16+ People Who Noticed Something Wild And Snapped A Pic For The Rest Of Us

Do you ever take a pic of something interesting, only to find out later that your snapshot mostly shows your thumb? It's all good. These people are taking interesting photos that actually worked out.

A little bit of hell.

Reddit | nosmokingz0ne

This luggage store provides a mock-up of plane seats and overhead compartments to remind us all of how horrible flying is, but also to help customers test out various pieces of luggage.

*Twirls mustache*.

Reddit | ImNotLeet

The Equifax Senate hearing involved the obscenely rich defending their obscene richness, so it only makes sense that the Monopoly Man himself was spotted in the gallery.

Drink it fast.

Reddit | Paul4597

I'll acknowledge that this is probably the coldest mug that could ever be created. But once the ice starts melting, that beer is going to get watered down in a hurry.

Theft of electricity?

Reddit | PapayaSF

This workplace is very hung up on the fact that its employees have the audacity to charge their phones at work, costing their bosses upwards of pennies a day.

Hidey hole.

Reddit | euphoric_barley

This mossy tree stump looks like its own cozy little shire, so it only makes sense that someone, for some reason, would put up a tiny homestead inside.

Everyone loves a good piggyback ride.

Reddit | sizertl

On the left, a guy gives his girlfriend a piggyback ride. On the right, the same guy gives a random guy a piggyback, all becaue the random guy saw the first pic and wanted in on the fun.

New York state of mind.

Reddit | lammy82

In Manchester in the United Kingdom, a film crew can be seen doing their best to make the streets look like New York. Clearly, the hidden ingredient is garbage.

Walmart, stop.

Reddit | wrightentertainment

Soulless mega-corporations love to appear folksy and relatable, but I really have to draw the line here.

Walmart, your descriptions are bad and make you sound like a weird internet creep.

My mind is blown.

Reddit | 33reb

Even a regular old Rubik's cube is enough to send me into an existential panic, so this modified version — which uses differently-sized surfaces rather than simple colors — unnerves me greatly.

A car's a car.

Reddit | AmiroZ

Sure, it looks like it was reconstructed by someone who only had a vague idea of what cars even look like, but a) it appears to function and b) is all in the same color. Well done.


Reddit | w1lliam88z

At first this image made no sense to me, then I realized this stick library is located in a dog park. I guess that makes sense. Dogs probably prefer sticks to books.

That got dark.

Reddit | Lowghen

This receipt looks like someone just keyed in the 'spicy' button a few too many times, then it goes to a very dark place.

Like, make it spicy, but don't kill him. You want return customers, right?

How long are their receipts?

Reddit | Arkenzie

This regal Victorian-style CVS differs considerably from the strip mall pharmacies we're used to. I wonder if it's just as posh inside.


Reddit | Ge_Sto

Either someone snapped a random patch of mist rising up, or they just missed a vampire dematerializing directly in front of them. Either way, it's a nice picture.

Keep on rockin' in the airport.

Reddit | InfamousAnimal

At the airport in Charlotte, some gates have classic rocking chairs rather than the standard airport seating. It's like a lazy day on the porch, except you're surrounded by heavy security.

On tape.

Reddit | createch

Tapeface is kind of a big deal in Vegas, and these two women decided to get a photo with a cardboard cutout of the illusionist. The weird thing is they unwittingly asked Tapeface himself to snap the pic.

At this point, there's a lot I'm willing to let slide.

Reddit | oh_woah

Normally, I'd be a little weirded out if I saw someone dressing like the Combine from Half-Life 2, but now I'm just hoping this person doesn't try to hoard all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

We live in some strange times.

I don't know what this parent thinks is going to happen at the park, but they're definitely ready for it.

Reddit | rastroboy

Just because things are a little tense right now, that doesn't mean the jungle gyms have suddenly been taken over by kids in metal masks calling themselves stuff like Lord Humongous or Master Blaster.

I can tell you when this tree started collecting hula hoops, but a lot about this stil lremains a mystery.


According to Atlas Obscura, two hula hoops ended up on this tree after a storm blew through Amber, Iowa, but it's unclear as to whether the wind dropped them there or someone picked that as their moment to shine.

In any case, people have been steadily adding more ever since.

Well, they always say that a sign only comes up after somebody makes it necessary.

Reddit | Antscannabis

I can only imagine that someone thought they could train themselves by licking batteries until they were ready for the big time.

Yeah, sorry, but no matter how inspirational their training montage may have been, life isn't an '80s movie.

Yup, I get the feeling that riding this bike would feel about as awkward as it looks.

Reddit | jotaerreh

Actually, I'm not sure it's even possible to reach the pedals like this, so is he just really slowly inching down the road or something?

I'm not sure what to make of this, but it's clear the quaint porcelain sciences have gone too far.

Reddit | Skynetdyne

It'd be one thing if this abomination actually enjoyed its existence, but it seems to think the experiment failed just as much as I do.

I'm sure you could get a good deal on it at this thrift store, though.

Umm, I can't say I understand why someone added this little "Feature" to their bike.

Reddit | RadkaZahradnice

Because if there's one thing I'm looking for in a kickstand, it's a tip that'll go really bad after a while.

I guess it means the bike shouldn't gt stolen?

It's hard not to assume this was Photoshopped, but why else would someone take a photo of a train with this much headspace?

Reddit | Ganjubas228

I just hope he's busting some furious moves up there because otherwise, it probably won't feel worth it after the transit authority tackles him for this.

This is probably one the creepier ways to hang plants I've seen, but as long as it works, right?

Reddit | otomennn

I just wouldn't count on this upcycled practice head to keep the squirrels away. Those furry rascals really don't know fear.

Aw man, this really goes to show how unlucky we can be on some days.

Reddit | dustyoboe

I'd actually be willing to bet that this guy normally has no problem waiting for the toilet, but the one time it's busted, he's got a whole squad standing around him like a group of disappointed dads as they wait to arrest him.

I doubt this horrible thing's maker was specifically trying to do these two good boys a frighten, but it's hard to blame them for not taking it well.

Reddit | Johain22

Apparently, the uploader's neighbor is an artist and weird sculptures like this one are a common sight around here.

I think the artist outdid themselves with the placement of this one, though.

This chicken apparently seemed to think the uploader was offering free rides.

Reddit | LuovaLife

I've got to give it credit for thinking big, though. While its peers are crossing the road, this one just jumps in cars and conquers it.

Always nice to have options.

Reddit | sweetpotfries

This is a really cool idea — not just for before and after eating, but also for people with different scent preferences. Let's just hope that the scented soap isn't that vile bright pink stuff.

You okay, banana?

Reddit | smolwolfo

Brown markings are normal on a banana, but this banana looks like it underwent some kind of surgery, then got stitched back up again.

Interesting juice menu.

Reddit | sunshineanrain

I love checking out the order forms for overpriced hotel breakfasts, even if I rarely actually order them. I'd be tempted to check the "mushroom juice" option, just to see what happened.

Cool cat.

Reddit | jubjub666

Life pro tip for cat lovers: if you have a leather office chair, and your cat likes chilling on the top of said chair, it'll totally look like your cat's wearing a bitchin' leather jacket.

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