Common Everyday Things We Just Learned We've Been Doing Wrong

We know you guys love these "things you've done wrong" articles, so I'm back at cha with yet another one!

We've got a solid list of things most people have been doing (or using) wrong for a very long time. Some of them seriously shook me to my core. Others made me feel like an idiot for not thinking of it sooner.

Ready for a wild ride? 'Cause we're headed on one.

1. If you're smacking the bottom of a ketchup bottle hoping that the ketchup is going to come out, you're doing it wrong.

Instead, you're gonna wanna try tapping the side of the bottle. Specifically the part where the nozzle starts to get thinner.Let us know how it goes!

2. Do you have a bottle opener that looks a little something like this?!

Reddit | Piyh

Have you only been using it to open bottles this whole time? Turns out, you can also use it to open cans as well.

So, this is how the servers at bars do it so fast!

3. Raise your hand if you store your baking trays and muffin tins in the drawer below your oven.

Instagram | @cozycourtz

I am definitely guilty of this one.

Did you know that it has a PURPOSE?! It's designed to keep hot foods at the perfect serving temperature. Who knew?!

4. I love a nice loaf of warm, fresh-from-the-oven bread.

Imgur | Imgur

But they aren't easy to cut, are they? They always get squished in the process.

Instead, try flipping the bread over and cutting from the bottom. You'll get a much better cut that way.

5. One of my friends did this on the weekend, and let me tell you, I was impressed.

Imgur | nomnomnetwork

You wrap a bottle in a damp paper towel, then put it in the freezer. It should turn that warm drink into something cool and refreshing quickly.

6. Do you have a closet that looks like this?!

Reddit | stizzy99

Are you using it correctly? I know I wasn't.

That hook is designed so you can slide your hangers across the top instead of getting them stuck. Pretty darn smart!

7. If you aren't eating chips and other bagged snacks like this, you're creating more work for yourself.

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

Instead of finding a bowl and having to wash it later, just do this at your next party!

8. Reusable straws are pretty darn sweet, and a great alternative to plastic ones.

Pinterest | Heather Pertuit Korenkiewicz

But those things aren't exactly easy to clean! Use a pipe cleaner to get them clean, or better yet, use a pipe cleaner to actually clean a pipe**.**

9. Some Reddit users said that they've just realized that this drawer isn't useless in every single kitchen.

Reddit | zerbert111

Some drawers have a hidden area like this one, and sometimes cupboards have lazy Susans hidden in them.

10. Who knew that you could lift the top of an electric stove so you can clean it properly?

Reddit | dongbeinanren

Here's another one that I seriously did not know. I'm afraid to look under the hood!

11. Those toothpicks you see with ridges aren't a manufacturing error.


They're actually meant to break off so you can rest the end of the toothpick on something other than the table.

12. If you've ever wondered why baby onesies have shoulder flaps or buttons, you're gonna wanna take a seat.

NJ Family | NJ Family

This is so you can pull the onesie down over your kid's shoulders towards their feet, instead of having to pull a dirty onesie over your kid's head.

13. Apparently, measuring tapes have a lot of useful tricks that you might not know about.

YouTube | seejanedrill

That hole in the end is so you can put a nail or screw in it, and then push it against the wall for one-handed measuring.

14. I personally have never seen a pill bottle that looks like this, but apparently they're pretty common.

Reddit | doctorcynicism

These bottles have two ways of closing them. One that is child proof, and the other that is not. Kind of nifty, isn't it?!

15. If you really want to keep your scribbled notes secret, don't scratch them out with horizontal lines.

Reddit | yourmom46

Instead, try scribbling in a circular motion. Things will be much harder to read!

16. The one thing I loveabout clementines is how easy they are to peel and eat.

I do think this would work well with an orange, especially since they are annoying as heck to peel.

17. Apparently, those flaps on a juice box come out so you can hold the box like this.

Imgur | Imgur

I'm guessing the reasoning behind this is so the juice doesn't get warm from your hands.

But a juice box in my hands lasts approximately 25 seconds. So, the jury is out on this one.

18. A lot of fast food restaurants have designed cups so that they have a built-in coaster.

Imgur | Lopefrisava

This is actually pretty useful if you don't want to use a straw!

19. How often do you pack a lunch and then realize that you've forgotten your spoon?

Imgur | LookeyHere

Turns out, you don't need a spoon when it comes to eating applesauce. There's one pretty much built in.

20. I've never seen a can of beer that says to do this, but if you're into fishing, you might want to take a better look.

Reddit | Reddit

If you aren't keeping your can tabs, then maybe you should be! There are actually a ton of uses for recycling them.

21. This one is just completely hilarious.

Reddit | moonordie

If you aren't sure what someone's name is, take them to Starbucks to figure it out.

This could end up failing you if they A) give a fake name or B) you're paying and the barista just puts your name on both.

But, it's worth a shot if you really gotta know.

22. If you've got a long drive home after picking up your favorite 'za, you might worry about it being cold when you get home.

Reddit | Cerberus1349

You should try putting it in a reflective insulator to keep that bad boy warm until you arrive!

23. I'm going to have to test this one out myself.

Reddit | PublicTowel

To avoid burning cheap pots and pans when cooking, you can apparently put a lemon or vinegar in with the water.

24. And finally, next time you're trying to hang a hanger on a door, you should try using a paper clip.

Reddit | bjarkes

This way you can hang two hangers on either side of the door!

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