20+ Cleaning Mistakes We Didn't Even Know We Were Making

When it comes to cleaning, I'm pretty vocal about how much I hate it. I am 100% willing to take shortcuts wherever I can, so I'm a big supporter of cleaning hacks.

Turns out, though, we're cleaning a lot of things wrong, or we aren't cleaning them at all. There are a lot of mistakes people make when it comes to making sure their homes are spick-and-span.

Curious? Come check it out with me!

1. You're just rinsing your reusable straws with water and maybe some soap.

Krazy Coupon Lady | Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy Coupon Lady knows that reusable straws are super trendy right now, and with good reason! They're great for the environment, but if you want them to be good for you, please clean them.

The best way? Use a pipe cleaner (or the device that usually comes with the straw).

2. Are you mopping your wooden floors with water?!

Unplash | Raw Pixel

According to Wood Floors, you're doing it wrong! Using a wet mop can cause damage to the floors and dull their shine. And no one wants to do that. Cleaning with a designated wooden floor cleaner is much better in the long term.

3. You're probably using dryer sheets all the time, aren't you?

Unplash | Raw Pixel

Turns out, you shouldn't be! The Spruce says that not only can the fabric softener on dryer sheets leave residue on your clothes, it can leave residue in the dryer, too.

Best solution? Try some dryer balls or tinfoil!

4. Don't use harsh abrasive cleaners like Windex, vinegar, lemon, etc. on granite countertops.

Unsplash | Jessica Lewis

It can dull the finish of the countertops, according to The Kitchn. You're better off using mild soap and a soft cloth instead.

5. Do you clean your knife block?!

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Not gonna lie, I've never even thought to do this. The Krazy Coupon Lady recommends soaking it in some warm water, but also using compressed air to clean out the holes.

6. How are you washing your bras?!

WikiHow | WikiHow

Bras are probably one of the most expensive items in many closets, so take care of them! If you're going to machine wash them, put them in a garment bag.

7. Don't wash your pots while they're still hot!

Busy In Guate | Busy In Guate

First of all, they're hot and that's dangerous.

Second of all, it's bad for the pots! It can end up warping or ruining even the best of cookware, according to Chow Hound.

8. Turns out, feather dusters are kind of useless.

Pixabay | stevepb

Good Housekeeping says that dusters just push the dirt and dust around, which doesn't really help anyone, does it? Try vacuuming or using a microfiber cloth.

9. I am 100% guilty of doing this all the time.

Pixabay | Hans

I usually wait until I get home to clean out my lunch containers, but Domain says that it isn't a great idea. I guess it makes sense as bacteria will build and it's hard to get it out!

10. Are you putting your cast iron pan in the dishwasher?

Unsplash | Dan Edwards


Cast iron pans are amazing creations, but they are so great because of the flavor the pans retain. According The Kitchn, use hot water and avoid soaps or scrubs. If you can't get food off, rub with salt!

11. Were you today-years-old when you realized this about your electric stove?

Reddit | dongbeinaren

I definitely was.

Turns out, you can lift this guy up so you can clean underneath it.

12. This might seem like common sense, but apparently not to everyone.

Reddit | Voltage15

Don't clean screens or electronics with WET things. A microfiber cloth is probably your best friend here.

13. Not only is this one a cleaning issue, it's a safety issue, too.

Amazon | LegoGirl

Make sure you are cleaning the lint out of your dryers! It can cause a fire, and no one wants that.

14. When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher?

Save At Home Mommy | Save At Home Mommy

I'm going to guess it's been a long while for the most of us.

Save At Home Mommy suggests using a cup of vinegar, mixing in a tbsp of baking soda, and running that bad boy on HOT.

15. Are you cleaning your appliances regularly?!

The Wire Cutter | The Wire Cutter

Instant Pots and air fryers seem to be the biggest trends in food these days, but are you cleaning them properly? Appliances usually come with instructions, so check that out.

16. Did you know your beer and other drinks are going to taste a whole lot better if you rinse the glass first?

Tap Trail | Tap Trail

Tap Trail definitely recommends it before having a pint, and tbh, so do I.

17. Okay, back to the appliances thing.

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

When it comes to blenders and food processors, or anything with a blade, are you taking the blades out?! Domain definitely recommends giving the blades a proper clean each time.

18. Don't mix different types of cleaners, that's not going to end well!

Pixabay | klimkin

Living Well, Spending Less says that mixing different types of cleaners can lead to chemical reactions. And that's not something anyone wants to deal with!

19. Washing windows on a sunny day seems like the best time to do it!

Unplash | Ablimit Ablet


As it turns out, on a sunny day the cleaner will evaporate quickly before the window is fully clean. Living Well, Spending Less knows what's up!

20. I know vacuuming is not the most fun activity, but you're gonna need to slow it down.

Pixabay | Jarmoluk

Of Life And Lisa says you need to take it slow to make sure you get everything up and out of the carpet. Makes sense, tbh.

21. Furniture polish makes things look nice and shiny, but should be used sparingly. 

Unsplash | Nick Karvounis

Bob Vila suggests just using a cloth with barely damp water to clean and polish your furniture.

22. Whenever you spill on the carpet, do you scrub the heck out of it?!

Unsplash | Picsea

Well, Of Life And Lisa says to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.

You aren't making things any better. Instead, you want to gently blot the stain and use a carpet cleaner.

23. Are you using abrasive stuff to clean your tile?!

Pixabay | Tama66

It might get stuff off the tile, but it's definitely going to dull the shine. Bob Vila says to use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner instead.

Okay, every time I think about cleaning, I think about this gif.

And it's definitely a good one for ending off this article. Want some morecleaning hacks? Check these out!