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20+ Hacks For People Who Always Forget The Little Things

Let's be honest: When it comes to remembering the little things, we could all probably use some help here and there. Okay, maybe some of us could use a lot of help.

If you're constantly in a state of panic because you've forgotten your phone, keys, or wallet (or all three) these lifehacks will help you remember once and for all.

1. This is a cute and fun way to find your keys. 


These cork keychains lock right in place when you hang them up. It also gives you an excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly.

2. When all else fails...

Etsy | BeThereInFive

Save yourself some trouble and buy this doormat. At least you'll remember the essentials. Actually, I might just pick up one of these for myself.

3. Use a dry-erase marker to write yourself reminders when doing the laundry.

The Paper Mama

Can't remember if you can put that sweater in the dryer? This helpful reminder from The Paper Mama will save you from a laundry disaster.

4. Lock boxes to the rescue!

Reddit | star_blazar

Keep a spare house key inside a lock box attached to your shed or storage area. At least if you forget your key, you won't be locked out.

5. Set your new class schedule as your phone lock screen the first week back in class.

Reddit | runswithwiffleballs

Give your tired brain a break and get to class on time with this handy tip. Navigating campus has never been easier.

6. An easy (and sneaky way) to find your locker. 

Imgur | blemming

Let your backpack clip hang out for a subtle way to locate your locker if you can never remember which one is yours.

7. Here's an easy way to remember your phone charger when traveling. 

Reddit | crujones43

Simply wrap your charger around your keys. It's pretty hard to leave without your keys, and with them attached to your charger, you're sure to pick that up, too.

8. Take a photo of your fridge before you hit the grocery store. 

Reddit | NaiveFlamingo

This is an easy way to help you remember what you need to buy on your weekly stock-up.

9. About to jet-set on a trip?

Reddit | JustTumbleweed

Take a photo of where you parked so you'll easily find your car when you get back. Trust me, you won't remember after a week abroad.

10. This will save your sanity during your next DIY project. 

Reddit | KaiserBobby

Punch your screws and hardware through a piece of cardboard and write a label for each one. This will make putting your project back together a breeze.

11. A magnet can help you remember which direction to mow your lawn. 

Reddit | quiksnow

Turn the magnet to remind yourself which way to start the next time your lawn needs a trim. Bonus points if you're a member of House Stark.

12. An easy reminder to take medication.

Reddit | daAbomination

When it comes to medication, it is especially important to keep up with your doses. Luckily, this little trick will make sure you never forget again.

13. Write important dates and reminders on your mirror. 

Reddit | Witherkay

It's pretty hard to forget when the message is staring back at you, right? I'm definitely going to start doing this.

14. Who knew a little arrow could make all the difference?

Reddit | AliceLillie

Painting a small arrow with Wite-Out on your USB cables will help you remember which way they plug into your computer.

15. Tape your A/C controller to the door so you'll remember to shut it off. 

Reddit | allygrly

Not only is this hack energy efficient, but it works for other remote-controlled devices, too!

16. Never go hungry at work again with this neat tip. 

Reddit | Redaventuresox2

Don't let that delicious sandwich go to waste! Leave your keys in the fridge for a friendly reminder to pick up your lunch on your way out the door.

17. Use Velcro to remind your family to replace outlet covers. 

Reddit | Marlboro_Gold

Adhesive Velcro dots are a perfect way to remind everyone to put the outlet covers back when they're done. Gotta keep those babies safe!

18. If you're meeting acquaintances and are bad with names, suggest getting Starbucks. 

Instagram | @vondazara

That way, if a name slips your mind, it's right there on the cup for you to see. As someone who can forget names instantly, I am going to try this.

19. Take photos of the instructions on packaging. 

Instagram | @joeyfiander

Once you've tossed the packaging, you'll still have the instructions in case you need to look at them again. This will really come in handy the next time you make a bowl of KD.

20. Leave one empty bag in the bottom of your garbage can at all times. 

This LIttle Home Of Mine | This LIttle Home Of Mine

You'll still have a spare in case you forgot to pick some up. Phew! This tip is a real life-saver.

21. Guys, this one is for you. 

Etsy | SouthernSistersByAsh

I think the message is pretty straightforward. Please, just put the toilet seat down. Your mom/sister/girlfriend/wife will thank you. Now there is no excuse.

22. Never kill a plant again. 

Instructables | TheProcrastibaker

If your track record of keeping plants alive isn't...great, try this hack from TheProcrastibaker on Instructables. Fill wine bottles with water and stick them directly in your planter. The water will gradually drain as the soil dries.

23. Did you remember to turn off the stove?

Instagram | @masedesignsnj

Never have that sinking feeling in your stomach or sleepless nights worrying that you accidentally burnt down your house. Take a picture of your stove before you leave on vacation to reassure yourself.

24. Leave reminders in places you can't avoid. 


A message on a light switch near your front door should do the trick. Hanging sticky notes around your daily exit route will work, too!