18+ Clever Tweets That Are Oh So Relateable

In the modern age, there are a lot of things to be annoyed at. Whether it be the terrible quality of adverts on TV, or the general apocalyptic state of affairs that we all seem to be facing.

However, no matter how big the world's problems may be, people still find time to vent about the small stuff, and where better to do this than on Twitter? So, here are 18+ clever tweets that are oh so relatable, and which will show you that it isn't just you that sweats the small stuff as much as the large stuff!

Economics 101

I don't like to think about how many times I have let this mentality destroy my bank account. It is a death by a thousand cuts for my savings.

The Ultimate Crime

I hate calling in sick when I'm actually sick, I think it is because I have such a natural distrust for everyone around me that I assume that the people in work have that same distrust for me.

Who Is Cheating On Who?

And, after all, you really don't want to let down donuts. Just think of how many times donuts have been there for you!

"What Do You Want For Your Birthday?"

I wish that my adult brain was still as amused by material wealth as my younger self was.

There's Not Enough Time In The Day!

Don't forget that you need to do all of this with a smile! It is crucial to be happy while being stuck in a Sisyphean spiral!

The Realities Of Being A Functioning Adult

I don't even know how adults find the time to turn on a console. I used to be able to spend hours mindlessly gaming, but now I can't even look at a games controller without feeling guilty about something that I have probably forgotten to do that day.

Coffee > Therapy

Baristas don't make me figure out where my deep-rooted emotional problems began before giving me the coping devices I'm paying them for!

"Hey... Can I Have A Word?"

I always thought it was just my own personal irrational anxiety that constantly fretted about job security, along with the other million things that I fret about. However, it turns out that 90% of Twitter shares this fear.

The Whattage?

It absolutely does! I have no idea what the wattage of my microwave is, I wouldn't even know what to guess! Is it like 5? Or 1000? I have no idea!

Writing Helps Achieve Clarity

Writing things down can help you organize your thoughts more clearly, and reading them back to yourself can also expose the flaws in what you thought was a genius idea. For instance, I thought that edible flip-flops were a potential business venture until I wrote it down and realized how disgusting and stupid it was.

I've Come For Your Pickle...

I think I need to create a version that alternatively says, "I am once again asking for you to get rid of my pickle!" They are absolutely rancid!

We're Not 17 Anymore!

I'm too tired to even stay awake through a movie on Netflix now, let alone go on an impromptu trip to the pub!

My Logic Is Undeniable

I can sympathize with this. A lot of the time, you just want someone to go along with your ridiculous pinwheeling instead of pointing out the easy and logical solution to a straightforward problem.

Imaginary Boss

That kid is living so far ahead of his time. By the time he gets to work a full-time job, he will have mastered so many coping mechanisms for the workplace.

References Available Upon Request

3 does seem a little excessive in fairness. Just accept that my mom and dad will give you ample evidence of how good of a worker I am!