Bridesmaid Rocks Ridiculous Dress 22 Years Later Because '90s Fashion Never Dies

Face it, being a bridesmaid isn't always fun. I know this because I've been blessed with the honor three times now.

Bridesmaids are basically glorified cheap labor for the bride. I'm not saying that it's all bad, but it's definitely not as glamorous as you would imagine.

One thing that every bride's squad dreads is donning an unflattering dress for the big day. Whether it's hot, itchy, too tight or too loose, it all spells disaster. If you've ever had to rock a bargain-basement gown, take comfort in knowing that no one was looking at you anyway.

Tammi Kippes Sauer, an accomplished children's author hailing from Edmond, Oklahoma, recently posted a tribute to her husband of 22 years on their wedding anniversary.

Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

Her post was primarily dedicated to her beau.

Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

"These two 22-year-olds are celebrating 22 years of marriage! Hubba-hubba," said Tammi.

What a cute couple.


Don't worry, she didn't forget about the ladies who helped her get through the big day. 

Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

She concluded by saying, "My apologies for those dresses, ladies."

The first step is admitting there's a problem. It's been a long time since her wedding day, so I'm sure we can laugh about it now.

Her shout-out didn't go unnoticed by one bridesmaid, Heidi Bruce Mann, who commented on Tammi's post, saying, "What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time."

Facebook | Heidi Bruce Mann

She also posted various pictures of her wearing the dress while doing household chores, because pics or it didn't happen, people!

This is proof that confidence is key to pulling off basically any outfit.

Tbh, I love that Heidi is doing her part to save the planet by re-wearing old clothing!

After all, vintage IS making a major comeback, so I'm sure most of the general public isn't fazed by her fashion choice.

Especially if she wore it out in Portland.

Clearly, we aren't the only ones to appreciate this hilarity. 

Facebook | Tammi Kippes Sauer

This post pretty much blew up after Heidi dropped those pictures into the comment section.

One Facebook user commented, "Make pillows, valance, dog bed cover or christmas ornaments."

I love this user's ideas for recycling this dress.

You could really make so many things with it. The options are endless!

Another user got Gone "With The Wind" vibes from the bridesmaid dresses.

Maybe the dresses really came straight from the set! How wild.

Love that bridesmaid glam for the gals.

This is a lesson to all future brides-to-be out there to choose a bridesmaid dress that is still hip in the future.

Instagram | @friizzymcguire

This might require a reading from a psychic, but I'm sure that can be worked into the bachelorette party no problem.