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47 Viral Pics That Show A More Fascinating Side Of Things

Do you ever scroll through the fifteen thousand pics on your phone and realize that there are, like, five that are worth keeping? Yes, there are a lot of photographs out there. But not many are as interesting as the ones you're about to see.

Ready for the red carpet.

Reddit | EleclCtriC

This stylish-looking number would look right at home at the Oscars, but it's actually an ancient Egyptian dress that dates back to about 2500 BCE. The tailoring looks almost unbelievably modern.

Big day at the zoo.

Reddit | tallicahet81

I find zoos a tad depressing, but the fact that at least one zoo lets its elephant out to walk around and check out the other exhibits makes me a bit happier.

When you only need a vague idea.

Reddit | creezewe

Clocks are important because, y'know, they tell you what time it is. But if you're retired, or if you're a slacker, a clock that just tells you what day it is may suffice.

Battlefield scars.

Reddit | aBurntPatate

Trench warfare during World War I was especially vicious. Even though hostilities ended more than a century ago, the pockmarked landscapes across France show the toll of years of shelling.

Old school.

Reddit | jambags

On the left is a modern tomato, like the kind you'd find at any grocery store. On the right is an heirloom tomato grown from 150-year-old seeds. It's incredible how homogenized produce has become.

Scenic vista.

Reddit | exoduscv

Matte paintings have provided convincing-looking backdrops in all sorts of movies over the decades. The classic Paramount Pictures logo is a matte painting. Here it is shortly after it was painted back in 1985.

A lot of E.

Reddit | [deleted]

It looks like a big sack of Fruity Pebbles, or maybe fruit-flavored Tums, but this colorful bag is actually full of ecstasy. Its estimated street value is a mindblowing $1.5 million.


Reddit | iamnotchris

This faux woodgrain phone case is awesome and I need one right now. Somehow, its pattern blends in perfectly with the actual woodgrain on this old school library desk from the early '80s.


Reddit | kisstroyer

At first blush, this counterfeit $50 bill looks convincing enough. But when you shine a light through it and check out the amateur watermark, the illusion is completely ruined.

Lake Erie in winter.

Reddit | insanezane777

The Great Lakes can do weird things to weather patterns — just ask the good people of Buffalo. This pic was taken to the west of there, on the north shore of Lake Erie, after a nasty blizzard.

Second best.

Reddit | kefkaownsall

This car looks extremely political, but the bumper stickers actually cross party lines. That's because each sticker is for a failed presidential campaign — dating all the way back to the days of Barry Goldwater and Hubert Humphrey.

I hope it isn't a mirage.

Reddit | notGhxst

Everyone knows that an oasis in the middle of a desert is a place that's teeming with life, but this aerial photo taken in the Sahara really drives that point home.


Reddit | Chamber11

The grass in the foreground is about an inch shorter than the grass in the background. Somehow, that difference — a mere inch — meant the difference between getting frosted over and not.

Shred the gnar.

Reddit | ccantrell02

We all know that ski resorts are covered in a ton of snow over the winter months, but this comparison of the same sign in the summer and the winter truly shows just how much the white stuff can pile up.

Perfectly preserved.

Reddit | JeroHasCrow

This praying mantis looks like it was praying to avoid being trapped in amber for 12 million years. That prayer clearly failed, but the end result is fascinating.


Reddit | Subieking0418

The Great Pyramid at Giza is an impressive sight, but its original incarnation would fit nicely into the Vegas Strip. It was encased in stunning white limestone, with a solid gold capstone at the top.

A quick 180°.

Reddit | metiusbabie

Stairwells with slick floors present an excellent opportunity to quickly pivot around as you run down the flights. So many students at this high school have done just that, and their collective pivots have worn the floor down.

And in that same vein...

Reddit | noblecloud

This is a shop door that has slowly worn away over 50 years of being opened and having a bell rung against it.

Might be time for new knives.

Reddit | wadeboggs127

I don't really think of the possibility of knives wearing down. But with constant use, and frequent sharpenings, it's obviously going to happen. Some of these restaurant knives are on their absolute last legs.

Peep those legs.

Reddit | gallowboob

As it turns out, owls are hiding a pair of pretty spectacular legs underneath all those feathers.

Okay, I can't be the only one who thought pineapples grew on trees.

Reddit | Luciphyr729

Well, they don't. This is how they grow, which is way closer to the ground than I thought. Feels like my whole life was a lie, to be perfectly honest.

This is what a sheep looks like after missing 6 years' worth of shearing.

Reddit | Super_Pug

Apparently, this fella wandered into a cave to avoid having his precious fluff cut off him. When he was found 6 years later, he looked like this.

A giant dust bunny, in my opinion. Or dust sheep. Whichever.

Ever wondered what goes on inside Big Bird's costume?

Reddit | bassistmuzikman

Well, B.B. is a puppet after all, so it takes a particularly skillful puppeteer to be able to maneuver that thing. Just look at how the mouth works! Big Bird had to lose function in one arm just to be able to speak.

No, these aren't strange sand mushrooms.

Reddit | Kingpep123

What you're seeing here is the result of water washing away all the dirt around these rocks, but not under them.

These nails tell an incredible story.

