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You Can Buy A Giant Jenga Game With Surprise Jello Shots Inside The Blocks

Jenga was, and arguably still is, such a classic game to whip out no matter the occasion. Its allure definitely lies in the anticipation of falling blocks and seeing who will "mess up" and have to clean the jumble of tiny wooden blocks off the ground and table.

Many iterations of the game have popped up over the years, especially ones that can be used during parties, which is the best time to play games.

Many people turn Jenga into a drinking game of sorts, but this giant version really takes "drinking game" to a whole other level.

Etsy | StonePointWoodwork

This game is called the Little Tipsy Jello Shot Tower created by Etsy shop StonePointWoodwork.

Altogether, the set of 54 blocks stands at just over 2-feet tall and contains 15 secret shallow holes that perfectly fit Jello shot cups.

Etsy | StonePointWoodwork

Yep, you won't know which blocks have the cups. Some even have two on one block!

You probably get how this works.

Etsy | StonePointWoodwork

If you pull a block with a shot, you have to take it. Not a bad deal!

Unless you keep pulling blocks with shots in them...

This is definitely a game-changer for backyard bbqs and house parties.

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Just make sure you have enough Jello shots on hand. I have a feeling people aren't going to want to stop playing...

Find it on Etsy for $80.