18 Sweet Hacks Using Random Stuff Found Around The House

I'm moving soon and as we start to pack up our stuff, I've noticed that I've got a ton of random stuff that definitely needs a new purpose. And on top of that, I know I'm going to need to get crafty with storage and decorating, so I'm really excited about some of these new hacks I've found.

You can definitely expect a moving hacks list coming from me soon, but in the meantime I'm excited to explore these hacks that are perfect for your house at anytime!

1. If you're a crafty person like me, you've probably struggled to get the cap off of your crazy glue.

Twitter | @SurvivorJane

If you want to avoid that from happening, @SurvivorJane recommends putting a thick layer of petroleum jelly in the lid to stop the glue from sticking.

2. I'm not going to lie, I've tried to balance a drink on my bed and totally lost the bet on that one.

Twitter | @HaleyBeltran

If you've got a neck pillow hanging around your bed, turns out they make for a pretty decent cup holder.

3. You know those eyesores in your apartment you just can't get rid of, like a thermostat?

Twitter | @StTabitha

Try covering them up with a painting or other type of artwork. You can just hang the painting from the thermostat itself! I do this with an ugly utility cabinet in my current place.

4. I love this idea for hanging things in a rental apartment or dorm room!


The addition of the clothes pegs is actually super adorable. I'm definitely willing to try this out in my new place. There are so many opportunities here!

5. Looking for a fun way to keep your kids nice and busy for hours?

The Krazy Coupon Lady

All you need are some balloons and a bag of uncooked beans! Oh, and maybe a funnel, too.

Once the balloon is full of beans, close that sucker up and you've got yourself a bean bag.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Make a couple of these and the kids (and maybe you) will have something to play with for hours on end.

6. This Christmas, trick everyone into thinking you're a pro decorator by using a toilet paper roll.

Dandelions And Dust Bunnies

Why waste money on buying more ornaments then you need if you've got a free toilet paper roll ready and waiting?

This can definitely save you a ton of time, and some money.

Dandelions And Dust Bunnies

You can even use this hack from Dandelions And Dust Bunnies when decorating vases of all sorts.

7. When I first saw this hack, I was a bit confused because I didn't understand what it was trying to accomplish.

Ms Not So Perfect

Turns out, Ms Not So Perfect has found the perfect solution to expensive air purifiers.

I originally saw this photo and thought it was a fan with a canvas attached to it.

Ms Not So Perfect

But it's actually a cheap filter attached to a fan, which helps with air purification. It's obviously not as strong as the real deal, but it can help!

8. As I mentioned, I'm moving soon and we have carpets.

Cool Creativity

If you're worried about the indents in your carpet when you move, you should try using ice cubes to fluff them back up!

9. Everyone hates a fitted sheet.


Seriously, name a more annoying household item. They're impossible to fold, AND they never stay on the bed. Using bungee cords to keep your sheets on the mattress!

10. Don't want to spend the extra bucks to get an automatic ice machine for your fridge? I don't blame you.

Hometalk | CK

But having ice on hand is actually pretty handy, so CK figured out a new plan.

She created a space in the freezer that would hold several trays of ice, and then put a plastic drawer in the freezer to hold the ice once frozen.

Hometalk | CK

I would kill to have ice on hand like this!

11. I don't drink a lot of coffee, so I don't have all the necessary items for making coffee, like a grinder.

Twitter | @TheJosephHughes

If you're in a pinch, a coarse salt grinder might be your solution. It might not be perfect, but sometimes you just need that cuppa jo.

12. I love taking photos and videos of my crafts and artwork, but I'm way too cheap to invest in an overhead rig to take top-down footage.

Twitter | @wolfCatWorkshop

This clever Twitter user figured out a way to use their cheap tripod instead!

13. Imagine this: It's summertime and you want to fill up a pool to dip your toes in.

Twitter | @SheHulk_Gaming

But your hose doesn't properly hook up to the faucet on your sink. You can use a water bottle to connect it instead!

14. I literally always accidentally hit my thumb when I'm trying to hammer a nail into the wall.

Instructables | Paige Russell

Paige Russell realized that she could use a clothes peg to hold on to finicky nails like this one.

15. In need of a bit of extra storage space for your laundry?

Instructables | Linakat

Try building some shelves in your laundry room or bathroom, and use smaller laundry baskets to organize all of your colors, whites, and darks.

16. Mason jars are a hack-lover's best friend.


There are so many uses for them! If you cut out the nozzle of a salt container, you can attach it to a mason jar for easy pouring of whatever's inside.

17. Don't toss out your cereal boxes the next time you finish off a box.

The Muddy Princess

The Muddy Princess turned hers into magazine and file holders. Perfect for organizing important documents in your office!

18. Those air fresheners that go on vents in your car are actually useful inside the house too.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

I love this creative solution from The Krazy Coupon Lady! I need to stock up next time they're on sale.