milk, but you can also show off your best bathrobe! That's what I call a win-win, dude.

"Maintenance is in no hurry."

Reddit | Obmr-snrU

This is the best, most passive aggressive way to get a point across in the workplace. Everyone resorts to leaving notes because somehow verbal reminders just don't hit as hard as they used to.

"Iceland does not want to deal with your stupidity - and i think that’s beautiful."

Reddit | Joe_Vanelli

Iceland has no time for you or for your nonsense, so why don't you go ahead and pocket that change before you really piss them off.

"There can be only one."

Reddit | Mike_AKA_Mike

After all, who wants to live forever?

(If you know anything about Queen, or their history with the movie Highlander, you'll understand that joke. Please do your research and then get back to me.)

"Baptists do have a sense of humor."

Reddit | Greyboxforest

The big man upstairs isn't playing games, y'all. You wanted rain? You got it. Now stop complaining and grab an umbrella.

"My niece asked me to draw something on her cast, and I couldn't resist..."

Reddit | Hannibal_Hector

Honestly, the second I ever find myself with my foot inside a cast, this is the only name I will allow to be written on the bottom. Sorry, but your name is not necessary. I have all I need right here.

"My husband was having a crappy day at work, so I hid over 30 pairs of googly eyes all over the apartment. Some of them he won't find for a few months."

Reddit | retro_axolotl

This. This is the only kind of marriage I will accept for myself. If you aren't prepared to hide googly eyes around our house for me then I'm sorry, but you're clearly not my soulmate.

"Went to a local bar and saw their sign."

Reddit | stacyyines

I mean, beer is pretty quick to leave you if you drink it fast enough. But I guess I can see their point.

Any Functioning Adult!

Reddit | massartnoah

I really wouldn't get your hopes up. I mean, what kind of functioning adult would want to be a politician in the first place?

"I was rewatching slow-mo guys and I noticed something…"

Reddit | BloxPizza

There is something sacrilegious about making something as pure and innocent as lego into something filthy!