Reddit | lowreyy

As this Reddit user explained, that discoloration you see is actually their body pushing the chemo out through their nails. They emphasized that this doesn't happen right away, and they noticed their nails changing later into their treatment.

The passage of time, as told through a painting and a photograph.

Reddit | phelyan

That painting was done in 1892, and that picture was taken in 2020. Both show the exact same spot in Finland, but with just a few differences. Notice that those tree roots are almost identical!

This hairless primate shows just how incredibly strong chimpanzees are.

Reddit | aayushVinayak

As this Reddit user explained,

"Chimpanzees are extremely strong, almost five times the strength of a human. You just can't see it because of their fur."

Okay, this is actually wicked cool.

Reddit | dhruveishp

See that clear shell surrounding this explosion? That's the shock wave!

This turtle is ready for his close-up.

Reddit | u/Mono_420

Most of us will probably never get this close to a turtle, especially one this old. What you're looking at here is the face of a pretty handsome turtle who is an incredible 100 years old.

No, this isn't a gem stone.

Reddit | batmanbutawesome

This photo shows the inside of a dinosaur bone.

One user helpfully explained how something like this occurs in nature:

"The way this bone was mineralized also preserved the structure of some internal soft tissue, giving insights into dinosaur biology."

Don't lose your head.

Reddit | QuiGonGiveItToYa

"After sitting in a hospital freezer for a month and a half, a large section of my skull has been reattached," wrote the Redditor who posted this.

The most dangerous wave.

Reddit | allthekos

Pictured is a cross sea, which is a type of "sea state" where, essentially, two wave systems are working against one another at odd angles. While it looks interesting, creating these square waves, it's incredibly dangerous for swimmers and boats as it's easy to get swept up.

Talk about an upgrade.

Reddit | blacksea01

This is a recycled home made from old shipping containers! Some of the journey regarding this home was chronicled on Living In A Container and shows the build process as well as some of the inside.

This wall of ivy falling off a building.

Reddit | CaptainWisconsin

I can only imagine how heavy this must have been! That building just got a face lift. Really though, seeing the vines intertwine like that is so cool. They really did just grow into a shirt essentially.

The Tomb of Ramesses VI.

Reddit | elch3w

Residing in The Valley of the Kings, Egypt, is the tomb of Ramesses VI. As the original poster added in the comments, "In general, the decorations provide the story of the origins of the heavens, earth, the creation of the sun, light and life itself. The decorative plan for this tomb is one of the most sophisticated and complete in the Valley of the Kings."

You can also take a 3D tour of the tomb here!

A once in a lifetime shot.

Reddit | Incognito-Person

This is a photo of Mount St. Helens erupting in 1980 taken by Richard Lasher. Apparently the impending eruption was known to be happening soon, so Lasher decided to drive up to see it once more before it happened. As he was driving, it blew, and he jumped out of his car to take this picture.

Retro style.

Reddit | joeepeterson03

This is a Philco Predicta television from the late '50s and, my oh my, is it gorgeous. Style and design were incredibly fun in the '50s and, this is just a personal opinion, but most modern designs seem to lack a certain soul to it. Compare a standard TV now to this one... Where did all the fun go?

Up above the clouds.

Reddit | mirandanielcz

This is a photo of an isolated thunderstorm taken at 37,000 feet. It was captured by pilot Santiago Borja, who said, while they fly through storms all the time, it isn't very common to see one so distinctly separated from the clouds below.

A snapshot of time.

Reddit | n12345cr

This old pub in the middle of a modern city is Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in London, England. According to a few commenters who live in London, this isn't actually that strange, with a blend of old and new happening throughout the city.

No actors required.

Reddit | Phen0-Men0n

This user, who took this photo, decided to start creating cinematic scenes using his action figures and standard household items. Throw a little editing on top, and he created this amazing shot that looks right out of a movie promo or a comic book.

The wonder cat.

Reddit | taykaybo

This cat's name is Unsinkable Sam, named aptly due to the fact that he survived the sinkings of three separate ships. He was originally the cat aboard a ship that served in WWII, essentially a communal pet.

From the ashes.

Reddit | PageD0WN

This is a building in Russia that suffered a fire about 19 years ago. The wait to have it torn down and rebuilt took so long, a full forest grew inside, mainly made up of birch trees.

There's hail, then there's this.

Reddit | TravellingWino

Apparently this happened in Iceland, which, for some reason, makes a bit more sense to me. Still, this is truly terrifying. I'd hate to be caught outside when this starts falling. Or inside. Or anywhere.

The true size of a fire hydrant.

Reddit | txncali81

Of course in my head I knew the pipes they connected to weren't immediately under the ground, but this is still jarring to look at.

A pigeon, but make it fancy.

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

This breed is called a Frillback, and they have naturally curled feathers. Frillbacks are a breed of German field pigeon, but as domestic pigeons became a thing, they were selectively bred to have this curled feather pattern.

No fantasy here, it's all real.

Reddit | Thereaper29

This bridge is in Germany and is known as the Rakotzbrücke, but earned the English nickname "The Devil's Bridge" due to the belief that this bridge was either so miraculous or so dangerous that it must have been built by Satan himself.

See the melody.

Reddit | Bragapple

These beautiful photographs capture a redwing blackbird singing on a frigid day. Because the little bird exhales when it sings, you can see the tendrils of vapor from its exhalation.