Exhausted Mom And Dad Hilariously Fall Asleep During Their Newborn's Photo Shoot

Everyone knows that new parents are sleep deprived. No matter how many baby books tell you to sleep when the baby's sleeping, the interrupted sleep pattern will do a number on anyone.

These two parents from Columbus, Georgia, are no exception.

They took their newborn to a photographer for some sweet and memorable pictures.

Unsplash | Filip Mroz

Like many new parents, Cindhi and Ross Davis were eager to capture their little one's earliest days with a newborn photo shoot.

So, they took their baby to Simply Joyful Moments Photography, where they also happened to spot a very comfortable couch.

The sofa in the studio proved to be irresistible.

First Ross spotted the cozy perch and said he would sit down for a moment to rest. Then Cindhi joined him with the express intention of watching the photo shoot.

They wanted to take in all their baby's precious moments.

"I remember leaning into my husband and thinking, 'I’m just going to sit here and watch the shoot.' That was my last thought," Cindhi told Today Parents.

Within moments, both parents were out like a light.

The image was just so perfect that photographer Sarah Jankowski couldn't help but take a photo and post it to social media where it has been received with rallying cries of sympathy from other new parents.

This is definitely a common occurrence with new parents.

"I absolutely LOVE this and this amazing family!!! What a blessing! Thank you for capturing this special sleepy moment that speaks to so many of us!" one person commented.

Many parents felt the photo perfectly encapsulated what it means to have a newborn.

"That is the truest newborn family photo session I have ever seen," one commenter wrote.

"As a mother if 3, I get it! The struggle is real with a newborn. Especially when it’s your first. You have no idea what 'lack of sleep' means. I just love this picture and I hope they frame it!!" wrote another.

In fairness, the studio is primed for this kind of scenario.

Jankowski admits that the ambiance in the studio tends to lend itself to this kind of thing, especially when you're dealing with parents of newborns.

The place is like a warm, cozy den.

"When parents come in, it’s usually when the baby is one or two weeks old," she said. "I’ve got a white noise [machine] going and I keep the room nice and warm. You put all those factors together and it’s a recipe for a nice comfy nap."

As it turns out, it's just what the tired parents needed.

“[Ross and Cindhi] just looked so adorably snuggled up and completely out. When they woke up 45 minutes later, they were like, ‘We needed that so much.’”

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