13+ Fails That Are Almost Hard To Look At

If a mistake is made but no one is around to post it on the internet, is it still a fail? We may never know, lol, but fortunately, there are plenty of people posting all the bouquets of oopsie-daisies that people pick on the daily.

You might cringe, you might facepalm, but more than likely, you'll laugh!

1. The reasons are literally infinite. 

Twitter | @ShineMyGold

Look, I'm not really great at math either, but there are these new numbers that go all the way past nine these days. I know, right? What will they think of next?

2. Always wear proper gym attire...unless, of course, you're this guy. 

Imgur | Imgur

I don't know who Clark Kent here thinks he is, but even Superman changes into the right clothes for the job. Judging by the "private club" status, however, he's probably more of a Batman...gross.

3. Yeah, congrats, that'll work perfectly. 

Reddit | ZinfoTheIdk

I know we probably say, "You only had one job" here a lot, but — you only had one job! But you know, I guess the exact opposite of what's asked is just as good.

4. But can we ever really know for sure? 

Twitter | @MarciRobin

I just want to know how invested the dealership really is in this policy. I'm picturing a person standing really closely, watching you check this box — juuust in case.

5. Huh, had to ask the audience on that one, eh? 

Imgur | Imgur

No, I get it — there's a lot of pressure on this type of show. Besides, I'm sure llamathrust is a thing somewhere out there.

6. Why does this package delivery look like it belongs in a music video?

Reddit | wesbronco75

I just hope the boxes weren't full of those dinosaurs that grow in water — we'd all be doomed! That being said, it'd sure make Jurassic Park pretty funny.

7. I'm no journalist, but I don't think that's how you news! That's not how you news at all.

Reddit | syana_munda

Did they even know about the packages left in the rain? That would blow the lid off their newsroom!

8. Uhhh, "I guess I just have a lot of growing up to do?"

Twitter | @feeldemo

I didn't know people were still confused as to why younger people exist. Hopefully, whatever explanation they come up with is enough.

9. And this is how a monster lives its life. 

Reddit | zly-wplyw

Honestly, I would expect something like this from Shrek, but— you know what? No. Even Shrek learned how to be pretty civilized eventually.

10. Ohhhhh, okay, so you just want everyone to be mad, huh? 

Reddit | Reddit

What's crazy is that it took me some time to notice that the car on the left isn't properly parked, but it seems like an angel compared to this main one!

11. And so the cycle continues... 

Reddit | iam_nobody

The best part is, you just know this poor AAA guy is never going to live down this experience. He's going to be "that guy" from now on.

12. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Twitter | @kyaraxnycole

There's no time to be lookin' at which stick figure has a dress and which one has privilege! I gotta pee over here!

13. Ah, y'all didn't even look at the picture first, so you accidentally put up a picture of Jason Statham.

Reddit | ROTISOR

I can't believe you dissed Statham like that after all those years he was on Arrested Development.

14. Sure, you city-slickers may call 'em "pumpkins," but us real cowboys know better!

Reddit | Just-Windows

That right there is a Texas watermelon! Known for making the best honkey-tonk pumpkin pie there is.

15. Oh, wow, only $5! What a deal.

Reddit | Homeble2

I mean, sure, shoot your shot — it is the internet after all. You never know what kind of maniac is storing up a collection of "barely used" toothpaste.

16. Ah, the old "key hidden under the mat" trick. That'll protect my barely used toothpaste collection!

Reddit | SomeoneStopMePlease

Just make sure you get a map that's...do I really have to say it? Not like this! Okay?!

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