14+ Heartwarming Stories To Remind You Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty over all the negative news I've been hearing lately, and I could use a little bit of an emotional pick-me-up.

When I get feeling this kind of bad, I like to turn my attention to the beautiful dogs of the internet to cheer myself up. And thankfully, there are plenty of stories about doggos to help turn my frown upside down.

If you're in need of some happy, heartwarming dog stories, look no further because these truly are the best of the best that the internet has to offer.

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Reddit | [deleted]

This Reddit user explained:

"This is Jasper. He is my neighbor’s dog. I can’t leave the house much due to health issues, so anytime he sees me he RUNS back inside his house to bring me back out one of his favorite toys. Today was his duck. His record is 3 toys and a stick, all at once. What a champ. Be like Jasper."

He's going to be a great big brother.

Reddit | ritty84

Apparently this pupper has become way more affectionate with this woman since she became pregnant. Look at the care in his sweet little eyes. Too precious.

Cuddle puddle.

Reddit | RandomHero25

Months after adopting this super skittish and suspicious greyhound, his owners were understandably overjoyed when he finally trusted them enough to initiate some sweet cuddles!

A new home for a deserving pup.

Reddit | wasabisnappin

As this Redditor wrote,

"My dad (who's not a dog person) recently adopted a senior dog while his wife was looking at puppies. 'I just couldn't stand to imagine him alone at that age,' he said. Meet his new goodest boi 'Rock!'"


Reddit | seamonstered

These smiling avalanche rescue dogs are pictured looking quite excited after they've managed to find their buried "patient" during training.

That's the kind of face you want to see during your rescue!

This is the face of a *very* good boy.

Twitter | @erinmarie093

"Woke up to Leonard freaking out jumping on me trying to lick my face at 5 am (which he never does), before I realized the fire alarm was going off, and there was smoke in the hallway of my apartment complex," his owner wrote on Twitter.

"We evacuated and everyone is safe. 13/10 VERY GOOD BOY."

Proud mamma.

Reddit | commonvanilla

I'm sure that smile might also have something to do with the fact that she managed to get all six pups to sleep at the same time!

Well, almost all of them. Looks like #6 woke up for a little snack.

Devoted dogs.

Facebook | Chris Mamprim

These pups were anxiously waiting for their owner, a homeless man, while he was undergoing treatment at the hospital.


Reddit | Waifer2016

I'll let this Reddit user explain this unlikely friendship:

"A pelican befriended a stray dog who was often spotted hanging out all alone along the boat docks. The man who photographed this has adopted him but brings him back every day to see his friend, Petey the Pelican."

A man and his dog(s).

Reddit | crunchylight

Irish president, Michael D. Higgins, often takes his adorable Bernese Mountain Dogs named Síoda and Bród with him while he fulfills his presidential duties. And the internet absolutely loves him for it.

Love is blind.

Facebook | Sherio's Shenanigans

This beautiful dog named Sherio is blind and partially deaf. She also happens to be the best doggo for comforting her owner's distressed foster pets, like this kitty who's getting quite the lick of love.

This may seem small to us, but it's really cute in context.

Reddit | icazz

Apparently, the dog on the right broke his favorite toy, so the other dog decided to give him hers.

It's unclear what the doggo's mood was like before, but he's definitely cheered up now.

Seeing different animals get along with each other often brings us to the heights of adorableness, and this case is no exception.

Reddit | PickleChips4Days

Not only are this dog and cat the best of friends, but that's apparently what they were like from day one.

Charlie here had a case of glaucoma serious enough that his eyes had to be removed, but he's far from alone in the aftermath.

Twitter | @dog_rates

As we can see here, his little buddy Maverick has dutifully taken on the role as Charlie's helper ever since. He's clearly doing a very good job.

And the aptitude of dogs as helpers may extend further along in the animal kingdom than you think.

Reddit | Roaaaltjp02

As HuffPost reported, Busch Gardens ended up receiving a three-week-old orphaned cheetah named Kasi back in 2011.

Because cheetahs are social animals that form strong bonds called "coalitions," staff at the park needed someone to fill that role and Mtani the Labrador retriever soon became Kasi's best friend.

This stray dog in the nation of Georgia turned out to be the subject of some much-deserved appreciation.

Reddit | themouseandthemask

As Georgia Today reported, that's because he took it upon himself to help children cross the street and bark at drivers who seemed slow to stop.

For his public service, Kupata (as he's known by the local butchers who feed him) was given a home by the Adjara Tourism Department, who adorned the place with this "people's choice" star.

When this dog's owner was picking up plastic waste, they had the clever idea to give a treat any time the pup did the same.

Reddit | SunflowerJYB

So not only does that mean the dog learned enough to collect all of this, but it was a big help in cleaning up the neighborhood.

As we can see, this dog is very worried about what's going on in this vet's office, but it's also lucky that the vet anticipated that.

Reddit | Gemini421

They had the brilliant idea of making this comfort dog available to ensure that agitated animals can feel like things are going to be OK.

While bedtime was never something we wanted to respect as kids, it's much easier to appreciate as an adult.

Reddit | JessGlad2BeHere

And so, this dog's close monitoring to ensure we get to bed at a reasonable hour is definitely welcome when we start to lose track of time.

Not to mention that it's probably much easier to accept bedtime nagging from a dog than it is from a parent.

You made the right choice.

Musician Lil Nas X was faced with quite the difficult decision when it came to adopting a new doggo into his life. So he did what I think any of us would do in his situation — he got them both.

A happy graduate.

Reddit | starstufft

As this Redditor explains,

"This service dog received his Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Clarkson University after attending every single class with his human."

Faithful friend.

Reddit | suprovation

This little fella found himself in time-out, but his best friend is more than happy to help him serve his time.


Reddit | GallowBoob

This sweet pittie brought his teddy bear along for a road trip, and when he spotted a doggo in another car, he grabbed his stuffy so he could show it to the other pup across the road.

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